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Shark Navigator NV360 vs NV370: Which one should you buy in 2021

Posted by darrel , 06 May 2021 · 506 views

Shark’s vacuum cleaners have always been on the top-list of cleaning household appliances for many years. Shark’s products manufactured by SharkNinja Operating LLC are famous for their durability, smart designs, variability modeling, and competitive price. If you are looking for a Shark upright vacuum cleaner, the Navigator Lift-away dlx vacuum cleaner - NV360 and the Navigator Lift-away Pro vacuum cleaner - NV370 are the options that worth your consideration at the moment. As these two models are quite similar in function, it makes it for most consumers difficult to pick one. The article is about to get you out of the issue.

What is good about the Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360?

Today’s, time and health are the two most precious things in life. The pandemic of Covid-19 has altered many aspects of everyday life when people tend to stay at home more than ever. The house has been also the office that has pushed people to care about cleaning it. The most time-efficient and result-orientated tool is a multi-functional uptight vacuum machine. The blue Shark vacuum cleaner – NV360 has been a powerful suction machine to remove all kinds of dust and dirt on all surfaces.

The Lift-away technology and the Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology are what you should remember about this vacuum model – NV360.

The Lift-away feature helps users to switch the machine from a canister vacuum cleaner to a portable machine with a button.

The second great feature that Shark Navigator Lift away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum has offered is its Complete Seal Technology of 3 filters to ensure air exhausted while cleaning is fully purified. People having allergy symptoms may find it one of the most decisive factors when making a purchase.

If you are now interested in this product, I would recommend you to read the Shark NV360 review to know more specific information and in-depth analysis.

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What is good about the SharkR Navigator TM Lift-awayR Pro, Special edition – NV370?

In short, the Shark NV370 is an upgrade of the Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe bagless upright vacuum cleaner - NV360 as it offers all cleaning features of NV360 but makes them more effective. The Shark NV370 is the newest model of Shark’s vacuum family, it is not surprising that it takes over all great things from the previous NV360 and it is added more wonderful features and accessories to give the best cleaning results you have ever experienced.

If the Shark Navigator NV360 does not actually perform well on think carpets, this new model can give your house carpet a fresh new look.

Another thing to note about the NV370 is its ability to work with many cleaning tools, including the Premium Brush roll to fit the Gentle Deep Clean Technology of SharkNinja. The users are now worry-free about damaging their expensive hardwood floor and high-pile carpets.


Let’s get into the similarities and differences between the Shark NV360 and the Shark NV370.

Similarities – NV360 vs NV370

Most similarities of these two vacuum cleaner models are found in their filters, motor, functions, and applied technologies.
  • Lift-away feature: give these two models more versatility to transform from a canister vacuum cleaner to an upright vacuum machine. They both have rubber handles and wheel-swivel steering offers great support for moving the machines around the house.
  • Washable filters: both models use HEPA filters and apply Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology. The HEPA filter is known to trap 99.99% of 0.3-micron air particles. Your house is not only clean but also fresh after each cleaning. More importantly, filters can be reused after a deep clean with water and air dry for 24 hours. Although you have to spend time cleaning the filters in terms of cost, they are very efficient. Last but not least, the mother earth will thank you for using these reusable filters.
  • “Never-loses suction” feature: both models have applied the bagless cyclonic technology, which helps to keep the suction power consistent at all times, no matter which type of surfaces and how full the dust canister is. This technology is also helpful to prevent clogging issues inside the machines.
  • Attachments: they all come with a pet brush, a dust brush, and a crevice tool.
Posted Image

Differences - NV360 vs NV370
  • Color: this is the most obvious difference between these two models is their colors. The NV360 is designed in blue while the NV370 is in white. Both are very attractive that would not make you embarrassed when welcoming guests.
  • Dust canister: The dust capacity of the Shark Navigator NV360 is bigger than the one of NV370. More specifically, the dust canister of the NV360 reaches 12 quartz while one of the NV370 is only 10 quartz.
  • Crevice tools: they both are equipped with crevice tools but there are several differences in sizes. The Shark Navigator NV360 - Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 provides a crevice tool of 5.5 inches. The NV370 offers 2 crevice tools: 8 inches and 24 inches.
  • Cord length: the NV360 uses a short cord of 25 feet while the NV370 has 30 feet cord.
  • Warranty service: the company has applied 2 different warranty programs for 2 products. The NV360 is guaranteed up to 5 years while the warranty period of the NV370 is only 1 year.
  • Price: the NV360 is priced lower than the NV370 as it offers limited functions as well as cleaning accessories. The latest price of the NV360 is about $149.99 and the NV370 is $259.99.
To sum up

There are several Shark Navigator NV360 about these two models but I hope this article can answer all your concerns about the products. If your budget is tight, the Shark Navigator NV360 is good enough as it is 90% similar to its upgraded version.

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