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Call Of Cthulhu CCG / LCG collection for sale - 3700 cards

call of cthulhu LCG call of cthulhu CCG Call Of cthulhu Promo Yithian Deck

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here is a list of cards that I have. If you are interested in individual cards / sets of cards please contact me - I'll try to answer as soon as possible.

Can shipped worldwide.

Europ: about 3 euro normall letter and 4 euro registered priority leter
US: about 3$ normal letter, 6$ registered priority letter

*prices for about 30 cards



  • Arkham Edition (1st base set)
  • Unspeakable Tales (1st expansion)
  • Forbidden Relics (2nd expansion)
  • Arkham Edition Premium Set
  • Eldritch Edition (2nd base set)
  • Masks of Nyarlathotep (3rd expansion)
  • Forgotten Cities (4th expansion)
  • Eldritch Edition Premium Set
  • Yithian Deck
  • Promo Cards


  • Spawn of Madness (first pack) - sold
  • Kingsport Dreams (second pack) - sold
  • Conspiracies of Chaos (third pack)
  • Dunwich Denizens (fourth pack)
  • Core Set- sold

  • Secrets of Arkham Expansion

  • The Order of the Silver Twilight Expansion

  • The Spawn of the Sleeper- sold

  • The Horror Beneath the Surface- sold

  • The Antediluvian Dreams- sold

  • The Terror of the Tides- sold

  • The Thing from the Shore- sold

  • The Path to Y'ha-nthlei- sold

  • Twilight Horror

  • In Memory of Day

  • In the Dread of Night

  • Search for the Silver Key

  • Sleep of the Dead

  • Journey to Unknown Kadath

  • Whispers in the Dark Asylum Pack

  • Murmurs of Evil Asylum Pack

  • The Spoken Covenant Asylum Pack

  • Initiations of the Favored Asylum Pack

  • Words of Power Asylum Pack

  • Ebla Restored Asylum Pack

  • The Mountains of Madness Asylum Pack

Full List below:

