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[2017 S2 - Bourgoin (France)] Regional Results

- - - - - competitive regionals results

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Sun. 11th November 2017 - Bourgoin-Jailleu (France)


15 players - 4 Rounds - Cut to top 4


Winner: me!


Trajan was 1 round late, and got a 0-6 in favor of Rigcy, 1 store champ bye was used by Pilip.

Maxliger, the organiser, dropped and let me a shot at the title! Thanks!



Standings after Round 4


1.  Adeptus 19

2.  Pilip 19

3.  Pampa 19

4.  Maxliger 18

5.  Medfreeman 16

6.  Rigcy 13

7.  Maltekit 12

8.  Moussine 12

9.  Totofett 12

10. Hugo 11

11. Trajan 10

12. Darkwater 9

13. Shaman 6

14. Pascal 6

15. Vinnc 6



Top 4


Adeptus (DS) VS Medfreeman (LS) = Med Wins

Pampa (DS) VS Pilip (LS) = Pampa Wins


Medfreeman (DS) VS Pampa (LS) = Med Wins

Adeptus (LS) VS Pilip (DS) = Adeptus Wins, Pilip ends 4th


Adeptus (LS) VS Pampa (DS) = Adeptus Wins, Pampa ends 3rd


Final Adeptus (DS) VS Medfreeman (LS) = Med Wins



Final Standings


1. Medfreeman

2. Adeptus

3. Pampa

4. Pilip



Deck lists (i'll update when they'll be posted in the french forum)



Maxliger (missing LS list atm)




Objective: (10)
1x Counsel of the Sith (Core 20-1)
2x The Emperor's Web (Core 23-1)
1x Agent of the Emperor (Lure of the Dark Side 104-1)
1x The Plan of the Prophetess (Knowledge and Defense 110-1)
1x The Spice Trade (New Alliances 195-1)
1x Dark Counsel (The Forest Moon 199-1)
2x Dark Lord of the Sith (Galactic Ambitions 217-1)
1x The Emperor’s Shadow (Technological Terror 258-1)





LS - Seven Heaven (6W-0L-0T)


Jedi - Guardians of Justice
Objective: (12)
1x A Hero's Journey (Core 1-1)
1x The Defense of Yavin 4 (Core 8-1)
1x The Flight of the Crow (Knowledge and Defense 107-1)
1x May the Force Be With You (Join Us or Die 112-1)
1x Ties of Blood (It Binds All Things 117-1)
2x Command and Control (Evasive Maneuvers 152-1)
1x A Hero’s Beginning (Chain of Command 161-1)
2x Capital Cover (Galactic Ambitions 228-1)
1x Haunting the Empire (Power of the Force 252-1)
1x Running the Canyon (Technological Terror 256-1)


DS - Heartless Manipulation (3W-1L-1T)


Scum and Villainy - Imperial Contractors
Objective: (12)
1x Lucrative Contract (Assault on Echo Base 57-1)
1x Jabba's Reach (Edge of Darkness 81-1)
1x The Tatooine Crash (Edge of Darkness 82-1)
1x Masterful Manipulation (Between the Shadows 135-1)
1x Might of the Empire (Imperial Entanglements 179-1)
2x Enforced Loyalty (Imperial Entanglements 180-1)
1x Entrenched Defense (Galactic Ambitions 223-1)
2x Heartless Tactics (Ancient Rivals 235-1)
2x Cell Block Detention (Aggressive Negotiations 268-1)





LS (2W-0L-1T)



Rebel Alliance


Objective: (11)

1x Renegade Squadron Mobilization (The Search for Skywalker 44-1)

2x Asteroid Sanctuary (Edge of Darkness 72-1)

1x The Defense of Cloud City (Edge of Darkness 73-1)

1x Forward Reconnaissance (Heroes and Legends 98-1)

1x Along the Gamor Run (Knowledge and Defense 109-1)

1x May the Force Be With You (Join Us or Die 112-1)

1x Renegade Reinforcements (Imperial Entanglements 175-1)

1x The Gardener’s Secret (Galactic Ambitions 230-1)

2x The Lost Commander (Desperate Circumstances 271-1)


DS - Executor Morghulis



Imperial Navy


Objective: (11)

2x The Emperor's Web (Core 23-1)

2x The Executor Arrives (Escape from Hoth 66-1)

2x Might of the Empire (Imperial Entanglements 179-1)

1x The Spice Trade (New Alliances 195-1)

2x The Emperor’s Shadow (Technological Terror 258-1)

2x Technological Terror (Technological Terror 259-1)



It was a fun day, full of nice and awesome players!
Thanks to everyone!


Edit: updated with Trajan's decks and my deck stats

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Wait. Did you get prizes?



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Mine :

Jan Ors x1

Rex x2

May the Force x1

Falcon x2

Momaw x1

Cavern x1

Lobot EoD x1

Gamor x1

Renegade Reinforcement x1

Undefeated but take one time loss (but win without doubt with all stuff enhancement on board on turn 3


DS :

Executor Morghulis

Technological Terror x2

Executor arrives x2

Might of The Empire x2

Emperor's Shuttle x2

Emperor's Web x2

Spice Trade x1


A fun deck but I have no idea what to bring to regional, I just didn't want to bring Promise of Turbolaser deck this time.

Works very well with Executor out, but not very much without it ! 

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Wait. Did you get prizes?

No, we had to pay the kit though..
We'll know what we've won at the same time as everyone !

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