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Entry 6: Journey to R'lyeh

Posted by NuFenix , 28 June 2015 · 1457 views

Entry 6, 27th June, 1925
After my recent success in Manchester, I was 'requested' to once again to meeting with my former brethren of the Silver Twilight. They told me that they were impressed with my ingenuity, and have decided I can aide them, under the oversight of some of their more senior members, August Lindquist who I have previously worked with, Mr. B. Ramsdale Brown who had connections to get most things we needed, and Professor George Angell, a lecturer from Brown University.
Knowing that previously I had been taught the spell to summon an agent of Yog-Sothoth, I was taught even more means of commanding the power of the ancient one, as well as some of it's servants.
With my new resources, and creating a portal by tearing through the very fabric of time, I travelled to the sunken city of R'lyeh, to see what treasures could be claimed.

On Saturday I was at a Regional Championship tournament in Rayleigh, though R'lyeh sounds much better ;)
There were six of us - Stormbirds, MrDav, OldShrimpEyes, StalkerB, and Dan (no idea if he is on here). Aside from myself, there was little experience with Cthulhu, and aside from Stormbirds this was the first Cthulhu tournament for everyone, and only the second for Stormbirds.
The store owner checked the kit, and it said for 16 or less players, to do 4 rounds followed by a top 4 cut. I would have gone for either 3 rounds of swiss, or round robin, but I didn't wish to cause a fuss.

I can never remember specifics about games, and don't want to detract from the game by writing notes constantly (I really should look into filming my matches...), so I can't say what happened blow by blow each game, but can gives vague recollections, along with the order of who I played.

Before I go into how the day went, here is the decklist that I used:
Total Cards: (52)
Character: (33)
3x Cultist of the Key (The Wailer Below)
3x Faceless Abductor (The Order of the Silver Twilight)
3x Obsessive Elder Thing (For the Greater Good)
2x Servant to the Elder Things (Lost Rites)
3x Stalking Hound (Perilous Trials)
3x Zanni (Terror in Venice)
3x Guardian of Dawn (Terror in Venice)
2x August Lindquist (For the Greater Good)
2x B. Ramsdale Brown (The Key and the Gate)
3x Master of the Myths (Into Tartarus)
2x Professor George Angell (The Sleeper Below)
2x Black Dog (Words of Power)
2x The Claret Knight (Seekers of Knowledge)

Support: (10)
3x Tear in Time (For the Greater Good)
2x Eltdown Shards (Words of Power)
3x Frozen Time (The Key and the Gate)
2x Rite of the Silver Gate (The Key and the Gate)

Event: (6)
3x Pushed into the Beyond (Touched by the Abyss)
3x Lev'l 15:13 (Seekers of Knowledge)

Conspiracy: (3)
3x The Grand Design (Touched by the Abyss)

The deck has also been uploaded here - http://www.cardgamed...-top-4-cut-r115

Due to winning the Store Championship (see Entry 3), Stormbirds used his bye, which meant another player also got a bye for the first round due to leaving us on an odd number, and thus leaving only two people eligible to end the round on 0-1.

Round 1: StalkerB (Yog/ST - http://www.cardgamed...ment-evar-r113)
I'd never met StalkerB before, but he was a good guy, lots of banter and fun to play against. When we revealed our starting resources, I was concerned since we're both running the same factions. We went for different directions, such as how I had no Yithians, nor Carl to get spells back, whilst I had a larger focus on Arcane.
Because it was the first game this one I have the least recollection of, but I do recall in swiss it was the only game I gave away a single story (Spoiler!). I remember avoiding killing off the Yithian Scouts to avoid their bouncing, so I wouldn't get milled, nor allow him to constantly have combat soak when it wasn't on my terms.
Result - 1-0

Round 2: MrDav (Mono Agency, no restricted)
I've known and played MrDav for a while now due to AGOT, and he is always pleased when I turn up with a janky deck (Martully's!). I have also helped him via PM to plan decks for him and his brother to get the hang of the game with.
I remember the game lasted 3 turns, due to a combination of a card not being usable when he had hoped, and to August reflecting a wound that a double triggered Paul LeMond caused me by having more combat, allowing me to walk through unimpeded.
Afterwards we played a friendly, and seeing a Church Operative with a Snowmobile and Tommy Gun was not what I needed! However various controlling tricks and a pair of Tear in Time on a story for draw/discard recursion allowed me to abuse Pushed into the Beyond and keep his board clear.
Result - 2-0