1 x AE P01 •Cthulhu, The Thing That Should Not Be
1 x AE P02 Cthulhu for President
2 x AE P03 Come to a Ghastly End
3 x AE P04 Dreams of the Great Old One
3 x AE P05 Book of Dzyan
3 x AE P06 Escaped the Portal!
3 x AE P09 Forgotten Place
2 x AE P10 The Nameless City
3 x AE P12 Man's Best Friend
1 x AE P13 •The Black Man, Coven Master
3 x EE P1 Priest of the Desert Moon
3 x EE P2 The Cairo Connection
3 x EE P3 Shadow over Cairo
3 x EE P4 Tentacular Spectacular
3 x EE P5 Evil Awakens!
1 x EE P6 Mountains of Madness
1 x EE P7 •Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Scribe of the Unspeakable
3 x EE P8 •The Unfortunate Cat Klaus, Forsaken Feline
1 x EE P10 The Opening of Every Gate
3 x EE P12 •Nophru-Ka, The Forgotten Pharaoh
3 x EE P13 •Mr. Six, The Dweller in the Caverns
3 x EE P14 Profane Messenger
3 x EE P15 Atrophy
2 x EE P16 Cruel Temptation
1 x AE F01 The Dreams of Kingsport
1 x AE F02 The Horror of the Past
1 x AE F03 The Arkham Willows
1 x AE F04 The Forgotten Sepulchre
1 x AE F05 The Thing at the Gate
1 x AE F06 The Secret of the North Woods
1 x AE F07 The Innsmouth Threat
1 x AE F08 The Terror out of Dunwich
1 x AE F09 The Well
1 x AE F10 The Crooked Manse
1 x AE F11 Investigator Domain 1
1 x AE F12 Investigator Domain 2
1 x AE F13 Investigator Domain 3
1 x AE F14 Mythos Domain 1
1 x AE F15 Mythos Domain 2
1 x AE F16 Mythos Domain 3
1 x AE U1 •Thomas F. Malone, Haunted Police Detective
3 x AE U2 Beat Cop
2 x AE C3 Blackwood Associate
3 x AE U4 Blackwood Detective
1 x AE C5 Blackwood File Clerk
1 x AE C7 Freelance Occultist
2 x AE R8 G-Men
3 x AE C10 Hardboiled Detective
1 x AE C11 Hired Muscle
2 x AE R12 Special Operative
3 x AE U14 Hair of the Worm
3 x AE C15 Mystic Courage
3 x AE U16 Playing With Fire
3 x AE C17 Police Raid
2 x AE U18 Preemptive Strike
2 x AE R19 Search Warrant
2 x AE R20 Shakedown!
3 x AE R21 Short Fuse
1 x AE C22 Shotgun Blast
3 x AE U24 Blackwood Office
3 x AE U25 Dead Man's Alley
1 x AE R26 Dockside Speakeasy
1 x AE R27 Mayor's Office
2 x AE U28 Patrol Wagon
3 x AE C29 Police Station
3 x AE C30 Tommygun
1 x AE U31 •Professor Armitage, Venerable Librarian
2 x AE R32 •Sir William Brinton, Fearless Explorer
3 x AE U33 Arkham Psychologist
3 x AE C34 Ethnobiologist
3 x AE R35 Expedition Leader
3 x AE U36 Field Researcher
2 x AE C37 Laboratory Assistant
1 x AE R38 Mad Genius
1 x AE R39 Mysterious Benefactor
3 x AE C40 Rare Book Researcher
2 x AE C41 Strange Librarian
3 x AE C42 Two-fisted Archeologist
1 x AE U43 Visiting Professor
1 x AE C44 Binding
2 x AE R45 Against the Darkness
2 x AE U46 Crafting the Elder Sign
2 x AE R47 Dangerous Experiment
2 x AE R48 Find Gate
3 x AE C49 Powder of Ibn-Ghazi
3 x AE C50 Radical Therapy
2 x AE U51 Unearthing the Ancients
3 x AE U52 Undocumented Expedition
1 x AE R53 •Book of Eibon, Hyperborean Grimoire
3 x AE C54 •Thaumaturgical Prodigies, Rev. Phillip’s Exposé
1 x AE R55 •The Necronomicon, The Book of the Mad Arab
2 x AE U56 Celaeno Fragments, The Life’s Work of Dr. Shrewsbury
3 x AE C57 M.U. Administration Building
3 x AE U58 M.U. Science Building
1 x AE R59 Miskatonic Commons
3 x AE U60 Miskatonic Library
2 x AE C61 Clover Club Bouncer
1 x AE R62 Courier
3 x AE C63 Discreet Physician
3 x AE C64 Freelance Reporter
3 x AE U66 Hit Squad
3 x AE U67 Investigative Reporter
2 x AE U68 Mob Lieutenant
3 x AE C69 O'Bannion Enforcer
2 x AE C70 O'Bannion Gunsels
3 x AE U72 Syndicate Troubleshooter
1 x AE R73 Gangster's Moll
3 x AE U74 Behind Closed Doors
3 x AE C76 Desperation
3 x AE U77 Exposed!
3 x AE U78 Extortion
1 x AE C80 Intimidate
3 x AE C81 Persuasive Friends
3 x AE U83 Arkham Advertiser
3 x AE U85 Assassination Contract
3 x AE C86 Clover Cartage Co.
2 x AE R87 Elder Sign Pendant
2 x AE R88 First Bank of Arkham
3 x AE U89 Hit List
3 x AE C90 Lucky Cigarette Case
2 x AE U92 Adult Deep One
1 x AE R93 Ancient Deep One
2 x AE C94 Elder Shoggoth
3 x AE U95 Haunter of the Dark
1 x AE U96 Keeper of the Golden Path
3 x AE C97 Knight of the Void
3 x AE R98 Lurking Star Spawn
2 x AE U99 Mature Deep One
3 x AE C101 Shoggoth Unbound
3 x AE C102 Son of the Sleeper
2 x AE C103 Young Deep One
3 x AE U105 Dreams of a Sunken City
1 x AE R106 Driven by Madness
3 x AE C107 Helpless, Hopeless, and Doomed
1 x AE C108 Primal Fear
3 x AE U110 The Great Old One Rises!
2 x AE U111 Touched by the Sleeper
2 x AE C112 Unnatural Stealth
3 x AE U113 Blessing of Cthulhu
1 x AE R114 Cthaat Aquadingen, Lore of the Sunken Masters
2 x AE R115 Marked by the Ancients
2 x AE U116 R'lyeh, City of Dreams
2 x AE U117 Shadowed Reef
3 x AE C118 Silver Twilight Lodge
3 x AE C119 The Innsmouth Look
2 x AE R121 •Hastur, The King in Yellow
3 x AE C122 Academy Patron
2 x AE U123 Byakhee Servant
1 x AE R124 Ghost
3 x AE R125 High Priest of Hastur
3 x AE C126 Keeper of the Yellow Sign
2 x AE C127 Mad Artist
3 x AE U128 Byakhee Raider
2 x AE U129 Priestess of the Yellow Sign
3 x AE C130 Street Scholar
3 x AE C131 Thrill Killer
2 x AE U132 Werewolf
2 x AE R133 Yellow Muse
2 x AE U134 Agoraphobia
2 x AE R135 Behind the Pallid Mask
2 x AE U136 Byakhee Attack
3 x AE C137 Committed
1 x AE R138 Mass Hysteria
2 x AE U139 Power Drain
3 x AE C140 Song of Hastur
2 x AE R141 Unspeakable Revelations
3 x AE C142 Xanthophobia
1 x AE R143 •Carcosa, Palace of the Tattered King
3 x AE C144 Academy of the Mad
1 x AE U145 Glasser Art Gallery
3 x AE C146 Pallid Mask
2 x AE U147 The King in Yellow, The Notorious Play
1 x AE R148 The Unnamable House
1 x AE R149 Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Von Junzt's Dark Masterpiece
