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A Breif Update - The End of Regional Season

Posted by darknoj , 25 June 2013 · 2027 views

A Game of Thrones LCG Darknoj 2013 Regional season
So my regional season is finished and I feel pretty good about it. I managed to make it to four (3 in Canada and 1 in the US) in total and stuck with a different house and agenda at each. I ended up winning 3 and placing 3rd at the final one. Though my regionals would be considered small, most being some where around 12 people, I have to say that I am still very happy with 3 wins since I don’t think anyone else has won 3 regionals in a single season or at least not in a row.

So now that regional season is done what is their to do....

Well DCDennis has once agin gone out of his way to run a worldwide OCTGN tournament. He has some nice prizes up for grabs including a 2013 GJ house card. You can get more info about the tournament here.

and ofcourse...

It's time to start getting ready for the US Nationals at GenCon. I won't be making worlds this year, since its my 10 year anniversary, which means GenCon will be my next big event all the way till I try and get to ValarCon.

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