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[SW Deck] Regional 14 DS deck

Scum and Villainy

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Scum and Villainy (Core Scum and Villainy)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x Lucrative Contract (57-1)

Outer Rim Space Pirates (57-2)
Corrupt Official (57-3)
Corrupt Official (57-4)
Explosive Charge (57-5)
Twist of Fate (57-6)

1x Hive of Scum and Villainy (80-1)

Greedo (80-2)
Paid Informant (80-3)
Paid Informant (80-4)
Bounty (80-5)
Captured (80-6)

1x The Tatooine Crash (82-1)

Jawa Scavenger (82-2)
Jawa Scavenger (82-3)
Sandcrawler (82-4)
Utinni! (82-5)
Twist of Fate (82-6)

1x Carbonite Transport (84-1)

Slave I (84-2)
Traitorous Wing Guard (84-3)
Prized Possession (84-4)
Tractor Beam (84-5)
Target of Opportunity (84-6)

1x Trandoshan Terror (85-1)

Bossk (85-2)
Trandoshan Hunter (85-3)
Trandoshan Hunter (85-4)
Bounty (85-5)
Heat of Battle (85-6)

2x The Findsman's Intuition (106-1)

Zuckuss (106-2)
4-LOM (106-3)
Containment Field (106-4)
Springing the Ambush (106-5)
Pay Out (106-6)

2x The Slave Trade (111-1)

Zygerrian Slaver (111-2)
Galactic Scum (111-3)
Galactic Scum (111-4)
Slaver Holding Cells (111-5)
Relentless Pursuit (111-6)

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nice deck

I really like the "Findsmans Intuition" Zuckuss and containment field awesome. This deck has some really good cards in it, but like a lot of SV decks doesnt have many blast icons.

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I was able to control the board most games and dig for Slave 1.  I almost always controlled the force so two objectives was usually enough.



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I agree with you, what Ive found with SV is that you can drag the game out untill you win by the Dial hitting 12, of course it helps if you control the force.



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I have a similar deck but it plays +1 Carbonite Transport and -1 Hive of Scum and Villainy. I wanna hit that Slave 1 !!

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