2 x AE U150 Victoria's Loft
1 x AE R151 •Yog-Sothoth, The Key and the Gate
3 x AE U152 Bloated Star Vampire
1 x AE C154 Disciple of the Gate
2 x AE U155 Guardian Elder Thing
3 x AE C156 Fire Vampire Swarm
3 x AE C159 Nightgaunt Sentry
2 x AE C160 Render of Veils
3 x AE U161 Servant of the Key
1 x AE U162 Vampire Stalker
3 x AE C163 Shambling Zombie
1 x AE R164 Burnout
2 x AE U165 Dread Curse of Azathoth
2 x AE U167 Gathering at the Stones
1 x AE R168 Mystic Backlash
3 x AE U169 Rending the Veil
3 x AE C170 Rite of the Broken Stone
2 x AE C171 Sacrificial Gate
1 x AE C172 Unspeakable Resurrection
1 x AE U174 Haunted Graveyard
2 x AE C175 Key of Tawil At-Umr
3 x AE U176 Pnakotic Manuscripts, Book of Unknown Origin
3 x AE U177 Red Gate Mound
1 x AE R178 Temple of Ramasekva
3 x AE C179 Temple of Yog-Sothoth
1 x AE R180 Warded Flesh
1 x AE R181 •Shub-Niggurath, The Black Goat of the Woods
3 x AE C182 Adult Chthonian
2 x AE R183 Cyclopean Dhole
3 x AE C184 Daughter of the Goat
1 x AE C185 Degenerate Ghoul
3 x AE U186 Flying Polyp Scout
1 x AE C187 Hungry Dark Young
1 x AE U188 Mi-Go Commander
1 x AE R189 Mi-Go Scientist
2 x AE U190 Mi-Go Warrior
2 x AE C191 Mi-Go Worker
1 x AE R192 Rampaging Dark Young
3 x AE U194 Slithering Formless Spawn
2 x AE R195 Birthing a Thousand Young
1 x AE U196 Bound by the Black Mother
2 x AE C197 Burrowing Beneath
3 x AE U198 Caught in the Dreamlands
2 x AE U199 Fertility Rites
3 x AE U201 Horns of the Black Goat
1 x AE C202 Horrid Mutation
2 x AE C203 Regeneration
2 x AE U204 Trapped in the Labyrinth
2 x AE R205 Altar of the Blessed
3 x AE C206 Rite of Rebirth
2 x AE U207 Shadowed Woods
1 x AE R208 The Charnel Gate
3 x AE C209 The Witch House
1 x AE R210 Witch-Mark
1 x AE R211 Even Death May Die
2 x AE C212 Inside Information
3 x AE C213 Startling Discovery
2 x AE R214 The Stars are Right
3 x AE R215 To the Last Breath
3 x AE C216 Unhealthy Curiosity
2 x AE C217 .45 Pistols
2 x AE C218 Arkham Asylum
1 x AE R220 Country Store
3 x AE U221 Crimson Dawn
3 x AE U222 Curiosity Shoppe
1 x AE R223 Dimensional Rift
3 x AE U224 Forgotten Temple
2 x AE U225 Gentleman's Club
3 x AE U226 Ghoul Warrens
3 x AE C227 Independence Square
3 x AE U228 Infested Cemetery
3 x AE U229 Miskatonic Antiquities Collection
2 x AE R231 North Church
3 x AE C232 Packard
3 x AE C233 Shadows Fall
3 x AE C234 Shadows Melt Away
2 x AE C235 Eldritch Nexus
2 x AE U236 Sword of Ramasekva
1 x AE U237 Terrors in the Dark
2 x AE U238 The Orient Express
1 x AE R239 To See Another Day
2 x AE R240 True Magick, Theophilus Wren's Taxonomy
1 x UT R1 •Agent Jerry Holland, Undercover Fed
3 x UT U2 •Inspector John Legrasse, Cop in the Know
3 x UT C4 Off-Duty Patrolman
1 x UT U5 Paranormal Specialist
3 x UT C6 Special Operations Team
3 x UT C7 Street-Smart Rookie
1 x UT R8 Backup
3 x UT U9 Calling in the Feds
2 x UT C10 Fear of God
3 x UT C11 Forced Entry
1 x UT R12 On Ice
1 x UT U13 Pray for Dawn
1 x UT R15 Blackwood Safehouse
3 x UT C16 Field Office
3 x UT U17 Martial Law
2 x UT U18 Shotgun
1 x UT R19 •Steve Clarney, Soldier of Fortune
2 x UT C20 Antiquities Consultant
1 x UT R21 Campus Security
2 x UT C22 Cryptozoologist
2 x UT U23 Local Historian
1 x UT U24 Professor of Metaphysics
3 x UT C25 Reclusive Researcher
3 x UT C26 Arcane Insight
3 x UT U27 Breakthrough!
3 x UT C29 Purification
1 x UT U32 Atwood Science Hall
3 x UT U33 Dusty Manuscripts
3 x UT C34 Government Grant
3 x UT U35 Realms Beyond Reason
2 x UT R36 The Light of Reason
1 x UT C37 Bag Man
2 x UT C38 Clover Club Torch Singer
1 x UT R39 Freelance Photographer
2 x UT C40 Nosy Columnist
3 x UT U41 O'Bannion Thug
1 x UT U43 Syndicate Liaison
2 x UT C46 Like a Moth
2 x UT U47 Panic
3 x UT U48 Spinning the Story
2 x UT C49 Underworld Contacts
1 x UT C50 Alhazred Lamp
2 x UT U51 O'Bannion Warehouse
3 x UT U52 Slander and Libel
2 x UT C57 Guardian Shoggoth
1 x UT U58 Lord of Y'ha-nthlei
3 x UT C59 Master of Silver Twilight
3 x UT U60 Star Spawn Priest
2 x UT C61 Ravager from the Deep
2 x UT R62 Aquatic Ambush
3 x UT C63 Arise, Children of Dagon!
3 x UT C64 Prophecies Revealed
2 x UT U65 Rite of the Chosen One
2 x UT U66 Sacrificial Offerings
3 x UT U68 Dreams of the Sleeping Priest
3 x UT U69 Forgotten Isle
2 x UT R71 Temple of Dagon
3 x UT C72 Thrall of Cthulhu
1 x UT R73 •Hastur, The Unspeakable
3 x UT C74 Academy Prodigy
3 x UT C75 Artist in Residence
2 x UT C76 Bound Byakhee
3 x UT U77 Lunatic Shade
2 x UT R78 Spawn of Hastur
1 x UT U79 Vessel of Hastur
2 x UT C80 Embracing the Abyss
2 x UT C81 Madness Takes Its Toll
1 x UT U82 Mindblast
3 x UT R83 On Byakhee Wings
3 x UT U84 Psychotic Break
2 x UT U87 Plague of Madness
2 x UT C89 Sedated
2 x UT U90 Victoria's Ballroom
2 x UT C92 Arcane Initiate
3 x UT C93 Nightgaunt Servant
2 x UT U95 Spell-bound Shoggoth
3 x UT C96 Unstoppable Hound
1 x UT U97 Wizard of Yog-Sothoth
1 x UT C98 Calling down the Ancients
1 x UT R99 Opening the Limbo Gate
2 x UT C100 Opening the Third Eye
1 x UT U101 Peer Into The Future
2 x UT U102 Seal of Isis
3 x UT U104 Beyond the Gates
2 x UT U106 Forbidden Shrine
3 x UT C107 Gate Box
1 x UT R109 •Shub-Niggurath, The All-Mother
1 x UT U110 Albino Goat-spawn
2 x UT C111 Forest Sister
1 x UT R112 Mi-Go Scout
3 x UT C113 The Mother’s Messenger
1 x UT U114 Watcher of the Woods
3 x UT C115 Wily Goat-spawn
3 x UT C116 A Time to Reap
2 x UT R117 A Time to Sow
1 x UT R118 Alien Excavation
2 x UT U119 Bred to Survive
3 x UT C120 Curiosity’s Price
