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Deck Lab 2000


Snakes all up in your business

Posted by ProfessorWerewolf , 21 June 2013 - * * * * - · 3736 views
Game of Thrones, House Martell and 1 more...
Snakes all up in your business If you've been playing Game of Thrones long enough, you've either seen or heard of the infamous Sand Snake rush. The concept is fairly simple: get out the Red Viper, kill him or let him die, then play No Use For Grief (DB), kneel three influence, and vomit Sand Snakes all over the board.

Ever opened one of those stupid cans of Peanut...


The Misfit Invasion

Posted by ProfessorWerewolf , 20 June 2013 - - - - - - · 2735 views
House Lannister, Hugor Hill and 1 more...
The Misfit Invasion Lately I've been fooling around with a lot of deck ideas that fall outside the normal lines. With Lannister, there's always the urge to hyper kneel the hell out of everyone and intrigue them until they're in a fetal position. Those are all highly effective strategies, for the most part, but I think there's also something that the newer...


House Dayne Summer on the River deck

Posted by ProfessorWerewolf , 22 August 2012 - - - - - - · 57992 views
Madmans Forge, House Martell and 1 more...
House Dayne Summer on the River deck The main purpose of this particular blog is for me to toss out deck ideas that randomly come to me throughout the day and see if there's any potential. There's a lot of formulaic stuff out there to choose from but I'd much rather explore the varying possibilities with Game of Thrones that make it such a good game.

I should probably start this...

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