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Musings on the Hobbit Sagas

Posted by MightyToenail , 13 January 2016 · 7794 views

So recently I got the Hobbit saga expansions, and I wanted to share some initial thoughts about them.

Over Hill and Under Hill
Bilbo Baggins- Nothing special here, though then again, in the first half of the book, Bilibo WAS nothing special.
Thorin- OH MY GOSH DWARF DECKS! I really like him, mostly for his stats, but also because resource generation works nicely with...
Ori- Woah. Best. Card. Ever. This is what Bilbo (Hunt for Gollum) should have been. Free cards!
Nori- Dissapointing. Between To me o my Kinsfolk!, Fili/Kili, and Bofur, part of the dwarf deck is allies coming from different places. So only from hand for a small ability... I'll stick to Oin in solo.
Beorn- Underwhelming. That is, until I read the encounter cards in Heirs, which I also got. OMG BEAR MODE!

On the Doorstep
Bombur- I now have a very solid deck that runs Thorin, Ori, and Bombur. His ability might be pretty bad, but having such consolidated stats on defense, making him an amazingly cheap defender, is just too good.
Bilbo Baggins- Treasure-finder? Oh well, I guess they had to make some way to get the treasures into play.
Oin- Very interesting. Because of Narvi's Belt, dwarves can three-sphere with ease, and this allows you to get a tactics dwarf from The Hobbit, which didn't exist until Dori. He's not great, but not bad either at eight threat.
Balin- It's more that we didn't have any shadow cancellation, and less that he's good. Alright fine he's freakin amazing.
Bard the Bowman- Yes! Some two-player love at last. It makes me happy to see range getting some more love, and Bard is a beast at essentially five attack. With his Great Yew Bow, he and Dunhere can rain death upon enemies. And don't forget Hands upon the Bow action.

We Must Away Ere Break of Day: This is fairly easy, but getting the treasures is next to impossible. You have to treat it like the Carrock. Don't quest too hard at the beginning, or else.
Over the Misty Mountains Grim: Just a typical Khazad-dum style scenario. Not that hard, not that interesting.
Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim: What game are we playing, Runebound??? This is not Lotr LCG. Alright maybe it is, but it sure is strange. And easy, don't forget easy.
Flies and Spiders- Ive been wanting to go back to Mirkwood for awhile, so this provides the opportunity. I must say, this is impressive work on the designers part. Providing completely new, thematic challenges for an old setting is quite incredible. I had a blast with this scenario. This is the first scenario with the ring treasure card too.
The Lonely Mountain- This isn't really a scenario. It's essentially a gambling center, where you can grab as many treasures as you can, hopefully without losing. It serves as the way to give you treasures.
The Battle of Five Armies. Interesting, but it feels like a worse version of Heirs. But having all of those treasures out is incredible, so it still is quite fun.

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