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How to Create a Strong Argumentative Essay Outline

Posted by raineyalthea , 06 February 2021 · 139 views

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing where the writer presents both sides of an argument or issue. The main aim of the argumentative essay is to inform the reader about your topic. Professors assign this essay to students and enhance their debate ability.
It is essential to focus on facts and information in an argumentative essay, not on personal ideas or preferences. Research, writing, and analytical skills are important for the argumentative write my paper.
How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline
When writing the argumentative essay outline, all your facts must be properly described. The argumentative essay outline starts with a hot topic. Select the topic that you feel confident and passionate about. If you are unsure about the topic, not choose it for your essay.
The structure of the argumentative essay is straightforward, so the reader can easily understand. The goal of this essay is to clearly outline the reasoning, evidence, and point of view. In essay writing service, a good argumentative essay should follow this structure.

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An argumentative essay should start with a strong introduction and contain three main elements.
Hook: The hook is the first sentence of the introduction, and its main purpose is to grab the reader’s attention. The hook is not limited to essays; it is present in all types of writing.
Body: In this part, do not write too much, only give a hint of your topic that you want to explain in the paper writing service. After writing the hook, provide some background information about the topic.
Thesis Statement: It is the summary of your main point, and it contains the main argument. The thesis statement closes the first paragraph and states the point of view clearly without any hesitation.
Each body paragraphs cover a different idea that can be explained with strong evidence. But remember that you cannot state your opinions about the topic. After presenting the side of your argument, write the paragraph in the end to refute the opposing view.
The conclusion is the last part of your essay and it should be strong. The best part of writing a conclusion is to make the readers realize why this topic is important and convince the reader to do further research on the write my paper for me.
A strong conclusion will always leave a strong impact on the reader and summarize the main idea of your argument. In conclusion, do not repeat your thesis statement. Only summarize the main points and do not include new information or ideas.
In the legit essay writing service, the sentences in the conclusion paragraph are more logical than descriptive ones. Counter arguments are also mandatory in the conclusion.
Argumentative Essay Conclusion Example
Following are some argumentative essay examples that will help you in writing the solid conclusion.
Young girls have started to be attracted by models and celebrities and it is the main cause of Anorexia Nervosa. It is important to limit the usage of social media to prevent the expansion of such problems.
The Internet allows the teenage users to connect with the people across the world and get to know about the world. It also comes up with many problems and issues. The access to incorrect information is bad for the young users. 73% of young Americans use Facebook and it might be the time to plan rules for promoting responsible use.
Importance of Argumentative Essay Outline
Essay outline provides the platform or a complete map that guides you in your writing phase. Through outline, you can easily build your thoughts on the paper. The outline will help you to structure your ideas and thoughts. Essay outline is the main aspect of effective Assignment help. Here are a few points that clearly show the importance of essay outline.
  • The outline is a step-by-step guide and makes the writing process easier. It will save the time of the essay writer and then you have to write only paragraphs with supporting details.
  • The outline will help you not forget the main points in the essay. It clarifies the ideas and develops your thoughts.
  • The outline can give you ideas during brainstorming and the writer knows exactly what to write.
    The introduction is the first thing that the reader sees after the title. In the introduction part, the writer provides background information about the topic. The first sentence of the introduction should be powerful, and the reader will decide from the first sentence of your essay if they want to continue reading the essay.
  • The outline organizes your ideas and you did not miss any argument or point. When the outline is in front of your eyes you are able to organize your college essay.

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