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Components of Religion

Posted by alicegolden , 13 August 2020 · 234 views

Zoroastrianism is considered the first monotheistic religious system; though, this statement is merely a hypothesis. Zoroastrianism is a religion of Zoroaster, who was a wise prophet. He interpreted for people the God’s will and the rules of life. The essence of Islam is the belief in Allah as an incomprehensible monotheistic God, who determines the existence of the world. The sense of the Muslims’ life is obeying and serving God as a necessary component of the world. According to this view, everybody is responsible for his or her actions because Allah has given freedom to everyone. After the death, people arise from dead in order to participate in the judgment, where their further destiny, which depends on their earthly deeds, will be decided. They may be sent to Hell to suffer there or be blessed in Heaven. Judaism’s main components include the belief in monotheistic God, who must be obeyed and worshiped. The Jews pray in special buildings, which are called Synagogues. Their spiritual leaders are Rabbis, who teach children and give advice on spiritual developments and connection with God. The Jews are considered a chosen people, as Israel is to be a ‘kingdom of priests’, and the ideal social order that it establishes in accordance with the divine laws is to be a model for the human race. Israel thus stands between God and humanity and represents one to the other. Christianity, as one of the world religions, attracts the prayers by the image of God. God is an endless love towards everyone, even unworthy people. God made people free to make decisions, though everything that occurs is God’s will. God’s son, Jesus, sacrificed his life to the sins of people, forgiving and protecting them. Then, Jesus has risen from the dead and became a symbol of miracle, endless love and virtue. Afterlife is possible for people who deserve it for their sufferings and love to mankind. Baha’i is a new religion, which summarizes the best components of the other ones. It is grounded on the belief in the unity of God, who has different names. People have soul, which lives after the physical death in accordance with God’s decisions bestwritingservice.com.
I do not believe in God or Transcendent Powers, mentioned in the course. Nevertheless, after I had a mystical experience, I became a rather religious person, and my views include some components of religions and ethical systems. I realize that morality is a social phenomenon, which regulates the relationships between the individuals. Morality has a law-making function, which holds the members of society together. Some principles and customs of my community seem ridiculous to me, even though I understand their backgrounds and aims. I think that people should differentiate morale from morality, as morale is their inner decision, while morality is imposed on individuals from outside. As I understand the causes and functions of religion, this area has no incomprehensible miracles; however, it remains interesting to me. I also support the Christian position about people who need help. People should not be indifferent to the problems of others, since doing good things promotes spiritual development. I support the type of individual relativism, which suggests an individual who has his own position about ethical and unethical things. Essentially, some phenomena may seem ethical to one culture and unethical to another, but people may have their own views because of their education and moral principles. My ethical system implies an individual who is able to think critically and make wise, well-considered and adequate decisions. I do not agree with some principles of my culture, and that is why I follow my own rules. As an individual, I support people who want to think in accordance with their personal opinion instead of morality or customs.

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