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The Misfit Invasion

Posted by ProfessorWerewolf , 20 June 2013 · 2732 views

House Lannister Hugor Hill Game of Thrones
The Misfit Invasion Lately I've been fooling around with a lot of deck ideas that fall outside the normal lines. With Lannister, there's always the urge to hyper kneel the hell out of everyone and intrigue them until they're in a fetal position. Those are all highly effective strategies, for the most part, but I think there's also something that the newer Lannister cards offer that a lot of people don't take advantage of - character theft and outright blocking.

Yezzan's Grotesquerie caught my eye immediately for two reasons: 1) I highly enjoy this portion of the Game of Thrones books (no spoilers) 2) They can stop a good many attacks dead in their tracks.

In a Nedly sort of way, I also wanted to take advantage of Hugor Hill's ability. Given that the Grotesquerie and Hugor are pretty much joined at the hip in a lot of ways, I thought it would be fun to build something around this group of misfits. With that in mind, here's what I came up with:

House Card
House Lannister (Core)

House of Dreams (ARotD)

Take Them by Surprise (LoW)
Crossing the Ruby Ford (RotK)
Shores of Ny Sar (VM)
Under the Bridge of Dream (VD)
Above the Sorrows (VM)
At the Palace of Sorrows (VM)
On Dagger Lake (VD)

Hugor Hill (VM) x3
Yezzan's Grotesquerie (CD) x3
Littlefinger (SaS) x2
Fleet from The Arbor (RotK) x3
Blackwater Bay Veteran (RotK) x3
Arbor Guardsman (TCC) x2
Bronn (LotR) x2
Bronn's Hireling (LotR) x3
Enemy Informer (Core) x2
Arrogant Contender (LotR) x2
Jhalabar Xho (TWot5K) x1
House Payne Enforcer (MotA) x1
Little Bird (RotK) x1
Grand Maester Pycelle (TRS) x2
Ser Balon Swann (TWH) x1

Lannisport Brothel (Core) x2
Dockside Brothel (THoBaW) x2
Lannisport Treasury (LotR) x2
Sunset Sea (KotS) x3
The Goldroad (LotR) x3
Coin Mint (LotR) x1
Hall of Heroes (Core) x1
Shadowblack Lane (Core) x1
Queen Cersei's Chambers (LotR) x1

Enslaved (THoBaW) x2
Slander and Lies (HtS) x1
Ill-Begotten Spoils (ASoSilence) x1

Dissension (QoD) x1
Infamous! (LotR) x2
Nightmares (LoW) x2
A Lannister Pays His Debts (Core) x2
I'm You Writ Small (Core) x2

  • For my chosen location for House of Dreams, I always go with Lannisport Brothel. It's a great tool to keep an enemy's favorite character knelt and cannot be hurt by anything short of a Plot card.
  • The River plots allow for some creative maneuvering and seem to keep opponents on their toes. With the more recent addition of Crossing the Ruby Ford, I've come to appreciate these plots a lot more.
  • For characters, the basic idea is cheap, cheap, cheap. Cheap characters help reduce the sting of any Valar and (god forbid) Wildfire Assault. In addition to this, characters like House Payne Enforcer and Bronn's Hierlings work great with their Deadly. Obviously, deadly is most painful when it's not used in a Military challenge.
  • In the spirit of this River/Boat/Water theme, I've also enjoyed employing the help of Fleet from the Arbor. They are great for feinting your enemies. Example: Start a fight with Bronn's Hireling, wait for a response, then charge in with the Fleet and remove the hirelings from the challenge. They're a tad expensive but I've almost always managed to get one or two out in a regular game. Moreso when the opponent is running an agenda.
  • Yezzan's Grotesquerie has already been mentioned. Nerfs out anyone with a Military icon and allows for quick wins and defense.
  • Hugor Hill usually gets used when opponents are tapped out from Yezzan's, then takes control of a character. It doesn't always happen, but when it does it's magical.
  • Grand Maester Pycelle is interesting because he does something fun with River decks. I hate his guts in the books (as should everyone), so I don't mind killing him around turn four. After that, reset the plots and we can go through the good ones all over again.
  • Dockside Brothel and Lannisport Brothel pretty much work hand in hand. Kneel an enemy's character, get some power.
So that's that. I still recognize that I need to beef up Hugor a little. I'll probably attempt that with another "I'm You Writ Small". But so far, this deck has been a lot of fun. It has pulled in several wins and, at the very least, has made for some fun games.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

  • Hastur360 likes this

Adding rusted swords makes for some possible ways to beef up hugor. Not to mention a rusted sword on Yezzan makes an auto defense. When I use Yezzan I usually try to get a couple copies of it out and put a rusted sword on one of them. Then I use that as a way to nullify my opponents mil challenges. Hugor with a Mil icon and 5 str and stealth would surely up the percentage of his ability firing. Would also allow you to get more powerful characters under your control.
    • ProfessorWerewolf likes this
Jun 20 2013 08:10 PM
Great idea with the rusted sword! I think I've gotten to the point where I've got so many cards, I forget about all the great stuff in the core set.
Wouldn't giving a rusted sword to Yezzan lower his own strength as well? In what scenarios do you think that's an awesome play?
    • ProfessorWerewolf likes this
Jun 22 2013 12:59 AM
Not gonna lie, I got so caught up in getting a comment that I didn't realize that Rusted Sword wouldn't help. I changed it up a little and ended up adding the additional "I'm You Writ Small". It worked out fine.
how can you use lannisport brothel with hod??? it's not a unique location!
oops, is it under errata?
Jun 22 2013 03:01 PM
Yeah, the errata changed it to unique. Otherwise it would be one of the most abused locations in the game. :)
The idea behind giving Yezzan a Rusted Sword would be that you could completely shut off your opponent's military challenges by defending with him - granted it falls apart if the opponent has stealth or deadly, but if they don't it can be hilarious.
    • ProfessorWerewolf likes this
Jun 24 2013 11:46 AM
Ah, I see where you're going with this idea. My only concern is that it also nullifies Yezzan's strength for all other challenges. I've found that he/it's biggest advantage is in Intrigue and Power challenges, as your opponent's characters with military are incapable of winning the challenge while Yezzan is participating. For military challenges, I've found that having cheap characters such as Blackwater Bay Veteran (RotK) or Arbor Guardsman (TCC) help out for that.

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