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New FAQ :)

Posted by MitchG , 29 December 2015 · 1344 views

So there is a new FAQ. It's pretty awesome. I've been building a lot since it came out. I took apart the capital ship deck for a while, but will likely play it at store champs. Here is what I am currently settled on:

2x That Bucket o' Bolts
2x Raise the Stakes
2x The Rebel Fleet
2x Command and Control
1x Alderaan's Promise
1x Draw Their Fire

It occured to me while building, that I build far more light side decks than dark side decks. Currently I think the numbers are 10 light side to 6 dark side assembled. I originally mused that it was because the dark side staples were more staple like, i.e. Darth and Palpy on Sith, etc. While this is true, I think I've been a little less creative building different dark side decks, and should probably explore that side of the force a bit more.

Back to the light side!

I have really wanted to build stuff for 2 pods since Imperial Entanglements came out. Fortune and Fate, and House Edge.

I tried a very simple build using both, as well as Han, Falcon, and Chewie (Tried with new and with old).

It was OK. Obviously House Edge was the weak point, but the point wasn't to build the strongest deck, the point was to build a deck where I could use Lando and not have him totally suck. It did an ok job of this, the technicians making Lando essentially an action based discard spell was ok, and you could use it at interesting times to good effect, typically after they draw, since you aren't exactly tactics locking their units down. It felt like I wasn't using either to their funnest ability however.

I then decided to try putting Dash into the House Edge deck, and save Fortune and Fate for another deck.

I liked that much better, and am currently messing with

2x Questionable Contacts
2x Asteroid Sanctuary
2x Wookie Life Debt or Debt of Honour (I flip flop! Old Chewie is so good at protecting Han and Lando, but the shields are super good too, since they aren't elite and get locked down easy)
2x Against All Odds
2x House Edge

This obviously isn't the worlds strongest deck, and would likely be made infinitely better by just cutting lando and putting in MTFBWY, but that was hardly the point. I wanted to use Lando in a fun way. So far I have succeeded. He is actually pretty funny with Dash, and you can put them in some real funny scenarios, thanks to shifty lookout and swindled.

On the fortune and fate side, I decided to give in and just build something that worked with Defense of Yavin 4. Since the capital ship deck was pretty good, I actually just made it a little less capital ship, and a little more fortune and fate.

I am currently trying
2x That Bucket o' Bolts
2x Fortune and Fate
2x Defense of Yavin 4
2x Command and Control
2x The Rebel Fleet

Defense and Bucket is a lot of reduction, but you don't always get to start with DoY4, and when you do, the well paid's can be chucked as DoY4 bait if they aren't as efficient that turn.

The notion of a Corvette for 2 resources off a well paid and a technician and drawing 2 cards back was too much to ignore, as well, so Command and Control stayed in. I wanted to play with blockade runners as well, but the Smug only part of BoB shut that down.

Rebel Fleet is still a fun set for me, and home one is such a powerhouse. I had a test-hand recently where I dumped home one and lady luck onto the table turn one.

Most of this is just musing in my head, but that's what I've been cooking up recently. Hopefully next time I'll have some dark side decks. The only one I can think of worth sharing right now is not all that good, but rather fun for trying to pile up mass objective damage.

2x Enforced Loyalty
2x Dark Time for the Rebellion
2x Endor Gambit
2x Unstoppable Advance
2x The Ultimate Power.

I had Imperial Command in there instead of Endor Gambit, then I got my alt art Endor Gambits in the mail haha.

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