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The Uses and Abuses of the Internet as a Tool of Communication of Adults

Posted by wendyguidry , 08 April 2020 · 87 views

case study

Effective communication has always been widely considered by scholars as a powerful tool of reaching personal and professional goals. When people exchange their ideas, they have a chance to make friends, start a romantic relationship, solve a business issue or simply interpret the news about what is happening in the world correctly. Nowadays, the growing interest to the Internet communication and a possibility to quickly grasp any amount of information from numerous sources militate against the effectiveness of the variety of communicative goals. The Internet abuse and reliance are current issues, which interfere with real communication and can be resolved only by forging real contacts with people and demonstrating unhidden attention and concentration on other people’s interests when communicating with them https://essays-leade...dy-writing.html.

The Internet communication has become a progressive way of maintaining contacts for people who need to stay in touch continuously; it gives them a possibility to reach each other even being geographically far away. A reasonable person will agree with this argument but will definitely add that there is the opposite side of the online communication abuse, which is related to the fact that individuals lose the sense of reality and it is difficult for them to establish contacts with others in the course of usual communication. Unfortunately, modern technological progress promotes more devices for online chatting and the Internet communication is not a hobby or entertainment any more but a real addiction. Notes from the Internet Apocalypse: A Novel clearly illustrates the degree of the problem related to people’s dependence on the Internet communication, which results in a number of negative factors affecting people’s ability to personally communicate. Though everybody knows the web abounds in useless in doubtful information, people confess that the global web performs some critical functions so that they cannot return to the old-fashioned ways of communicating and performing business operations. This is the main dilemma of the book while the plot of the novel is quite simple, A situation when people abandon using the Internet is hardly to be imagined as they know what it means to be left without the net connection for a short period of time. However, Gladstone offers his readers to consider an option when the Internet has disappeared and nobody can be sure when it will be returned or whether it will happen at all. This fact immediately demonstrates how helpless and isolated the majority of people become without having a chance to change their online status or enter Twitter. The mentioned imaginary context helps Gladstone reveal deep psychological problems of the active Internet users who are denied the opportunity ability to surf the Internet and send online messages.

Gladstone has determined some important issues, which originate from people’s reliance on the Internet including personal communication with the purpose to meet a partner and start some romantic relationship. There is no doubt that using the Internet for work accelerates the information exchange and contributes to quick performance of business operations. Communication with personal purposes does not mostly accelerate anything but gives people a chance to choose a person to communicate with by appearance and present themselves the way they want to be perceived and understood. When the Internet was down, people did not panic. They had running water, electricity and other services necessary for normal existence. However, the Americans stayed in constant anticipation that the Internet would return soon and some of them were glad that their offices cancelled work. The American society faced personal communication problems. The main character of the book, Gladstone (the author’s prototype) realizes that coming out and getting to know a lady in person is much more complicated than doing it online: “Reality was troubling and new. Not just to me, but to my fellow patrons, who struggled to look attractive in real life.” The communication problem of finding the right moment to stop online dialogues and enter the reality happened to be a serious issue when people do not know how to behave, what to say and how to react to the initiatives of the opposite sex. It becomes even difficult for the main character to present himself: “After years online, I’d gotten used to not giving strangers any real name.” Gladstone takes his virtual friend Tobey, a famous blogger, and a webcam girl, Oz to help him find the Internet as according to rumors, someone uses it in New York. In the course of their journey, the mentioned group has a chance to observe different types of people’s behavior conditioned by the absence of the Internet connection. The author calls these individuals a bunch of Internet zombies. Therefore, people’s Internet reliance proved to have significant negative effects on their communicative skills and made real communication with the opposite gender complicated as it gave the users a chance to make virtual couples only and pretend to possess the traits they have never had.

Fortunately, it is possible to define some solutions of the discussed issue with the help of the materials offered for consideration. An important research of effective communication was performed by Rogers. He writes that the main goal of psychotherapy hais to teach people to deal with the failures of communication. The author states that the major barrier to mutual interpersonal communication is our very natural tendency to judge, to evaluate, to approve or disapprove, the statement of the other person, or the other group. Rogers is sure that it is very important to listen to a person trying to understand his or her inner world and not evaluate him or her or apply any emotions and feelings, which will definitely give birth to two different opinions. In such a way, it will be impossible to find a common point. Rogers advises his readers to take precautions and not to change themselves in an attempt to penetrate into the inner world of some other person. The offered type of communication may be ineffective, especially when people have some strong emotions and are not capable of hiding them. Therefore, the solution offered by Rogers when each speaker does his best to understand why his opponent has such a perspective of the issue can be effective in both cases – real and Internet communication. It is understandable that people will easily find the common language communicating in reality and without making any judgments, and this approach in the Internet communication will develop people’s desire to meet in person quicker and see the factors that shaped a rich inner world of a person he or she communicated online with.

The second solution of the discussed issue may be formulated on the basis of the conclusions made by Jackson. The author is focused on the way modern society is distracted and decentralized in terms of perceiving any information. Jackson states that the occurrence of a great number of websites and blogs leads to the fact that people may receive the information and news quicker than they manage to grasp the meaning of it. Their attention becomes fragmented. Jackson writes that people are suffering from simultaneous multitasking and quick switching from one task to another function. The author states, “I see worrisome signs that our climate of distraction undermines our ability to think deeply.” Jacksons compares the issue of distracted attention with other important topics for the American society: “Can we afford to create an attention-deficient economy or press, or build a healthy democracy from a culture of distraction? Absolutely not.” Though the author’s ideas are rather pessimistic, it is possible to make certain useful conclusions from her article in terms of the personal Internet communication, which creates additional obstacles for establishing real contacts. Even if a person gets to know his or her potential love partner online, they will have a real meeting quicker if they are both concentrated on each other and their attention is not distracted by other possible candidates. If both of them are more interested in the news they read online, they will have a productive discussion later in the course of a real date. Generally speaking, if people learn how to completely focus on the aspects or people of their interest, their communication through different Internet will become easier and will naturally grow into real dating.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the modern world cannot exist without the Internet, which greatly contributes to business development. However, there is some logic for employees to have access only to those sites and sources, which they need for professional activities, and leave personal communication for home. At the same time, chatting online or Twitter system negatively affects people’s ability to express themselves and establish contacts in reality. The solution to this problem is complex and includes promotion of real-time communication, concentration on the issues that interest a person most of all and communication with the purpose to understand and help not to evaluate others.

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