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chunkygorillas' Blog


Deck tech! Experiments in Endor

Posted by chunkygorillas , 06 December 2015 - - - - - - · 14664 views
Star Wars, Star Wars LCG, SWLCG
Deck tech! Experiments in Endor Hello! Welcome to the second entry of my blog, where I will go over decks I have been brewing. Since this is only my second entry I thought I would start by introducing myself again; my name is Dan, I live in Western Canada, and play a ton of Star Wars LCG. I'm a host on the podcast Ion Control , and I contribute to the community force pack reviews . I al...


In defense of "The Scavengers" - an Agressive Scum deck tech

Posted by chunkygorillas , 25 August 2015 - - - - - - · 1261 views

In defense of "The Scavengers" - an Agressive Scum deck tech So first off welcome to my new blog! I've always wanted to write some form of articles for this game but never knew where to start, recently though I have decided to start writing some what regular posts here, most likely pertaining to deck techs, since I tend to build a lot of decks. I have written one deck tech/tourney report before, that was on the fro...

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