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[SW Deck] Regional 2014 Light

Jedi Aggro Control

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Jedi (Core Jedi)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x A Hero's Journey (1-1)

Luke Skywalker (1-2)
Twi'lek Loyalist (1-3)
Jedi Lightsaber (1-4)
Trust Your Feelings (1-5)
Dagobah Training Grounds (1-6)

1x A Journey to Dagobah (4-1)

Red Five (4-2)
R2-D2 (4-3)
Twi'lek Loyalist (4-4)
Double Strike (4-5)
Target of Opportunity (4-6)

1x The Secret of Yavin 4 (5-1)

C-3PO (5-2)
Guardian of Peace (5-3)
Guardian of Peace (5-4)
Lightsaber Deflection (5-5)
Twist of Fate (5-6)

1x Last Minute Rescue (6-1)

Redemption (6-2)
Corellian Engineer (6-3)
Return of the Jedi (6-4)
Emergency Repair (6-5)
Force Rejuvenation (6-6)

1x Watchers in the Wasteland (91-1)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (91-2)
Shistavanen Wolfman (91-3)
Shistavanen Wolfman (91-4)
Force Cleansing (91-5)
Supporting Fire (91-6)

1x Heroes and Legends (97-1)

Kyle Katarn (97-2)
Kyle Katarn (97-3)
Ataru Training (97-4)
Rahn's Guidance (97-5)
Echoes of the Force (97-6)

1x The Flight of the Crow (107-1)

Moldy Crow (107-2)
Ruusan Colonist (107-3)
Ruusan Colonist (107-4)
Valley of the Jedi (107-5)
My Ally Is the Force (107-6)

2x May the Force Be With You (112-1)

Yoda (112-2)
Dagobah Nudj (112-3)
Dagobah Training Grounds (112-4)
Yoda, You Seek Yoda (112-5)
Seeds of Decay (112-6)

2x A Hero's Journey - Good later in the game for resources, but I don't want 2x starting for the ease of destruction.
-Luke Skywalker - Great unit. I don't need to explain.
-Twi'lek Loyalist - A control unit. I use it to strike first on an objective I don't care about to take out defenders.
-Jedi Lightsaber - Make a unit a lot better? Ok!
-Trust Your Feelings - Oddly, used quite rarely. There was so much removal that Trust was not cost effective. It feels like such a good card that I think I kept it more often than I should. You play it on good units that lived through the turn, not on units you deploy this turn. Ultimately, this card feels like a 'win more' card for me. If you have great board control, yay! Otherwise, it it is rarely useful.
-Dagobah Training Grounds - This is a critical resource.

1x A Journey to Dagobah - Actually quite good. A 2 resource objective that can grab super strong objectives? It'd love for you to destroy this and I reveal MTFBWY!
-Red Five - If you can get this through, it is three damage for three resources. Pretty good!
-R2-D2 - A free resource? Ok. Dies easily, but takes a card or two to do so.
-Twi'lek Loyalist - More weird Jedi control.
-Double Strike - Can suprise an opponent and allow Luke to kill an objective and Targeted Strike two units/four damage! It can very well be part of a game-finishing combo.
-Target of Opportunity - Your victory condition is to do objective damage. Questions.

1x The Secret of Yavin 4 - Can be used to redirect damage away from crucial objective cards and allows you to screw up their 'destroy objective' win condition.
-C-3PO - With Sith prevelence, it is so-so. Cancels big events, but a Force Choke with Vader out makes him useless.
-Guardian of Peace - I played one set because, at Worlds 2013, I drew a hard on the 'critical turn' of three Guardians. No blast. GG.
-Guardian of Peace - Read above.
-Lightsaber Deflection - A pretty good combat trick/Force choke trick. Glad I had this.
-Twist of Fate - Twist is still such a powerful Edge card. So good in the current meta.

1x Last Minute Rescue - Almost useless. Hope I don't draw this objective.
-Redemption - It all depends on the state of the board and the state of your hand.
-Corellian Engineer - Almost completely useless.
-Return of the Jedi - So amazingly strong. Bringing in units at Action speed? Amazing.
-Emergency Repair - Used it twice in the Regional, both on objective one damage away from death.
-Force Rejuvenation - A more expensive double-strike. Also a cool combat trick.

1x Watchers in the Wasteland - 100% useless 1v1.
-Obi-Wan Kenobi - An ok control unit. Usually used for Edger and then Return of the Jedi!
-Shistavanen Wolfman - Take the Force and get a free (or two) units? Yes please.
-Shistavanen Wolfman - See above.
-Force Cleansing - Usually discarded. Have almost no use for it.
-Supporting Fire - A really good Edge card for tricky battles!

1x Heroes and Legends - A super strong objective...if you get it. Came into play a few times, but I play it for the cards.
-Kyle Katarn - An ok attacker that some DS decks are afraid to defend against due to the number of black guns. I truly think he is a 1-of at most.
-Kyle Katarn - See above.
-Ataru Training - A decent enhancement, but more aof a 'win more' card. Not a fan.
-Rahn's Guidance - Pretty good, even in the Refresh phase if you wiff. Set up your draw this turn! Strong card for sure.
-Echoes of the Force - Tricks, tricks, and more tricks.

1x The Flight of the Crow - Pretty good objective! Don't mind swinging in and passing first.
-Moldy Crow - possibly a game-ending bomb.
-Ruusan Colonist - Rarely a good card. I only play one of this objective because of this card. 92% useless.
-Ruusan Colonist - See above.
-Valley of the Jedi - This resource usually triggers, so I like it.
-My Ally Is the Force - Really conditional, but can be a game wrecker. Otherwise, three pips to an Edge.

2x May the Force Be With You - An INSANELY powered objective. Swing and then take the Force? OK!
-Yoda - Feels like a free damage or two late game, or some control early. Such a versitile unit. I'm waiting to see what will happen in the future. This pod will stay in Jedi for a LONG time.
-Dagobah Nudj - Depending on game time/Force battles/tie breakers, this is a strong unit. Otherwise, it is just a chump.
-Dagobah Training Grounds - Resources are good with the 'new' Jedi!
-Yoda, You Seek Yoda - So, I pay one click on the dial to bring out a unit for two resources that can take the Force or focus down key units? While one click is bad, to bring out Yoda is pretty good!
-Seeds of Decay - Some tricks VS the current meta. Mara, for example.

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any recomendations for swapping out Watchers in the Wasteland?



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 another "A Journey to Dagobah"

regards mic



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I think my change to this deck is -1 Secret of Yavin 4, +1 A Message From Beyond.



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If it was me

-1 Journey to dagobah, secret of yavin 4 and and last minute rescue

Add 2 gamor run, add 1 heroes and legends. 



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I built the exact same Mono Jedi deck and called "Jedi Assault".  It worked great in my opinion except that I found that I didn't really need Last Minute rescue as much as I thought I would so I ended up replacing it with another Flight of the Crow to double up on Crow, Valley, and My Alley (yes, it is insanely cool) and it just brings a crazy amount of blast damage.  The only other change I've made was swapping Journey for Ties of Blood, just to see how that may fit in with the build but I haven't tested it yet.


I wouldn't take out Watchers in a Mono Jedi or a Jedi Gamor build.  IMO,If I could run two of those sets, I probably would.  Except for the objective, the rest of the pod is great.


I can't argue adding Gamor to any LS build, but I'm assuming that you want to keep your deck Mono Jedi.  If you did add Gamor, than I'd take out Crow and Journey for obvious reasons.   :ph34r: 


BTW, regarding Trust Your Feelings:  Great card now with MTFBWY on the board. B)

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