1 x UT U121 Shocking Transformation
3 x UT C122 Boarding House
1 x UT U123 Consecrated Lands
1 x UT U124 Ghoulish Growth
1 x UT R125 The Mother's Womb
2 x UT R127 Dabbler in the Unknown
2 x UT U128 Freelance Agent
2 x UT U130 Military Advisor
1 x UT R131 Scurrying Rat-Thing
3 x UT C132 Fighting Blind
1 x UT R133 Prophecies Fulfilled
1 x UT R134 Strange Inheritance
3 x UT C135 A Higher Purpose
3 x UT U136 Arkham Historical Society
1 x UT R137 Arkham Library
3 x UT C138 Blind Spots
1 x UT R139 Occult Shop
2 x UT U140 The Darkness Recedes
3 x UT U141 Master Plans
3 x UT U142 Motorcycle
3 x UT U143 Private Charter
1 x UT U144 Sniper Rifle
1 x AP F1 The Dreams of Kingsport
1 x AP F2 The Horror of the Past
1 x AP F3 The Arkham Willows
1 x AP F4 The Forgotten Sepulchre
1 x AP F5 The Thing at the Gate
1 x AP F6 The Secret of the North Woods
1 x AP F7 The Innsmouth Threat
1 x AP F8 The Terror out of Dunwich
1 x AP F9 The Well
1 x AP F10 The Crooked Manse
1 x AP I1 Investigator Domain 1
1 x AP I2 Investigator Domain 2
1 x AP I3 Investigator Domain 3
1 x AP I4 Blackwood Associate
1 x AP I5 Blackwood File Clerk
2 x AP I6 Drifter
1 x AP I7 Freelance Occultist
1 x AP I8 Hired Muscle
3 x AP I9 Task Force
1 x AP I10 Shotgun Blast
1 x AP I11 Mob Lieutenant
3 x AP I12 On the Lam
1 x AP I13 O'Bannion Gunsels
1 x AP I14 Intimidate
1 x AP I16 Binding
1 x AP I17 Crafting the Elder Sign
2 x AP I18 Professor Emeritus
3 x AP I19 Clip Joint
3 x AP I20 Reprisal
2 x AP I21 To See Another Day
1 x AP M1 Mythos Domain 1
1 x AP M2 Mythos Domain 2
1 x AP M3 Mythos Domain 3
1 x AP M5 Elder Shoggoth
1 x AP M6 Keeper of the Golden Path
1 x AP M7 Unnatural Stealth
1 x AP M8 Degenerate Ghoul
1 x AP M9 Hungry Dark Young
1 x AP M10 Mi-Go Worker
1 x AP M11 Horrid Mutation
1 x AP M12 Trapped in the Labyrinth
1 x AP M13 Witch-Tree
1 x AP M14 Disciple of the Gate
1 x AP M15 Hunting Horror
1 x AP M16 Render of Veils
1 x AP M19 Sacrificial Gate
1 x AP M20 Unspeakable Resurrection
1 x AP M21 Key of Tawil At-Umr
1 x AP M22 Bust of Hypnos
1 x AP M23 Nightmare Hours
2 x AP M24 Sea Worms
3 x FR C2 Blackwood Occultist
1 x FR U3 Femme Fatale
3 x FR C5 Police Detective
3 x FR U6 Task Force Captain
2 x FR C7 Treasury Agent
3 x FR U8 Burning Away the Darkness
3 x FR U10 Comprehending the Horror
3 x FR C11 Cover Fire
2 x FR C13 Working a Hunch
1 x FR R14 •Fire of Asshurbanipal, Bane of Ninevah
3 x FR U15 Crime Lab
1 x FR C16 Lightning Gun
4 x FR U18 On the Mean Streets
1 x FR U19 •Professor William Dyer, Respected Archaeologist
1 x FR U20 Campus Gumshoe
3 x FR C21 Fringe Researcher
3 x FR C22 Graduate Assistant
1 x FR R23 Parapsychologist
3 x FR C25 Back to the Vaults
1 x FR U26 Cloud Memory
2 x FR C27 Dr. Carson's Treatment
2 x FR U29 Mist of Releh
1 x FR R31 •Brazier of Nodens, Vertiginous Visions
3 x FR U32 Academic Conference
2 x FR C33 Glass of Mortlan
3 x FR C34 Saracenic Rituals
2 x FR R35 Secret File
3 x FR U36 Vaughn's Diary
2 x FR C38 Continental Agent
2 x FR C39 Extortionist
1 x FR U40 Rum Runner
1 x FR U42 Triggerman
3 x FR C43 Cut the Power
2 x FR C44 Get On Yer Feet!
1 x FR U46 Payback
3 x FR U47 The Best Bias Money Can Buy
3 x FR U50 Breaking and Entering
2 x FR U51 Cathouse
2 x FR C52 Plutonian Drug
3 x FR C53 Stuck in the Slammer
1 x FR R54 Syndicate Intelligence Report
1 x FR U55 Blasphemous Hybrid
3 x FR C56 Color from the Stars
2 x FR C57 Innsmouth Troublemaker
1 x FR R58 Keeper of the Ancient Ways
3 x FR U59 Priest of Dagon
3 x FR R60 Spawn of Cthulhu
3 x FR C61 Tcho-Tcho Emissary
1 x FR R62 A Grand Aquatic Destiny
1 x FR R63 Calling the Great Priest
1 x FR U64 Overwhelmed by Nightmares
1 x FR U65 Rubbed Out
3 x FR C66 Silver Twilight Indoctrination
3 x FR C67 The Great Summoning
2 x FR R68 •Sacrificial Altar, Of Star-Born Stone
1 x FR U70 Giving Thanks
3 x FR C71 Idol from R'lyeh
2 x FR U72 Inner Sanctum
1 x FR C73 Bearer of the Yellow Sign
1 x FR U74 Broken Vessels
1 x FR R75 Messenger from Hali
3 x FR R76 Mysterious Mentor
2 x FR C77 Performance Artist
1 x FR U78 Servant of the Oath
2 x FR U79 Dissolve
1 x FR U80 Implant Fear
1 x FR C81 Infected by Madness
1 x FR R82 Unsettling Visions
2 x FR R83 Voice of Ra
3 x FR C84 Wrack
1 x FR R85 •Bone Pipes of Madness, The True Music of the Spheres
2 x FR C86 Chime of Tezchaptl
2 x FR U87 Condemned Theater
3 x FR C88 Life of the Mind
2 x FR U89 Still Life Exhibition
2 x FR R90 The Hidden Gallery
2 x FR C92 Humble Supplicant
1 x FR R93 Master of the Key
2 x FR C94 Restless Dead
2 x FR C95 Servant of Nodens
2 x FR U96 Star Vampire Minion
2 x FR U97 Wandering Dimensional Shambler
3 x FR C99 Cloak of Tawil At-Umr
1 x FR U100 Dampen Light
2 x FR C101 Journey to the Other Side
3 x FR U102 Sanctify the Stone
1 x FR R103 Turning the Silver Key
1 x FR R105 Dark Texts
2 x FR U106 Enchanted Cane
2 x FR C107 Glass From Leng
1 x FR U108 Shadows and Reflections
2 x FR U110 Ancient Guardian
1 x FR U111 Mrs. Watkin's Boarder
3 x FR C113 Star-Summoned Dhole
1 x FR C114 The Mother's Hand
1 x FR U116 Deflect Harm
3 x FR U118 Gathering Influence
3 x FR C119 Hands of Colubra
3 x FR C120 The Reaping
3 x FR C122 Mi-Go Brain Case
3 x FR U123 Poisonous Fog
3 x FR C124 The Mother's Kiss
1 x FR U126 Watkins Root Cellar
1 x FR R127 Curiosity Collector
2 x FR U128 Eternal Serpent
3 x FR C131 Mad Zealot
3 x FR U132 Ravenous Hunting Horror
3 x FR C133 Treasure Hunter
2 x FR U134 Worlds Torn Asunder
1 x FR R135 •Mi-Go Web Armor, For Yuggoth's Warriors
1 x FR R136 •Sword of St. Jerome, The Martyr's Legacy
1 x FR R137 Decrepit Mausoleum
