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Why You Need Crystals To Help You

Posted by hone333 , 01 August 2022 · 69 views

hello enchanted ones and welcome back today join me as i share with you my crystal collection. what i have learned on the way about them and how they link to our different chakras, and techniques on how you might want to use them. So i hope you enjoy. sit back relax and keep on reading.

Crystals are incredible, what amazes me most about them is that they are the earth and they have been made over thousands and thousands of years of built up pressure and depending on different conditions and elements, different colours and geometric formations are made. Crystals have been used in energy healing for thousands of years, and I couldn't help but be mesmerized by them.

Hello enchanted ones and welcome to my crystal collection. Because as you can see i have quite a lot of crystals they are a little bit of an obsession of mine, but i also see them as an art form and a form of healing and that is why i have so many. I got them from thegreencrystal.

it's just a collection of mine that keeps growing. so i'm just purely so interested in crystals and their amazing healing properties. so my interest started about eight years ago, when i first kind of became interested in like spirituality and witchcraft and things like that. i just got fascinated by them their different qualities and why and it amazed me that crystals are used not only for healing, but also in electronics, and i was thinking hang on a minute there's definitely something in it.

Then there's definitely some sort of connection that we have with crystals and why they help so much. i then went on to do a crystal healing course on the internet which was a lot of fun, and then learnt about all the different properties and why, so i'll be sharing a lot of the different knowledge that i learned with you guys. today but also telling you a few techniques as to how i use them and yeah what works best for me, but also just sharing with you what i've got and my finds along the way.

I've got a local crystal shop that i go to to get all these crystals, so i know that they're all ethically sourced and that's very important to me when i'm buying crystals that she'll know where they came from. yeah i think that is one of the best thing because then their energy is even purer because they came from a pure happy place. one of my favorite challenges to do in a crystal shop and every time i walk into the ruby crystal shops near me is i don't know what crystal i'm gonna go to. i just always i'm drawn into what resonates with me most, so that's how i've grown such a broad collection of crystals, and every single time i'm drawn to a particular crystal when i learn about its properties, it's always the crystal for me, and what i'm dealing with at the time so yeah it's a really amazing thing crystals.

I have organized my crystals today in order of color order of the chakras and that makes me very happy. it's very pleasing to the eye very pleasing to look at they go from like a very low vibrational energy down here to then higher vibrational energy. so they work their way through the body and then here which i'm going to start with here are my clear quartz. and my clear crystals and they can be replaced for any crystal. So if you don't have a particular crystal you can find a clear quartz or selenite or something like that, and you can replace them with that because they are just a pure frequency and i love working with these clear crystals, and i love having them in each room so anyway let's get into it.

So we'll start with my clear quartz. I have quite large ones. i really love the way how they shine and how they can tell a story inside. so this one will go into my lounge. this one will go on the windowsill in my kitchen, just to again purify the air and make it a happier place this one so a smaller point this will go in the bathroom. i love all the little points of that this one here, another natural one will go on my altar smaller one there. i've also got a geode. I also love flower agate necklace. i love these, i could crack this one open actually myself and it's such a cool experience seeing the little crystals inside seeing how they formed, naturally inside this thing like that's amazing the pressure and to see it for what it is one of my other things. i love to do is on holiday.

I love searching in rockeries for natural crystals. so i found there's a massive stone and it's got some little clear quartz crystals inside. i found this on their jurassic coast in england, which is full of amazing hidden gems literally. so i keep this one in my bathroom along with this clear quartz and i feel like it brings a sort of like seaside energy to the bathroom which i kind of want in there.

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