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Top 16 Report - Batalla por El Muro 2015

Posted by Buzz , 18 March 2015 · 9839 views

The Deck - Janky Doodle Dandy

The deck started with me trying to build a Bear Island deck for a SC. But I kept adding “fun” stuff, and the deck ended up being terrible so I scraped the idea. But the morning of the tournament I tried to make these fun things work.
So I started with a plotdeck that consisted a Fury plot and The Red Wedding, I added Old Nans, Berserkers, Robb, Followers and Dissension. Ygritte made it and so did a whole bunch of other cards. One hour before the tournament was set to start I had 68 cards in the deck and just gave up trying to make it good. I ended up stomping most of my matchups and ended in the cut with the deck being noticeably inconsistent.
Move along a week or so and we had our Batalla play-testing day where I tried to make my old City of Shadow deck work, it failed horribly. So I took out my Stark deck, now at 60ish cards and optimized somewhat it performed very well. Jakob took a liking to it and agreed to help me optimize it fully, later on we brought in Darknoj & JCWamma to toss around some ideas.
The result? A very fun, unpredictable and murderous deck.
Attached Image

The Games

R1: Win, Bye
Though game

R2: Win, KotR Baratheon - Alan(Italy)
Knowing Alan was from Italy I knew to expect Classic KotR with Fear of Winter, Blockade and First Snow. Forgotten Plans turn 1 and later marrying Melisandre to Eddard secured a victory.

R3: Loss, Martell N/A - Mario(Spain, eventual winner)
A very close game. After he played Quentyn turn one I prioritized protecting my hand and pushing through in intrigue and skipped military challenge. He chose to Valar turn two to setup Quentyn as an agenda. He did however lose a few chars and a Venomous Blade.
Viper started running amok during a Power of Blood turn. Having hard-played Catelyn I ensured a lady on the board to marry to TRV. I made a guess that he played only 1 PoB which turned out to be false and thus lost the game 15-14 while a Ministrel’s Muse might have won the game.

R4: Win, Martell, KoS - Enrique(Spain)
I choose to go first and marshalled Sam which forced him to draw-cap me most every turn. I also saw my Frozen Solid early and saved it for Ghaston which came out way too late for him. He managed to drag out the game a bit but eventually lost to my endless flooding of armies.

R5: Win, Greyjoy, The Old Way - Roberto(Spain)
I saw a lot of draw and killed any of his chars that hit the board. I chose to always go 2nd in order to always have the edge calculating challenges. By forcing an early Valar I could flood with big armies and outperform his warships. Slow and methodical play wins the game.

R6: Loss, Targ 222 - Manuel(Spain)
Didn’t draw many cards and not enough of the big guys. The one army i drew he could afford to throw away his hand to burn with Barristan. Not much to do.

R7: Win, Martell N/A, Hyper Viper - Rheese(UK)
Focus on one char? You’ll have a bad time against this deck. Turn two the Viper and his dupes took the black and the game was over.

Top16: Loss, Lanni, HoD Mander - Wedge(UK)
Great matchup, the deck should outperform most any Lanni deck but I mulliganed from a three-card setup to a….. three-card setup. Okay fine, it’s a good matchup anyway, just need to see some draw. Nope, drew a Bay of Ice turn four just in time to draw two Berserkers and give him his last two power through prized.


The deck was super fun to play and straight-forward enough to not burn you out after 8 matches. That said it still packs a large amount of tricks and can control the board without the need for Valar, instead packing fun and toolboxy plots.
I felt the deck was good enough to take the whole thing but could’ve used a bit more tweaking to gain that last bit of consistency needed to close out a tournament. The only really bad matchup that we’ve had(Martell N/A - Classic Quentyn) was still a coin flip of a matchup. We came to the tournament with a clear mindset and goal. We were aiming for the cut and needed a surprising, somewhat janky deck to throw off far more experienced Spanish players. The deck more than lived up to my expectations and I’m very happy that Jakob decided to build it with me.
As is I would probably take out a Great Keep or Street of Silk to go down to 60 cards and try changing a Berserker for another biggie. But I leave that for you to figure out, good luck and see you in Varberg this autumn.


I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the deck and how it plays and why.

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