3 x FR U139 Enchanted Silver Blade
3 x FR C140 Fetch Stick
1 x FR R141 Incomprehensible Machine
3 x FR U142 Private Research Facility
2 x FR U143 Tcho-Tcho Talisman
3 x FR U145 Zanthu Tablet
1 x EE R2 •Kirby O'Donnell, Adventurer Abroad
3 x EE U3 •The Man, Unknown Quantity
2 x EE C4 Undercover Security
3 x EE C6 Colonial Guard
3 x EE C7 Informant
3 x EE U8 Man on the Inside
2 x EE C9 Monster Hunter
1 x EE R10 Mystery Agent
3 x EE C11 Police Sergeant
3 x EE U12 Senior Associate
3 x EE U13 Street Prophet
1 x EE R14 Rite of Passage
2 x EE R15 Blessed Dawn
3 x EE U16 Dangerous Insights
3 x EE R17 Erased from History
3 x EE C18 Gunned Down
3 x EE U19 Hail of Bullets
3 x EE C20 Legacy of Khufu
3 x EE U21 Purifying Flame
3 x EE C22 Search and Seizure
3 x EE C23 Carbine
1 x EE R24 An Intriguing Offer
1 x EE R25 Armored Car
3 x EE U26 British Garrison
2 x EE R27 Evidence Room
3 x EE U28 Gunboat
3 x EE C29 Private Skiff
2 x EE U30 Touring Cycle
1 x EE R31 •Dr. Ali Kafour, Middle Eastern Scholar
2 x EE R32 •Professor Albert Wilmarth, Folklore Expert
3 x EE U33 •The Messenger, Putting the Pieces in Motion
2 x EE C34 Government Liaison
3 x EE C36 Egyptology Consultant
3 x EE C37 Graduating Historian
2 x EE U38 Local Guide
3 x EE U39 Military Escort
2 x EE C40 Miskatonic Administrator
2 x EE R41 Professor of Archeology
2 x EE U42 Student Archaeologist
3 x EE C43 Theology Professor
3 x EE R44 Secrets of Bubastis
3 x EE U45 Cave In!
1 x EE C46 Feast of Famine
3 x EE R47 Historic Discovery
2 x EE C48 Legacy of Akhnaton
2 x EE U49 Reversing the Temporal Flow
3 x EE C50 Seduction of the Tombs
2 x EE U51 Sheer Force of Will
1 x EE R52 The Punishing Sun
2 x EE C54 Dhol Chants
3 x EE R55 Comparing Notes
3 x EE U56 Cultes des Goules
2 x EE U57 Dirigible
3 x EE U58 Egyptian Museum
3 x EE C59 Expedition Warehouse
2 x EE R60 Mosque of Ibn Tulun
2 x EE R61 •Danny O'Bannion, Arkham Businessman
2 x EE U63 •The Voice on the Phone, The New Boss
2 x EE C64 Silver Twilight Turncoat
1 x EE C65 Anarchist
2 x EE U66 Blind Medium
2 x EE C67 Construction Crew
3 x EE C68 Drug Runner
3 x EE U69 Expatriate Reporter
2 x EE R70 Hatchetman
3 x EE U71 Hijacker
3 x EE C72 Opium Fiend
1 x EE R73 Stool Pigeon
3 x EE U75 Abduction
3 x EE R76 Auto-de-fe
2 x EE U77 Blowing the Whistle
2 x EE C78 Dry Gulch
1 x EE C79 Legacy of Ramses
3 x EE U80 On the Grift
2 x EE C82 The Bum's Rush
3 x EE C83 Brass Knuckles
1 x EE R84 Radio Network
3 x EE U85 Cairo Bulletin
1 x EE U86 Dutch Courage
3 x EE C88 Packet Steamer
2 x EE U89 Sedanette
2 x EE R90 Underground Press
2 x EE R91 •Cthulhu, Dead but Dreaming
3 x EE U92 •The Beast, Model for the Sphinx
3 x EE C93 Mameluke of Sebek
2 x EE R94 Chakota
2 x EE U96 Lord of the Silver Twilight
3 x EE C97 Priest of Sebek
3 x EE C98 Sebek's Chosen One
2 x EE R99 Shadow-spawned Hunting Horror
3 x EE C100 Shoggoth Slave
3 x EE C101 Silver Twilight Emissary
3 x EE U102 Spawn of Sebek
3 x EE U103 Speaker for the Black Pharaoh
1 x EE R104 Dream Summoning
3 x EE C105 Blood in the Water
3 x EE U106 Collateral Damage
3 x EE U107 Dreams of Madness
2 x EE C108 Get it Off!
3 x EE R109 Howl of Jackals
3 x EE C110 Legacy of Alhazred
2 x EE R111 Sky Torn Asunder
3 x EE U112 Time of Prophecy
2 x EE C113 Sword of Y'ha-talla
2 x EE R114 An Unspoken Agreement
3 x EE U115 Cairo Chapterhouse
3 x EE U116 Chamber of Rebirth
3 x EE C117 Feast of Locusts
1 x EE R118 Private Treatment Center
2 x EE R119 St Toad's Church
3 x EE U120 Underground River
2 x EE R121 •Hastur, He Who Shall Not Be Named
3 x EE U122 •Skinless One, Awful in Mind and Form
3 x EE R123 •Victoria Glasser, The Society Hostess
2 x EE C124 Worm-ridden One
2 x EE C125 Author of Hideous Truths
3 x EE C126 Collector of the Obscure
2 x EE R127 Messenger from Beyond
3 x EE C128 Moon-cursed Lycanthrope
3 x EE U129 Oath-bound Servant
3 x EE C130 Patron of the Arts
2 x EE R131 Predatory Byakhee
2 x EE U132 Thing from the Stars
2 x EE U133 Visitor from Carcosa
1 x EE R134 Saturnalia
3 x EE C135 Amnesia
2 x EE C136 Blind Submission
2 x EE R137 Enshrouded Sun
2 x EE C138 Legacy of Cassilda
3 x EE U139 Nightmare's Grasp
2 x EE U140 Schizophrenia
2 x EE R141 Scotophobia
1 x EE U142 Writhing Wall
3 x EE C143 Book of the Dead
3 x EE R144 The Bond of Madness
3 x EE U145 Academy Art Retreat
2 x EE R146 An Unbreakable Oath
3 x EE U147 Asylum Studio
3 x EE C148 In Rags
3 x EE U149 Mental Ward
3 x EE R150 Old City Bazaar
2 x EE U152 •The Black Pharaoh, Brother to Nitocris
1 x EE R153 •Yog-Sothoth, The Opener of the Way
2 x EE C154 Wizard of Chorazos
2 x EE U155 Child of the Fire Mist
2 x EE U156 Dark Attendant
1 x EE C157 Daughter of Nug
1 x EE C158 Gatekeeper
1 x EE R159 Hermetic Scholar
2 x EE C160 Ruthless Fanatic
2 x EE C161 Son of Yeb
3 x EE U162 Spectral Hunter
2 x EE R164 Born in the Spheres
2 x EE C165 A Single Glimpse
3 x EE R166 Balance of Thoth
2 x EE C167 Legacy of Nephren-Ka
2 x EE U168 Pentagram of Fire
3 x EE U169 Riddles
3 x EE U171 Sinking the Lotus
3 x EE C172 The Twin Blasphemies
3 x EE C174 Rites of Luveh Keraph
3 x EE U176 Back Alleys of Cairo
2 x EE U177 Bent Pyramid
2 x EE C178 Execration
3 x EE U179 Fane of the Black Pharaoh
1 x EE R180 Winlock's Dig
1 x EE R181 •Shub-Niggurath, She with a Thousand Young
3 x EE U182 •The Thousand-Faced Moon, Hecate the Blessed
3 x EE C183 Mother's Avenger
3 x EE U184 Black Spawn from Below
3 x EE U186 Child of Earth and Flame
3 x EE C187 Ghoul Khanum
3 x EE U188 Ghoul Pilgrim from the East
3 x EE C189 Guardian of the Moon-Lens
3 x EE C190 Mi-Go Explorer
