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3rd Place - Battle of Blackwater Bay 2014, a first try at reporting

Posted by Buzz , 29 July 2014 · 5852 views

Blackwater Bay London 2014 TeamSweden Tournament Report
Unlike my fellow meta-mate JakobH I didn’t expect to go this far and thus took no notes. As a result I don’t have much info on the matches but will focus on the deck and how it plays. Note that my collaborator is also named Jakob and will refer to them as JakobH and W. Not only is this my first tourney report, I'm also writing this 4am after a week in London, please keep the pitchforking for my next report.

The Deck
After placing 2nd in the Finnish regionals with my PBtT-deck I thought it was time to retire it. I wanted a deck that could beat Old Way, Bloodthirst and all kinds of stupid things people come up with. I built a few, tested less and just couldn’t find a deck I was happy with.
On the night before the Norweigan regionals I still didn’t have a deck. I knew my meta-mate JakobW(Ortos) was building a Lanni CoS he wanted to take to London. Being in a pinch I sent him a text and asked for his permission to field and test his deck in the tournament.

The deck was extremely fun and did okay in the tournament, netting me a Top8 finish. However, I still thought the deck was terrible and needed a lot of work. I asked JakobW if I could play the deck in London and help him refine it. He was happy to accept and we started throwing out stupid cards, swap events, add events and add loads of economy. Playtest, refine, rinse and repeat. We ended up with a slow-powerhouse of a deck that could completely shutdown the opponent every(almost) turn without resorting to resets. When the FAQ hit we removed Preston and added Qyburn & Boros instead in favor of Arianne.

The day before the tournament we heard a lot of talk about burn. Since we were unsure about the Targ KotHH match-up we were discussing adding Tunnels. JakobW had the foresight to bring it while I didn’t have any extra cards with me. Luckily I didn’t find someone that could lend me one or I might have added it.

Decklist: http://www.agotcards.org/deck/v/58452

The Strategy
0 - 0.00 % | 1 - 0.00 % | 2 - 1.08 % | 3 - 9.40 % | 4 - 60.69 % | 5 - 24.79 % | 6 - 3.92 % | 7 - 0.12 %

Always mulligan for 4+ card setup with Gold producer/weenie, you will need all the gold you can get your hands on.

Going into the tournament I knew I would more or less auto-win if I could stall to round 4-5 when I had my Guild hall and Black Cells setup with a strong economy and drawcap each turn.
I started each match by mulligan hard in search for economy. I would always open with City of Lies to jump start the economy and get a City in the used pile. Sometimes I would open with Scheme vs a potential FoW deck.
Unless I had the chance clear important chars with Military claim I would prioritize Intrigue and leave chars standing to not leave unopposed, protect my hand and take dominance. Aslong as I could defend power challenges and keep his house card clean from pesky tokens I could close out the game quickly after an eventual Valar turn. Because remember: Power is King.

Nifty things:
Use Arianne to flip Valar, Soldiers or Spiders in Challenge phase.
Have Cressen fetch the events back.
When lacking in events, use plots to trigger Arbor Guardsman.

The Matchups

Match 1
Stark Conq Greyjoy, Choke - Michael(Canada)
Great 4 card setup and hand gave me loads of my locations on the board which led to a quick 4plot(?) victory. He was unable to get his Choke going and suffered from the usual Greyjoy draw. Win.

Match 2
HoD Liv2 - John(UK)
Stalled turn 1 and 2 with kneel and set up my locations and econ. 4 prized from my own Valar on Turn 3. He drew few saves and couldn’t recover with no cards in hand and a constantly knelt board. Won in turn 5 after I accidentaly gave away Queen of Thorns with 4 powers on her to LIV2 the turn before. Win.

Match 3
Lanni conq Martell - Brian(Denmark)
I don’t remember much except that he was rushing pretty hard in the first 3 turns. He managed to grab 10-11 power after which I had to Valar. I got out my locations and nailed his chars to the board with Guild Hall and Black Cells. Closed out the game with Queen of thorns and 2 claim power challenges. Win.

Match 4
Martell n/a VB - Christian(Sweden)
Metamate, both knew the matchup, Didn't take long to have Quentyn under Coldhands, Guildhall an TBC rolling triggers.
We had playtested before and he had only ever won once. Very favorable matchup for me with lots of ways to deal with Quentyn. Since we both knew the matchup we both felt we could play pretty fast and made lots of mistakes on both sides. Still, it was a pretty one-sided game after Quentyn went with Coldhands and the Black Cells and Guild hall started locking him down. Win.

Match 5
Greyjoy n/a Naval Escort - Marti/Harren “El Lector”(Spain)
Table #1?! Life was good, life was a bliss, I had more or less secured the cut.
2014-07-26 15.35.35.png
Then I realised who I was paired against.
Oh, no. Not choke. Not Icefishermen. Not “El Lector”, please. The absolutely worst matchup I can think of. Extremely onesided game with me having 1-2 gold to spend each turn. Did I say the cards were in Spanish? Not much else to say, I think I cried a little. Loss.

Match 6
Targ n/a Rush, Art of Seduction - Ryan(UK)
When the FAQ hit and we heard it was going to be legal for London I was a bit worried of losing Preston. On the other hand I was glad we weren’t going to see Art of Seduction vs our Cities and Arianne. But this guy had decided to run it anyway. His Art of Seduction single handedly won him the game, it was too hard to stall him with only 1 City in used pile by turn 3, no draw and no House Divided. Loss.

4-2 in Swiss, having lost to both 2nd(Targ n/a) and 3rd(El Lector) ranked in Swiss I had a very strong SoS and made the cut.

