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Private Sale in Bizcape - Complete User Information

Posted by bizcapeindia , 08 December 2021 · 127 views

Private Sale in Bizcape - Complete User Information PRIVATE SALE
Private sale is an early-stage investment round for professional investors with significant investment capital. A procedure of raising funds in which new projects sell their cryptocurrency to investors. PRIVATE SALE IN BIZCAPE
Some crypto currencies projects engage in pre-selling, wherein coins are offered to potential buyers at a set price prior to an initial public offering or before the prices are listed on exchange. The major benefits of buying coins in pre or private sale is that the customer is investing less and getting more return once the price rises in public sale. Public sale’s price is set according to the market.
Developers may indeed hold a pre-sale to generate interest before the ICO, in the prospects of an increase in price when the coins comes to the market IS IT WORTH TO INVEST IN IDOs
IDOs come with multiple benefits which justifies that IDOs are worth investing on.
  • Open fundraising as there is no need for CEX and permission to start fundraising; anyone can organize and participate in IDOs.
  • Immediate liquidity and instant trading, IDOs provide immediate access to liquidity and trading, unlike IEOs and ICOs, which involve an initial waiting period.
  • Lower costs For instance if a project uses a decentralized liquidity exchange for its initial offering, it only pays the “gas” fees for deploying a new smart contract.
  • Reliable transactions, since DEXs function on smart contracts, they execute trades and record them to the blockchain also they don’t hold any user funds, so they are less appealing to hackers.
Bizcape is enlarging its services and getting a lot of positive feedback and reorganization.
Bizcape will be having their private sale shortly wherein the price of the coin will increase around 25% for a maximum of 45 days. Thereafter Bizcape token will be priced at 0.125$. Early investors will be getting a lot of advantages and amenities for their near future.
Although there is no right time for investing on bizcape, any potential investors can invest any amount at any particular time but the first ones will definitely be getting more returns.
Don’t wait any further, invest in BIZCAPE.

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