2 x EE C191 Priestess of Bubastis
3 x EE R192 Rampaging Chthonian
1 x EE R193 Tomb-Herd
3 x EE R194 Veneration of Apis
3 x EE C195 Berserk Fury
3 x EE U197 Cannot Be Stopped
3 x EE C198 Claws of Bubastis
3 x EE C200 Legacy of Nitocris
3 x EE U201 The Forest Laughs
2 x EE R202 The Mother's Fury
3 x EE C203 The Mother's Seed
2 x EE R204 Strange Sisterhood
1 x EE R205 Ancient Necropolis
1 x EE U206 Birthing Pit
3 x EE U207 Charnel Vaults
1 x EE R208 Ezbekiyeh Gardens
2 x EE C209 Ghoul Taint
3 x EE U210 Temple of Bubastis
1 x EE R211 •Father of Bats, The Horror that Flies
3 x EE R212 •The Bloated Woman, Keeper of Secrets
1 x EE R213 •The Bloody Tongue, Howler on the Mountain
1 x EE R214 •The Black Man, Granter of Wishes
2 x EE C215 Doomed Exorcist
3 x EE U216 Egyptian Contact
2 x EE C217 Moonlit Phantom
2 x EE C218 Mystic Bounty Hunter
3 x EE U219 Over-equipped Investigator
2 x EE C220 Overzealous Initiate
1 x EE U221 Seeker of Mysteries
3 x EE U222 Wild Beasts
3 x EE C223 Crackdown!
1 x EE R224 Deal with the Devil
3 x EE U225 I Am It And It Is I
2 x EE C226 Political Demonstration
3 x EE U227 Signing the Book
1 x EE R228 Swarm of Cobras
3 x EE C229 Famine of the Soul
3 x EE C230 Hollowed Mind
3 x EE U231 Instruments of Glass and Metal
2 x EE U232 Mystical Allure
3 x EE R234 Temple of Nephren-Ka
3 x EE U235 The Audient Void
3 x EE U236 The Awestruck Word
1 x EE R237 The Eye of Light and Darkness
1 x EE R238 The Shriek of Cities
3 x EE C239 Unbearable Visions
3 x EE C240 Wrapped in Flesh
1 x EE F241 Abysses of Night
1 x EE F242 Beyond the Doors of Sleep
1 x EE F243 Digging Deep
1 x EE F244 Dark Heart of Cairo
1 x EE F245 Parables of the Faceless One
1 x EE F246 Shadows of Nephren-Ka
1 x EE F247 The Squalid Hamlet
1 x EE F248 The Unquiet Earth
1 x EE F249 Throne of the Black Pharaoh
1 x EE F250 Voice of Thunder
1 x EE F251 Eldritch Domain 1
1 x EE F252 Eldritch Domain 2
1 x EE F253 Eldritch Domain 3
2 x MN R1 •Captain Isoge Taro, Imperial Japanese Captain
2 x MN C2 T-Men
3 x MN C3 Brotherhood Street Runner
3 x MN C4 Decommissioned Officer
1 x MN U5 Peeler
3 x MN U6 Tribal Elder
1 x MN U7 Undercover Agent
2 x MN R8 Unexpected Ally
3 x MN C9 Adoration of Ma'at
1 x MN R10 Back to Basics
3 x MN C12 Taking No Chances
1 x MN U14 Unmasking Cowardice
3 x MN C15 Mask of Law
2 x MN U17 Deathtrap
2 x MN R18 The Old Neighborhood
2 x MN R19 •Mu Hsein, Classical Scholar
2 x MN C20 Natural Philosopher
3 x MN C21 American Ambassador
3 x MN C22 Brotherhood Researcher
2 x MN U23 Classicist
3 x MN R24 Heterodox Physicist
1 x MN U25 Itinerant Scholar
1 x MN U26 Soothsayer
3 x MN C27 Adoration of Thoth
4 x MN C29 Slumming
1 x MN U30 Unavoidable Delay
1 x MN R31 •Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, Lost Masterpiece
3 x MN U32 Unmasking Treachery
3 x MN C33 Mask of Wisdom
1 x MN R34 Hotel Chelsea
1 x MN R35 New Research
2 x MN U36 Open for Inspection
1 x MN C38 Street Preacher
2 x MN C39 Brotherhood Interrogator
1 x MN U41 Fixer
1 x MN U42 Gang Boss
2 x MN C43 Patsy
3 x MN U44 Rambling Man
3 x MN C45 Adoration of Maahes
3 x MN C46 Cooking the Books
3 x MN U47 Eye for an Eye
1 x MN R49 •Livre d'Ivon, Eibon in du Nord's Translation
3 x MN U50 Unmasking Shame
3 x MN C51 Mask of Coin
3 x MN U54 Up for Grabs
3 x MN C56 The Thing in the Fog
3 x MN C57 Brotherhood Torturer
3 x MN R58 Coral Infection
3 x MN U59 Leech Mother
2 x MN U60 Ocean Crawlers
1 x MN U62 Skin Weed
3 x MN C63 Adoration of Apep
3 x MN C64 Driven to Destruction
1 x MN R65 Into the Deep
3 x MN U66 Sea Change
1 x MN R67 Terrible Beauty
3 x MN U69 Unmasking Cruelty
3 x MN C70 Deathless Mask
2 x MN U72 Sleep of Reason
2 x MN R73 •Hildred Castaigne, Future Emperor of America
3 x MN C74 Twin of You
1 x MN U75 Book Publisher
3 x MN C76 Brotherhood Visionary
3 x MN C77 Court Jester
2 x MN U78 Demon Lover
3 x MN R79 Forgotten Ones
3 x MN U80 Language Virus
3 x MN C81 Adoration of Yhtill
2 x MN U82 Ancestral Voices
2 x MN C83 Despair
2 x MN R85 That Which is Not
1 x MN R86 •Revelations of Hali, Words of the Shepherd's God
1 x MN U87 Unmasking Idiocy
3 x MN C88 Flayed Mask
1 x MN U89 Irrational Means
2 x MN C92 Fishers from Outside
1 x MN R93 Alchemist
3 x MN C94 Brotherhood Acolyte
2 x MN C95 Cannibal Ghast
3 x MN U96 Insubstantial Insect
3 x MN U97 Shantak Mount
3 x MN U98 Teller of Tales
3 x MN C99 Adoration of Upuaut
3 x MN C100 Aklo Sabaoth
3 x MN U102 Stone of the Heart
3 x MN U105 Unmasking Hubris
1 x MN C106 Pharaonic Mask
3 x MN U108 Unstable Energies
1 x MN R109 •M'weru, Priestess of the Bloody Tongue
2 x MN C110 Small Ghouls
1 x MN U111 Black Wind
3 x MN U112 Bright Young Thing
3 x MN C113 Brotherhood Procurer
3 x MN R114 Interstellar Visitor
3 x MN C115 Obscene Polyp
2 x MN U116 Worms of the Earth
3 x MN C117 Adoration of Hetheru
2 x MN U118 Cuttings from the Same Branch
3 x MN C119 Ever Growing
1 x MN R121 The Mother's Bounty
3 x MN U122 Unmasking Corruption
3 x MN C123 Triune Mask
3 x MN U124 Caressed by Y'Golonac
1 x MN R125 Fungal Colony
1 x MN U128 •Shugoron, Beloved of the Tcho-Tcho
3 x MN U129 •The Dweller in Darkness, Born of the Night
1 x MN U131 Black Wind Zealot
3 x MN U133 Magus
2 x MN C134 Serpent from Yoth
2 x MN U137 Simple Kindness
1 x MN R138 Strange Aeons
1 x MN U139 City of the Great Race
1 x MN R142 Massa di Requiem per Shuggay
3 x MN C144 The Unreflecting Mirror
3 x MN C145 Yithian Rifle
1 x EP I1 •The Voice on the Phone, The New Boss
1 x EP I3 Silver Twilight Turncoat
1 x EP I5 Blind Medium
1 x EP I7 Construction Crew