Round 3: OldShrimpEyes (Cthulhu/Yog, Khopesh)
Like MrDav, I know OldShripEyes due to AGOT, and I too have helped him work out decks via PM, including him checking out one of my older decks I submitted online with tweaks based on his own pool.
The game was long. But of us running character removal, so key characters were tough to keep on the board. What made it worse was the Prepared Alienists (karma for all the times I use them), making my Black Dogs and MoMs useless! However, the deciding factor for me was when The Claret Knight held a copy of the Eltdown Shards, and so I was able to start thinning his hand down, until he was only top-decking, whereas my recursion could keep my hand full and able to deal with what I needed.
Result - 3-0
Round 4: Stormbirds (Cthulhu/Shub, also Khopesh)
Stormbirds and I have been friends for 12 years or so, he was best man at my wedding, and also destroyed me at the last tournament we played at (once again, see Entry 3). When testing and tuning his deck the night before, he beat me 2-1, so I wasn't optimistic about stopping him. By turn 2 however I had an Obsessive Elder Thing with a copy of Eltdown Shard, and after seeing and discarding cards from hand, including Plague Stone maybe a Khopesh (I know at one point I kept one in his hand as he had no characters), I had a tremendous top deck moment where he would have been able to destroy the Elder Thing with DOA, and Professor Angell came to save the day, knowing I would happily return him to hand if it means Elder Thing can continue going into stories to wreck his hand. With no hand and no board due to Pushed/Faceless Abductor, I was able to get my stories, as well as my revenge for the Store Champs (sorry bud ;)).
Result - 4-0

The top 4 was worked out, and with myself on a clean sweep and four others on 2-2, sadly someone had to miss the cut solely down to countback and tiebreakers, which was MrDav.
Top 4: StalkerB (again)
After playing each other in the first round, we both had a better idea of what each other could do, including what cards to watch out for. Carl and August were bounced from both sides, and at one point Wilbur got up to 3 success tokens, before I finally Pushed him back into the deck.
Sadly, I lost the game, as StalkerB was able to keep pushing through to stories when I couldn't stop him enough, ending when he went into 2 stories he could win, and only needing one of them when I couldn't successfully oppose both. A tough match, but a good match.

Overall it was a good day, with Stormbirds beating StalkerB in the final. The store owner even mentioned how everyone bar me have been playing a short time, yet doesn't prevent people doing well in the tournament, and that Stormbirds was both the Store and Regional champ at the store.

Looking back at the deck, I think Tear in Time will be my default draw engine over Vortex in Time when using Yog, and the icon struggles and ability of The Grand Design suit it perfectly. The deck I feel played well, had plenty of tricks, and even things like a single Cultist of the Key to remove an Arcane struggle to prevent my opponent standing when they go into a story was noticeable. The only real issue was the lack of characters who were able to trigger my Stalking Hounds.

Now, my next, and final regional for the year will be in a month, however I won't have any chance to play before then. As such, I need to work out if I will use this deck again, or try something else.

Thank you all for reading, if you made it this far :)

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Thanks for writing up your experiences. Sounds like it was a fun time, all around.

It was, and reinforces to me that the community for this game is something to be proud of. It wouldn't matter how good the game is if I couldn't stand the player base, but with a great game and great people to play with, who could say no to it.

Well, with FAQ 4.1, this deck will have to be changed in some manner if I wish to continue using it. Master of Myths, Black Dog and Rite of the Silver Gate means I have to many restricted cards.
Based on what the deck was doing, Master of Myths is likely my strongest option, as it can help me win those precious arcane struggles, whilst gives me the means to soak combat, and even terror if solo.
As I was on 52 cards, I'm really only in need of 2 cards, and Curse of the Putrid Husk to remove Fated from BRB, and maybe from August (though it means no Willpower either), as well as being able to offensively remove willpower, toughness, invulnerable and fast from troublesome characters on my opponent's side of the table, is a solid option.

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