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Rochester June 22nd Regional Report

Posted by darknoj , 04 June 2013 · 2897 views

Game of Thrones LCG Rochester Regiona tournament draknoj
Here is my quick regional report be warned this has been written on my blackberry on the bus home from work so sentence structure and spelling are going to be very bad...

I also had a very long day so my memory of the specifics of each game maybe a bit off, as they are all blurring together now. If i get something wrong i am sorry.

The day began with a 5am wake up and a 5 hour drive with Trevor a Ottawa Canada Meta mate to Rochester NY. Adrain and myself had made the drive last year and played in a regional in the very same store. That year they had gotten 16 players but the organizer complained of a soccer game that several of his regular players where playing in and so they missed the event (their league at the time had 24 regular players).

Hoping for a large turn out Trevor and I arrived at the store with only 15 min to go before the tournament to find only 2 players their...O no...Luckily 10 min later another few Rochester guys show up and then seconds before the start of the event a car load of 5 from Tornonto shows up. Now at least we have a small tournament going on and the best part of it was the only person I had played before was Trevor whom I drove down with. That means at least 10 ish new players to enjoy a game with.

I think playing new people and traveling to new meta's has to be one of the best parts of this game. At each of the two regionals I drove out of town for this year I was entering unknown territory and getting to meet whole meta's I had not played with before. Which was so much fun. I highly recommend it to anyone who plays this game.

So a big shout out to the Toronto crew for making the drive. I hope to see some of them again at the last Canadian regional in Montreal on the 22nd of this month. In fact I hope to see a few US players too.

So back to the regional event. I chose to bring my Targarien Dragons deck to this event. The deck was a update version of the one I took to a 4-2 record at GenCon (US Nationals) in 2012. Most of the changes where focused on some additional stand teck for my maesters and a bit more cancel. Overall I feel like the deck is a strong one and Buz from Tulsa took a very similar build to his regional event where he took second so I know it was still strong in the current environment in fact maybe more so due to the heavey use of TLV, which indirectly resulted in people playing less answers to the deck. I talked about the deck with Buz a bit before finalizing my changes and I want to say that some of his idea's made it into the last cut of the deck so Buz thanks for the talks. ;)

Deck found here: http://www.cardgamed...ional-1st-r2536

Match 1 vs Stark (The Siege of Winterfell)

My opponent was playing a army and wolf focused version of the seige deck. Using Wolfswood to give his wolves stealth and the rob that reduces the cost of armies to zero to help support them with big armies. Other then that it mostly ran all of the standard siege goodness. He was a bit land chocked when we set up and drew no wolfs so I was able to quickly control the game by playing Viserion turn 1 and discarding the one location he had out to keep him chocked up. By turn 2 I had Bal out with Dany and the game was over when on turn three I flipped outwit to ensure I could rush to victory.

Match 2 vs Bara (The Long Voyage)

He opened with Art of Seduction to my At the gates. He chose to go first and I began the Bal combo on turn 1 kneeling out the board. I expected a Valar on turn 2 but instead he played a power of blood to keep his fatbob and Knight of the flowers safe. He then tried to rush out a super fast win I think but a nightmares on bob stopped that fast. I outwitted the valar that came the turn after and it was over.

Match 3 vs GreyJoy (The Long Voyage)

The Greyjoy player got a very fast choke on me, I however managed to get 2 chans off in the first round which let me get out from under it by using the gold chain twice each round thanks to my Kingsguard Squire. From then on without him drawing any cancels I slowly took control of the game using Bal later to kneel out his board and push through some key challenges.

Match 4 vs Targ (The Long Voyage)

I was now playing the other dragon deck at the event who had been undeaftead till this point. I was able to get through a few challenges turn 1 and by turn 2 I had Dany out with several dragons and the chains to let Dany be a dragon during challenges and to give Bal a int icon letting me claim massive amounts of power very quickly. I flipped outwit turn 3 and took the game that round. As I found in testing vs Dragons with TLV my maester version can out rush them 9 out of 10 times.

Top 4 Match vs Lannister (HoD – Tunnels)

This is where my memory starts to get really fuzzy since its been a super long day now and my energy level is getting low. This game is long I mean 1.5 ish hours with 7 plots long. The player had heard I was not running Valar from others in the tournament so he had no fear of just filling the board with little guys this was good in that he could keep me held down but bad in that since he was puking his hand on the board each round he could not Val himself since I had way more saves and a blood magic ritural in shadows that he knew I could use to get back any dragon I could not save. He had a lack of power icons and I was able to stealth through power challenges most turns letting me slowly creep up in power. When I finally destroyed his Iron Throne I knew it was games since even if I did not win that round I would be able to kneel out his board from that point on. A hard won battle and a great player. Was fun...

Final Match vs Greyjoy (The Long Voyage)

A rematch of are earlier game. This deck had just choked out the other dragon deck on turn 1 so hard that the player never got to play a single charicture....not a good sign..

So the game began with a hard choke but more frustrating was my opponent had a plan of action now vs my deck. He decided to play altra defensive the first few rounds to ensure that I could not get chains off my house. The few gold I did get was just enough to get a char out here or their and I was only able to force through the odd int challenge. Soon enough he had a much larger board presence then me and had two repeatable cancels Murenmure and Alannys. I finally drew into a nighmares to shut down Alannys one plot phase to get my self 5 gold from the gold link. This let me get a few chars out on the board and play 2 more Dragon lores.

The game had been going on for a hour by now. My opponent thinking carefully about each of his moves not wanting to make mistakes. He was running a city plot cycle so turns 5 and 6 had me mostly knelt out. Luckily I had Strong Belwas to help mitigate claim and he was to busy using his cancels on my chains each plot phase to use them on belwas saves.

Plot 7 was the turning point as all my chars where standing again. I then put my plan into action I knelt my first maester trying to reduce the cost of the next dragons I will play to zero. He cancels it and I do it a second time which he cancels again. My third maester does the same and at the same time makes Dany a dragon. This time he has no cancles left and Bal jumps out of my hand to kneel his board. I grab 3 unoposed power, 1 claim, 3 renown and 1 power for dom for a 8 power swing in just one turn. Leaving me just one or two power short of the win. I know had to push one more challenge through to win it. I played outwit in case he was gone val but he new I had it so chose to save his valar. Sadly for him I got Rhaegle into play that round and was able to push through the win.

A close to 2 hour game to end the tournament and a 5 hour drive home in the rain and dark to look forward too.

We got home safe and I have to say it was a fun day worth the 10 hours of driving. Cheers to everyone I meet and another big thumbs up for the Tornonto crew for coming down. In the end their was more Canadians then Americans at the event which was kind of funny for a US event.

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Congrats on another win, darknoj! It's awesome to see you doing so well with creative decks that look really fun to play
Thanks Holubaloo
3 in a row, congrats!
Congrats on the win darknoj, shame it was against me. Still it was perhaps the best game I have ever played even though I lost.
    • darknoj and celric like this

...perhaps the best game I have ever played even though I lost.

That's what it's all about. Great competition that pushes your deckbuilding and piloting to the limit is so satisfying... even in defeat.
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