1 x EP I9 Blowing the Whistle
1 x EP I10 Legacy of Ramses
1 x EP I11 Dutch Courage
1 x EP I12 Dry Gulch
1 x EP I13 Sedanette
1 x EP I14 Continental Agent
1 x EP I15 Hatchetman
1 x EP I16 Payback
1 x EP I17 Plutonian Drug
1 x EP I18 Nosy Columnist
1 x EP I19 Syndicate Liaison
1 x EP I20 The Bum's Rush
1 x EP I21 Underworld Contacts
1 x EP I22 Alhazred Lamp
1 x EP I23 O'Bannion Warehouse
1 x EP I24 Bag Man
1 x EP I25 Fugitive
1 x EP I26 •The Messenger, Putting the Pieces in Motion
1 x EP I29 Local Guide
1 x EP I30 Feast of Famine
1 x EP I31 Legacy of Akhnaton
1 x EP I32 Reversing the Temporal Flow
1 x EP I33 Sheer Force of Will
1 x EP I34 Dhol Chants
1 x EP I35 Dirigible
1 x EP I36 Cloud Memory
1 x EP I37 The Light of Reason
1 x EP I38 Glass of Mortlan
1 x EP I39 Antiquities Consultant
1 x EP I40 Cryptozoologist
1 x EP I41 Government Liaison
1 x EP I42 Miskatonic Administrator
1 x EP I43 Secret Research
1 x EP I44 Doomed Exorcist
1 x EP I45 Ancient Tomb
1 x EP I46 Contract Killer
1 x EP I47 Blinding Light
1 x EP I48 Investigator Domain 1
1 x EP I49 Investigator Domain 2
1 x EP I50 Investigator Domain 3
1 x EP M1 •The Black Pharaoh, Brother to Nitocris
1 x EP M5 Dark Attendant
1 x EP M7 Ruthless Fanatic
1 x EP M11 Legacy of Nephren-Ka
1 x EP M12 Pentagram of Fire
1 x EP M13 Wizard of Chorazos
1 x EP M14 Bent Pyramid
1 x EP M15 Execration
1 x EP M17 Humble Supplicant
1 x EP M18 Restless Dead
1 x EP M21 Glass From Leng
1 x EP M25 Opening the Third Eye
1 x EP M26 Elder Thing Scientist
1 x EP M27 Alter Reality
1 x EP M29 Visitor from Carcosa
1 x EP M31 Legacy of Cassilda
1 x EP M32 Schizophrenia
3 x EP M33 Aldebaran Ascendant
1 x EP M34 Bearer of the Yellow Sign
1 x EP M35 Dissolve
1 x EP M36 Chime of Tezchaptl
1 x EP M37 Bound Byakhee
1 x EP M38 Embracing the Abyss
1 x EP M40 Condemned Theater
1 x EP M41 Worm-ridden One
1 x EP M42 Author of Hideous Truths
1 x EP M43 Court of Yhtill
1 x EP M44 Moonlit Phantom
1 x EP M45 The Brink of Twilight
1 x EP M46 Calling Forth the Abyss
1 x EP M47 The Thing in the Cave
1 x EP M48 Mythos Domain 1
1 x EP M49 Mythos Domain 2
1 x EP M50 Mythos Domain 3
1 x EP S1 Abysses of Night
1 x EP S2 Beyond the Doors of Sleep
1 x EP S3 Digging Deep
1 x EP S4 Dark Heart of Cairo
1 x EP S5 Parables of the Faceless One
1 x EP S6 Shadows of Nephren-Ka
1 x EP S7 The Squalid Hamlet
1 x EP S8 The Unquiet Earth
1 x EP S9 Throne of the Black Pharaoh
1 x EP S10 Voice of Thunder
2 x FC U3 Shamus
3 x FC C4 Bureau Chief
2 x FC C5 Local Sheriff
3 x FC U6 Requisitions Officer
3 x FC C7 Sharpshooter
3 x FC C8 Execution
2 x FC C11 Small Price to Pay
3 x FC U12 Urban Renewal
3 x FC U13 Wish for Strength
1 x FC U15 Recruit
3 x FC U16 Antarctic Ruins
3 x FC C18 The Broken Fist
1 x FC R19 •Professor Nathaniel Peaslee, Scholar of the Arcane
3 x FC U21 Learned Astronomer
2 x FC U22 Absent-Minded Accountant
3 x FC C23 Charlatan
3 x FC C24 Civil Engineer
2 x FC C25 Visiting Author
1 x FC C26 Misinformation
3 x FC C28 Back from Beyond
1 x FC R32 •Yian, Across the Seven Oceans
3 x FC U33 Novitiate
3 x FC U34 City in the Sands
3 x FC C36 The Unmoving Finger
2 x FC U39 State Representative
1 x FC U40 Brotherhood Addict
2 x FC C41 Hard Case
3 x FC C42 Quite a Dame
3 x FC C43 Resurrected Foe
3 x FC C44 Bust-Out
2 x FC C48 Low Blow
1 x FC U49 Wish for Power
2 x FC U51 Kickback
1 x FC U52 Ancient Mound
3 x FC C54 The Unraveled Nerve
1 x FC U57 Tainted Informant
3 x FC C58 Bestial Shoggoth
3 x FC C59 Killer from the Depths
3 x FC C60 Lemurian Survivor
3 x FC U61 Sea Devil
2 x FC C62 Pulled Under
3 x FC C66 Self-Slaughter
2 x FC U67 Wish for Cruelty
2 x FC U69 Inducement
3 x FC C70 Breath of the Deep
2 x FC R74 •Professor Henry Staunton
3 x FC U75 Water Colour
3 x FC C76 Prestidigitator
3 x FC U77 Psychopath
3 x FC C78 Pulp Writer
3 x FC C79 Repairer of Reputations
3 x FC C80 Lost Generation
1 x FC R81 Carcosa is All
3 x FC C83 Oblique Strategies
3 x FC U84 Seeing the Light
3 x FC U85 Wish for Music
1 x FC R86 •Plateau of Leng, Where No One Lives
3 x FC U87 Toys
3 x FC R88 One-Way Ticket
3 x FC U89 The First Manhattan
3 x FC C90 Words of Inspiration
3 x FC U93 Child of the Kingdom
3 x FC C94 Gnoph-Keh Priest
3 x FC C95 Child of Yog-Sothoth
3 x FC C96 Mi-Go Slave
3 x FC U97 Starry Wisdom Deacon
3 x FC C100 Lean and Athirst
3 x FC C101 Sound of the Whippoorwills
3 x FC U102 Voorish Sign
1 x FC U103 Wish for Revelation
2 x FC U105 Fungal Growth
3 x FC U106 Mine on Yuggoth
3 x FC C107 Tenor of the Times
1 x FC R110 •Y'Golonac, The Obscenity
3 x FC U111 Space-Eaters
1 x FC U112 Ageless Mi-Go
3 x FC C113 Kindly Nurse
3 x FC C114 Progeny of Abhoth
3 x FC C115 Swaying Branches
3 x FC C116 A Noxious Birth
3 x FC C118 Change of Seasons
2 x FC U120 The New Flesh
3 x FC U121 Wish for Growth
2 x FC U123 Seeds
1 x FC R124 Still Life
3 x FC U125 Temple of Haon-Dor
3 x FC C126 Vision of the Worms
1 x FC R127 •Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God
1 x FC R129 •Tsathoggua, The Sleeper
3 x FC U130 Defrocked Clergyman
1 x FC U131 Earthly Therion
3 x FC C132 Disgrace
2 x FC U133 Inside-Out Hours
1 x FC U134 Limbo Transit
3 x FC C135 Scavenging
3 x FC R136 •K'n-yan, Of the Blue Light
3 x FC C140 Ghost Town
2 x FC U141 Graveyard Clay Hex
1 x FC U142 Mason's Cliff Hex
1 x FC U143 Red Nail Hex
1 x FC U145 Windy Gallows Hex
3 x EE Y1 Pnakotic Elder
3 x EE Y2 Great Race Scientist
3 x EE Y3 Yithian Soldier
3 x EE Y4 Master of Time and Space
3 x EE Y5 Displaced
3 x EE Y6 Library at Pnakotus
2 x EE Y7 Traveller of Aeons

