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Newbie Introduction - What do I need to read here, and where's the FAQ

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If you've read the Learn-To-Play (LTP) and Rules Reference Guide (RRG) and understand them thoroughly, the good news is that you don't need to read many of the threads in this forum. Additionally, the official FAQ clarifies a few issues, and can be found here:

As such, the threads here are more like a FAQ - frequently asked questions for the purposes of clarification and confirming understanding. Per the forum's guidelines, we actually hide most of the threads that are directly answered by the RRG or the FAQ, meaning most of the threads in this forum address complex interactions where the implications and repercussions of combining multiple rules from different RRG sections may not be obvious.



If you've only read the LTP, the most important concept that the RRG covers (that the LTP doesn't) is when can I initiate a card ability. This is made up of two aspects:

- how do interrupts and reactions work, and how does an action window work, and

- detailed sequences on the game's timing points, from which interrupts and reactions may trigger.


The two most important timing sequences to understand (ie those which have triggered the most questions) are:

- when battles end, and

- the Dealing Damage process.


Suggested sections to cover these would include Action, Dealing Damage, Interrupts, Reactions, Flowchart introduction (how action windows work), and the Flowchart (when action windows are available).



Suggested threads for interesting reading are listed below. They explain and clarify tricky areas of the games that new players have had the most questions on, and the likeliest areas that you may be playing incorrectly.


When exactly does a battle end, and when do units ready:



Tau attachments, including an explanation of entering play vs deploying vs put into play:



The trickiest core set card is probably Zarathur, and this thread also helps explain interrupt interactions re assigning damage in the dealing damage process:



How targeting works, how to break down a card ability into its various components, and why costs are always paid even if an effect is cancelled:



When you get playing, here's a rundown of the timing points for interrupts and reactions re attacks and the dealing damage process in general:



Threads on the trickiest cards include:









If you have further questions, we welcome you to the rules forum and please post any questions you may have - but first please read the pinned guidelines on how to post in the forum! Thanks.

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