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THOUGHTS FROM A NOOB 1-What I would do with the Blue Fork agenda

Posted by 987654321 , 09 October 2016 · 13395 views

Knights Deckbuilding
Hello, I'm 987654321. Some could know me from FFG's forums in LOTR LCG. I also follow some other LCGs, like AGOT LCG 2, where this blog is about. I, however, have never played this game. That's why this blog is called Thoughts from a noob.

Okay, FFG announced that they would bring a new agenda to the game, voted by the players. There's the Blue Fork for knights, the Red fork for Armies and the Green Fork for Maesters. I am sure I would vote Blue if I had Twitter cause of my idea for a deck:

The idea behind it is simple:


Here would come a picture of Khal Drogo but it seems you can't copy/paste in a Samsung Galaxy S6. Well, you understand the idea. Once we have everybody's favourite Khal out, we will be able to initiate two mil attacks each round. Combine it with his Arakh and everybody's favourite Kingslayer and a lot of other Knights and the only way to stop massacre will be Watcher on the Walls. I also put Littlefinger for some economy.

The attachments include the aforementioned Arakh, SotH for anybody and also Silver Steed. We have 3xHJ of course, PttS, Shierak Qiya and Superior Claim for gaining challenges, and the only locations are Rose, Kings and Ocean Roads.

Given most of the deck are characters, I decided to include Marching Orders since it won't hurt me that much. I also included 2 Storm of Swords and WoW for more massacre. For the Knights of Summer, I've put Summer Harvest for economy, Calm over Westeros for safety against Intrigue and Close Call to help the dead risk.

So this is the deck:

Khal Drogo Rides With The Knights He Had Sworn To Kill Because This Game Is Stupid(aka KDRWTKHHSTKBTGIS)

Marching Orders
Winds of Winter
Summer Harvest
Calm over Westeros
Close Call
2 A Storm of Swords

3Khal Drogo
3Ser Jaime Lannister(core)
3Ser Barristan Selmy(TS)
3The Blackfish
3Hedge Knight
3House Dayne Knight
2Knights of Summer
2Ser Gregor Clegane
2The Knight of Flowers
2Ser Amory Lorch
2Ser Davos Seaworth
2Ser Jorah Mormont
2Ser Colen of Greenpools
2Knights of the Sun
2House Florent Knight

3Drogo's Arakh
2Silver Steed
2Seal of the Hand

3Put to the Sword
3Shierak Qiya
3Hand's Judgement
2Superior Claim

3Rose Roads
3Ocean Roads

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