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Cause and Effect

Posted by adriandaley , 24 April 2020 · 196 views

Constituting a major part of human life, reading helps people generate thoughts, interact with others, and increase knowledge on various aspects of human activity. If everybody stopped reading, this would most likely result in the destructive influence of lack of intelligence on all spheres of life. The paper aims to discuss the consequences of the absence of reading in three aspects: loss of empathy and other human emotions, continuous degradation due to the lack of knowledge, and regression of the technological development from perfect essays.


There are different literature genres, which are appealing to people of all ages. A myriad of stories describe lives of other people and the difficulties they face. Every book offers an emotional spectrum, which compels readers to continue reading the story in order to witness the struggles of the main characters. If everyone stopped reading, it would be impossible for people to relate to other people’s lives. The change in human attitudes would not be immediate, but after a few years without reading, people would develop indifference and carelessness. There would be no understanding of the life’s sorrows and problems. As a result, people would formulate an egocentric list of values, which would focus on satisfying one’s personal needs without paying attention to the feelings and problems of other people. It might become the biggest threat to the composition of family, which may suffer from the lack of feelings. Family matters would take a secondary place, while personal physical needs would take priority. This would result from the inability to think outside of one’s personal environment. Books represent one of the biggest values in lives of every person, as they teach an appropriate behavior in different situations. Panic and chaos would most likely follow if people stopped reading books, since some of them would forget the basics of decision-making, while others would know nothing at all.


Books are the core of knowledge development, which have been supporting the evolution of mankind for many centuries. If everyone stopped reading, it would be impossible to generate knowledge. Books are valuable sources of information, which contain a myriad of facts about any field of human activity. Science, medicine, psychology, management, physics, chemistry, and other valuable fields of human knowledge can hardly gain any development without reading. The educational system would gradually lose its effectiveness. Certainly, movies and videos would remain. However, they would face informational exhaustion due to the inability of people to read texts. As a result, people would be the ones responsible for sharing information. Nevertheless, it is impossible to spread information effectively without using books. Human mind has not yet reached the highest level of its development, which could allow to summarize every received information bit without mistakes. It is obvious that, consequently, any type of information would vanish from human mind due to the replacement with other information.

As a result of inability to access the knowledge held by books, people would face rapid degradation leading to a primitive lifestyle. It is possible to expect the continued existence of basic knowledge, which would, however, never gain enough nourishment from books. Therefore, it is most likely that every generation would have a decreased level of mental development due to the deprivation of knowledge coming from the previous generation. In this way, the lack of books would stop mental evolution of people because of inability to satisfy their interest in the surrounding world.


Finally, regression of the technological development is an unavoidable consequence in this scenario. If people stopped reading, the technological revolution in the contemporary world would end due to the lack of information needed to invent new devices. Human mind might hold some information on previous inventions but it would have a limiting effect inhibiting the same pace of development. On the one hand, people might still use the existing technologies in routine activities for as long as they knew how to use them appropriately. On the other hand, people might even try to invent new technologies based on the existing ones. However, the regression of technological development would have an effect, which might reach its peak in an unexpected way. Human inability not only to invent but to use the majority of technological products and devices due to the lack of knowledge would likely follow. As a result, many technologies would become useless regardless of the beneficial purpose of the invention. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to continue the innovation process without the support of books in appropriate fields. Moreover, any attempt might become dangerous and life-threatening due to the lack of knowledge on prevention of accidents.


The discussion shows that the lack of reading or absence of books in human lives may have a destructive effect on the development of mankind. If everyone stopped reading, the world would be populated by more selfish, egocentric, ignorant, and careless people. It would become impossible to make appropriate decisions that would acknowledge the interests of others. Moreover, people would face mental degradation if they stopped reading, and every field of human activity would stop its development. Finally, there would be no technological evolution as long as people were incapable of relying on the informational background learned from books.

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