Top 16
Targ TMP - Jake(UK)
I knew this was one of my easiest matchups going into the tournament. He had a poor setup and I destroyed his only econ with Besieged. He got his first chain in round 4. And Black Cells is just disgusting versus the poor Maesters. The NPE must have been so strong for him I almost felt guilty, almost.

Top 8 - Rematch!
Greyjoy n/a Naval Escort - Marti/Harren “El Lector”(Spain)
I really had no hope of winning vs this one, when I heard the pairings I just facedesked. Before the match I laughed and gave him a clap on the shoulder, "Well played!”. Some lunatic even decided to put the match on the stream table. http://www.twitch.tv/blackwaterbay/b/551432443?t=150m
The match would not play out at all as I expected.


Closest, most intense and awesome game I’ve ever played. Massive fun to play versus such a friendly and awesome guy as Marti.

Top 4
Stark n/a Crossing, Laplante(France)
Fairly bad matchup, but not nearly as bad as the Choke one. I don’t see my control locations for most oaf the game and he floods the board with chars, stealth, stand effects and Cat o’ the Canals that dodge my Valar. Finally in the 6th turn I’ve managed to equalize a bit in board presence and hope to control him with 2x TBC, 1x Guildhall and Qyburn to bring Hodor to my board. Then he marshalls Harrenhal, cancels everything and wins. Close game, one we both agree I would take with ease if he was forced to play Valar.

Still, Top4 is way beyond what I thought both me and the deck was capable of.

Why 6 Limited locations?
You will never be sorry to have a gold producer/market on your hand, this is a really expensive deck. We play the long game, just play it next turn or use it for Intrigue-bait.

Any cards you would change?
If I could go back I would do this:
-1 Twilight Market, +2 Carrion birds, Change 1 copy of King’s Landing for +1 GTM, -1 Nightmares
But it’s purely a meta-call with knowledge I didn’t have then. It really depends on what you expect to face.

How can I challenge the great Swedish meta?
Well, in Oktober we’ll be hosting Varberg Morghulis. The Game of Thrones Nordic Championship at a Castle in Varberg south of Gothenburg. Stay tuned on the forums and talk to JakobH for more info.


~ Thanks JakobW for letting me in on your deck and to our meta mates that keeps coming to play down in a ****** basement in the middle of the summer. Also thanks to everyone that keep triggering us to become better players(and people) ~

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  • Rave, kriss, scantrell24 and 5 others like this

I'm so impressed by the commitment you've had to this game Andreas, the way your deck building has evolved. Great report!

Gratz again, and thanks for showing that our deck could be a top deck in the hands of the right player, and not just some decent 3:3 deck :) It was a real pleasure to see you play in the cut.


Great report from a great player! 

    • raekob likes this

Great report, so much details ^^

As lannister players, i have plenty questions !


- Why not cersei (kneel with shadow), or margery ?

- It seams you have few characters: it could be difficult to oppose challenge if you draw only event or locations

- i don't play westerland yet (i just buy it ^^) so, is it awesome like i imagine ? ^^ : kneel 2 or more locations before marshalling with all kneeling effects !

- why cape wrath x1 only : it's a dead card without arianne (you can't tutor it) and if you play arianne you're not sure you''l draw cape wrath. So it's x2 at least or 0 imho

- it seams queen of thron give you some win, what about arianne : did you draw it often ? with cape wrath ?

- cities plot are over-used, with seduction in restrected list, are there players with outwit against you ?


Big question with Martell N/A : the "normal" sequence is : T1 summon conclave -> quentin / T2 wildfire assault -> agenda

So how you control this deck ? Most time you'll lost initiative so he'll let you start and take advantage of his agenda


Thanks by advance :) and congratulation for your rank

Jul 29 2014 04:43 PM

To be a complete Newb, where is that house card from?
And did they make a Martell one?

Jul 29 2014 08:32 PM

Great play Andreas.

I really loved how Arianne flipped into City of Spider to score you a win. Great gal that one =)

    • raekob likes this

To ScionMatty : it's new house card for 2014 session and yes all houses have a new one :)

@Scion: a friend had an extra set and gave them to me. It's from the Zaragoza(regional?). All houses got one.

- JakobW had Cersei in his first drafts. In the Norweigan regional I never played it once. I just thought it was too expensive. I wanted Marg in but it's just too expensive. You need all gold for Shadows.
- My events and locations feature heavy control, I wouldn't worry.
- Westerlands is SICK. Choke, Control, Win.
- Cape Wrath isn't needed. I didn't see it or use it much. But I know that JakobW loves it. I usef it to return Varys, Qyburn, The Hound and Boros.Very nice.
- Arianne and Thorns sped up many matches. But neither is needef to win usually.
- I wouldn't play Arianne without cities. She's just too good and so are cities. You neef besieged for location control, super important.
- It's hard to explain. I usually never let Quentyn die. If he plays it in the first I will control the board and not do military challenges(they suck anyway, power ftw!). When I draw Nightmares I use it pre-plot into Valar.
In the event that he becomes an agenda for some reason I can control the uniques with Black Cells and smart challenge choices. One of the easiest matchups imo.

Hey Andreas! Well played in the Ro16 vs me and I didn't actually feel like it was NPE at all, I'd played against Jakob W in Swiss and beaten him reasonably handily, excellent deck and glad you did well!

Thanks for your share Andreas :) i'll test it versus a Martell soon ^^

Great player with a great deck!


Why don't you put Tommen in your deck?

And only two GTM, two king's landing, one Jaime and one Janos for draw? Did you have any card advantage problem?

Issacnx: With such an expensive deck you don't need too much draw. Any extra draw was used to fish for events.
Also, if you see Jaime or King's Landing you almost always draw cap. Tommen and Penny was taken out in favor of Attendants.

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