1 x ASM F4 Unspeakable Research
1 x ASM F8 The Sleeper Awakens!
1 x ASM F10 Altar of Madness
1 x ASM F13 Dreamlands Messenger
1 x ASM F20 The Greatest Fear
1 x AKD F1 •The Terrible Old Man, Ancient Hermit

1 x AKD F3 •Thomas Olney, Traveler with a Purpose
1 x AKD F11 Visitor from the Spheres
1 x AKD F12 Dreams in Limbo
1 x AKD F16 •Nodens, Potent and Archaic

1 x ACC F19 Broken Space, Broken Time

3 x ADD F1 Canine Guardian
1 x ADD F2 Development Camp
3 x ADD F3 •Professor Rice, Stocky and Iron Grey
2 x ADD F4 •Professor Morgan, Lean and Youngish
3 x ADD F5 •Professor Armitage, Old and White-bearded
1 x ADD F6 Hack Journalist
3 x ADD F7 Ancient Gold
1 x ADD F8 Noises in the Hills
3 x ADD F9 •Devil's Hop Yard, Bleak and Blasted
1 x ADD F10 Feathery Watchers
3 x ADD F11 •Cold Spring Glen, Unsettlingly Desolate
1 x ADD F12 •The Dunwich Horror, Bigger'n a barn…
3 x ADD F13 •Wilbur Whateley, Preternaturally Intelligent
1 x ADD F14 •Sentinel Hill, Where Your Doom Awaits
3 x ADD F15 •Lavinia Whateley, Somewhat Deformed
1 x ADD F16 •The Stone on the Peak, That Shocking Altar-Stone
3 x ADD F17 •Whateley's Diary, Cryptic Text
1 x ADD F18 Pocket Telescope
2 x ADD F19 The Bootleg Whiskey Cover-Up
1 x ADD F20 Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris

2 x SOA F1 Agency Medic
2 x SOA F2 Paranormal Specialist
2 x SOA F3 Lightning Gun
2 x SOA F4 •Norman Blackwood, Jr., Scholarly Detective
2 x SOA F5 Beneath the Burning Sun
2 x SOA F6 Femme Fatale
2 x SOA F7 Scientific Text
2 x SOA F8 Visiting Professor
2 x SOA F9 •The Necronomicon, The Book of the Mad Arab
2 x SOA F10 Soothsayer
2 x SOA F11 Misinformation
2 x SOA F12 •Professor Armitage, Venerable Librarian
2 x SOA F13 Elite Hit Squad
2 x SOA F14 Hired Mystic
2 x SOA F15 Forced Foreclosure
2 x SOA F16 Intimidate
2 x SOA F17 Anarchist
2 x SOA F18 Fixer
2 x SOA F19 Mi-Go Surgeon
2 x SOA F20 Mi-Go Commander
2 x SOA F21 Rampaging Dark Young
2 x SOA F22 Albino Goat-spawn
2 x SOA F23 Ageless Mi-Go
2 x SOA F24 The Mother's Hand
2 x SOA F25 •Hydra, Mother of the Deep
2 x SOA F26 Lord of Y'ha-nthlei
2 x SOA F27 Primal Fear
2 x SOA F28 •Carl Stanford, Deathless Fanatic
2 x SOA F29 Deep One Rising
2 x SOA F30 Giving Thanks
2 x SOA F31 Things in the Ground
2 x SOA F32 Calling Down the Ancients
2 x SOA F33 Gatekeeper
2 x SOA F34 Hermetic Scholar
2 x SOA F35 Chant of Thoth
2 x SOA F36 Wizard of Yog-Sothoth
2 x SOA F37 Poltergeist
2 x SOA F38 •Carcosa, Palace of the Tattered King
2 x SOA F39 Messenger from Hali
2 x SOA F40 Writhing Wall
2 x SOA F41 Infected by Madness
2 x SOA F42 Implant Fear
2 x SOA F43 Feint
2 x SOA F44 Diseased Sewer Rats
2 x SOA F45 Magnifying Glass
2 x SOA F46 •Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God
2 x SOA F47 Seeker of Mysteries
2 x SOA F48 The Greatest Fear…
2 x SOA F49 Terrors in the Dark
2 x SOA F50 Dimensional Rift
1 x SOA F51 The Secrets of Arkham
1 x SOA F52 They Come at Night
1 x SOA F53 Obsessive Research
1 x SOA F54 Change of Plans
1 x SOA F55 The Terror out of Dunwich
1 x SOA F56 The Innsmouth Threat
1 x SOA F57 The Thing at the Gate
1 x SOA F58 The Secret of the North Woods
1 x SOA F59 The Dreams of Kingsport
1 x SOA F60 The Well

3 x VER F41 Paid Informant
3 x VER F42 Black Maria
3 x VER F43 •Dr. Wentworth Moore, Dark Supplicant
3 x VER F44 •Cthäat Aquadingen, Things of the Water
3 x VER F45 •The Carpathian, Tomb Raider
3 x VER F46 •Alyssa Graham, Speaker to the Dead
3 x VER F47 •The Parlor, Where Truths are Revealed
3 x VER F48 Professor of Folklore
3 x VER F49 •Dr. Mya Badry, Medical Examiner
3 x VER F50 •Karin Marley, Night Witch
3 x VER F51 Corrupted Midwife
3 x VER F52 •Book of Iod, Hostiam Sanguinis Virtus
3 x VER F53 Lodge Defenses
3 x VER F54 Pass Grip of a Master
3 x VER F55 •Thomas Fleming, Financial Wizard
3 x VER F56 •The Penthouse, Fortune's Reward
3 x VER F57 •Shoshana Hatch, Warped and Warping
3 x VER F58 •The Gate of The Silver Key, Convergence of Space-Time
3 x VER F59 •Library of Nalanda, Site of Celestial Learning
3 x VER F60 A Fortunate Accident




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Some of cards already listed on eBay: http://www.ebay.pl/s...=p2047675.l2562


soon will list asylum packs


700$ for all cards valid till end of auctions on eBay





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List updated




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Do you still have any Summons of the Deep or CCG promo cards?




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Are these still available?

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: call of cthulhu LCG, call of cthulhu CCG, Call Of cthulhu Promo, Yithian Deck