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stevenmbrun's Blog


How to send attachments up to 10 GB with Gmail

Posted by stevenmbrun , 28 June 2022 - - - - - - · 50 views
Gmail makes possible to send documents/files by email up to 10 GB: Attachment must be hosted on Google Drive.
The Gmail team has announced that it is now probable to attach documents/files to an email of any size – almost. You can actually attach a document that is stored in your Google Drive Account, which allows the transfer of files up to 10 GB (maximu...


Exporting Images

Posted by stevenmbrun , 24 June 2022 - - - - - - · 57 views
For my workflow in iOS I start designing for the retina (@2x) display and then scale those images down for the non-retina (@1x) devices. It is usually easier to scale images down than it is to scale them up and there are some excellent tools available to assist in that process and steps that you can take to make sure your PSD files scale appropriately. Ve...


Catch up with us at the AWS Summit NYC August 10-11

Posted by stevenmbrun , 16 June 2022 - - - - - - · 56 views
Barracuda offers security and data protection solutions that help protect customers’ assets and resources in the cloud – all part of the Shared Security Responsibility Model. We are an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and the Barracuda Web Application Firewall is APN Security Competency Certified so it’s pre-qualified on AWS. Nicole b...

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