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Ever My Threat Rises

Posted by Cuacuani , in Saga, The Hobbit, LotR LCG 25 September 2018 · 1126 views

LotRLCG The Hobbit Thorins Company Ever My Threat Rises

After a discussion with my good friend EryxUK about Campaign Mode, I thought I'd give it a try through Over Hill and Under Hill and On The Doorstep and post it up here. I'll be starting a journey to retake Erebor soon and thought I'd blog my progress here, in case anyone is interested.

The two 'The Hobbit' Saga expansions have a sort-of Campaign Mode - Bilbo and any treasures earned carry over to the next Scenario and that's fine. It's a lot of fun. But I thought I'd like to embellish this a little bit with a few additional rules and caveats, mostly cribbed from the Campaign Mode from The Black Riders.

Firstly, the only heroes I'll be using will be Thorin and Company. Currently, the following are available:


Fili, Kili and Bofur don't have Hero versions, but all three are available as Ally cards. Gloin, Dori, Bifur, Bombur and Dwalin all have Ally versions in addition to their Hero cards. There is a Hero for Bilbo Baggins, but the scenario rules prevent him from being an option. Gandalf also has a Hero card, but I don't intend to use it, as I think I'll be using the ally version from the Core a lot. But for the sake of completion, Hero Gandalf is an option. Dain is specifically mentioned as not accompanying Thorin, so he won't be eligible during Over Hill and Under Hill as he didn't give Thorin and Company aid until much later. I've ummed and ahhed over Thalin, given that he's a new creation for the game. I've decided that he's not eligible during Over Hill and Under Hill, but once I'm happy to include Dain, I'm happy to include Thalin. There'll be no Gimli at all, as Gloin left him behind due to his age.

Secondly, if I successfully complete a scenario and a hero has been defeated, that Hero is no longer eligible for play for the rest of the campaign. Fili, Kili or Bofur's unique Ally versions aren't included in this rule - they can leave play and still be allowed in the next game. Also, if the defeated Hero is Gloin, Dori, Bifur, Bombur or Dwalin, I'll still be allowed to use their Ally card. But an act of heroic sacrifice should leave a mark and so defeated Heroes stay defeated. This only applies to successful attempts to scenarios, if I hit the threat limit, lose Bilbo, or have all of my Heroes defeated then I can re-attempt the scenario as much as I like. I'll be free to swap Heroes (and, indeed, entire decks) between scenarios without Threat penalty.

Thirdly, I'll be trying to build mostly thematic dwarf decks. The nature of the game means I might have to include cards that aren't 100% on-theme such as Galadhrim's Greeting, but I'll try to minimise this. Thorin won't be becoming the Steward of Gondor. The unique Dwarf allies like Azain Silverbeard and Brok Ironfist are fair game, as are all the non-unique dwarf allies. I know that Thorin's company was only 13 dwarves strong, but I'm taking some artistic licence in order to make my decks work.

Fourthly, I'll probably be playing Solo, with a variation on Easy Mode. I won't be removing the cards from the encounter set, but I will be taking the extra resource at set-up. Unless I end up really getting hammered at a scenario, in which case I might play full easy mode. I'm setting half a dozen attempts as the point at which I'll consider switching down.

Finally, I'll be publishing my failures. Oh yes. If it takes me twelve attempts to pass a scenario, there'll be eleven accounts of my failure. I personally think this is important - The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is hard and every victory come after multiple defeats. When I was first starting out, it seemed a bit daunting reading throughnother players' accounts of their marvellous victory - did everyone else just sail through these scenarios? Was I just bad at the game? I want to show that for every glorious victory where every card off the Encounter deck was fine, there's a series of crushing defeats where three powerful enemies all engaged the same turn, or location after location stopped any questing from succeeding.

Thanks for reading this far! Hopefully this sounds like fun to you and you'll follow me through my attempt to retake The Lonely Mountain from Smaug. I'll post up my first decklist soon and then I'll be setting off with We Must Away Ere Break of Day.

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