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Examples of Juxtaposition in Literature, Poetry, and Movies

Posted by lilliefishel , 02 March 2021 · 67 views

Examples of Juxtaposition in Literature, Poetry, and Movies Juxtaposition is, simply put, placing two different things next to each other. Those things can be words, phrases, ideas, actions, characters, settings, themes, or story lines. This is usually done to show contrast and can be for the purpose of creating tension, suspense, humor, developing a character, or for rhetorical effect. You have achieved rhetorical effect when you have carefully crafted and arranged the use of your words in writing or aloud to produce a more powerful response from your audience. Here are some examples of juxtaposition from https://essaywriterf...ay-helper-free/ to help you get a tighter grasp on the concept.
Juxtaposition in Haiku
Not only does the following haiku provide an example of a subtle use of juxtaposition, but that juxtaposition fashions a "synesthesia." That is where two or more senses are blended."night of starsall along the precipicegoat bells ring"an'ya, "The Heron's Nest," II:2Notice the contrast in imagery between the sky full of stars and the goats traversing the precipice. The synesthesia is created by the juxtaposed visual imagery as well as the juxtaposition of the silence of the stars and precipice with the ringing of the bells.
Juxtaposition in Poetry
Here is a poem from an unknown author that really gets to the heart of juxtaposition."I thoroughly hate loving you.Your heart is a perfectly-carved stone; Set deep into your chest, soft as granite.I grip you gently with angels' claws; Icy breath scorching your warm, shivering skin.Your hard topaz eyes shimmer liquidly; Evaporating my soul with their numbing heat.Together we fall upwards, drowning in the very air that whistles past our entwined, separate bodies.
Your moist lips deliver a dry kiss upon mine; I can live neither with nor without you, my sweet oxymoron.You and I; A perfect juxtaposition. "Every line has at least one glaring contrast crafted into this love poem. Notice how the use of opposites juxtaposed brings you into the academic essay writer's angst. The juxtaposition here also creates vivid, evocative, imagery. Juxtaposition is one of the writer's most compelling tools, as is clearly seen in this poem.
Juxtaposition in Shakespeare
Here is an example from Shakespeare's "Sonnet 116": "Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeksWithin his bending sickle's compass come:Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,But bears it out even to the edge of doom. "Shakespeare is a bit more subtle than the unknown author above. Here, Shakespeare is saying love is eternal, yet beauty dies. The image of youth is juxtaposed here against the image of the grim reaper. In the next couplet he says that love won't fade, but, again, is eternal. However, he chooses once more to use a dark image, "the edge of doom" to lend power to the love he is write my essay about. The entire stanza personifies time and pits love against it.
Juxtaposition in Movies
The movies use juxtaposition of images frequently to evoke a given response. For example, in "The Godfather," in 1972, a baby is baptized while violent scenes are being shown at the same time. This creates a range of emotion and reaction, sadness not the least of them. Another example is filmmaker Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" where scenes of violence and war were shown while "What a Wonderful World" played in the background. Michael Moore may have been attempting to evoke emotions of anger or frustration within the viewer.
Juxtaposition puts two contrasting things beside each other so that they may be compared and evoke a response. In all of the examples we have looked at, juxtaposition has created powerful imagery either through the write my paper, or through cinema. In the Haiku, we may feel a sense of dread for the goats so near the precipice. This dread may be heightened by their bells ringing in the silent night. In the poem by the unknown author, we feel his anguish by the way he places his words so carefully. This is also juxtaposition for rhetorical effect as he, or she, is seeking to persuade with his language as well. Juxtaposition in the movies moves the action along. It helps to tell the story. By placing images, characters, or contrasting scenes and backgrounds together, movie makers can bring you along in the story, telling much of it without words, while creating specific emotional responses. Juxtaposition is a powerful literary tool.
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