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Ottawa Regional

Posted by darknoj , 12 May 2013 · 1907 views

AGoT Game of thrones LCG Ottawa Regional darknoj
So my second regional of the session was a bit smaller then the first. I think the lower turn out was due to the extremely high cost to attend (35 to get into the con, 10 for the tournament and 10 for parking) which turned off a portion of are players. However the more dedicated and competitive players still showed up for the event. After an early lose to Mike in Swiss I was able to win the tournament against him in the finals. Once again I will not be posting a detail tournament report since I plan on giving a overview of the games on summer is coming when we record tomorrow or Tuesday.

I played a Lannister TLV deck which can be found here: http://www.cardgamed...ister-tlv-r2403

I have to say that TLV + Negotiations at the Great Sept (NatGS) is just pure broken and has to be fixed...being able to copy NatGS with City of Spiders due to its poor wording makes it even more broken.

My next regional will be Rochester NY on June 1st wish me luck. ;)

Negociation at the Great Sept should be restricted, but I love TVL. A lot of deck that didn't saw a lot of play are more popular because of that agenda : Dragon, Dotraki etc
The Cast is up for those that want to hear my feelings on the tournament.

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