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A Regional Challenge

Posted by darknoj , 21 April 2013 · 1544 views

darknoj AGoT Game of Thrones a challenge regional
I wanted to post a challenge I gave my self this reagional season to help ensure I don’t back out. Its something a little different; play in five regional”s each with a different deck from a different house...

Anyone out their crazy enough to join me on this challenge... ;)

Finally after weeks of waiting, my first regional is fast approaching on May 4th in beautiful Laval, Quebec at BD Cosmos wish me luck or better yet show up and play against me.

I don't live close enough to enough regionals to try this, and because of a wedding I had to miss the one in my own city. So I'll only be going to Springfield, MO on May 25th this season.

I think next year you should go for all 7 house cards in 7 regionals. Or enter some melees to pick up the other houses. Either way, all 7 or bust in the future. =)

Anyway, the challenge sounds awesome, good luck and I hope you do well with all houses. Will you be sharing the deck lists? Or at least the archetypes?
Originally I was going to go to 6 UK regionals and had this exact plan - use each house once. Unfortunately, I eventually decided one of the regionals was a tiny bit too far away to go to, and two of the others merged into one regional, so that I only have 4 regionals to go to. It remains to be seen if I'll use each house once, given that I think the house I used for the 1st regional last weekend could've won me the tourney (as it did for someone else), so I don't want to categorically rule it out for the others just yet!

I will join you at Laval and hopefully i will have the chance to play against you. I will also accept your challenge and i will bring at different house deck to each of the 6 regionals i ill be going.
I don't know if I'll do a different house, but I'm definitely doing a new deck at each regional.

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