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Strongest Objective cards (not sets)

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What are people's opinions on the strongest (most impactful, efficient, reliable, etc) objective cards for the different faction.  Obviously, you have to take into consideration the entire objective set when building decks, and you want sets to compliment each other, but this is looking at only the objective card itself.  Here are some brainstorming thoughts:


-Jedi: May the Force be with you, Spark of Rebellion.  Both have a considerable impact on the game, getting more use out of units and being able to ramp up/rebuild quickly.


-Rebel: ??


-Smugglers and Spies: The False Report, Along the Gamor Run, Raise the Stakes


-Sith: Plan of the Prophetess.  Makes it really difficult for the light side to take/keep the force.


-Imperial: Enforced Loyalty.  Better when paired with the Tarkin Doctrine but always a headache for the light side.


-Scum: Master's Manipulation, Spice Trade.  For the resources.



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Rebel:  Mobilize the Squadrons.


provides resources and when not needed gives pseudo elite.  Can also be stacked with an elite unit to remove up to 3 focus tokens per turn.  


Planning the Attack


provides extra cards which is obviously powerful.  "warps" the game in the sense that it demands the DS player to commit to an attack to "turn off" the objective.

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Defense of Yavin is a strong contender for Rebels. 


How did Dark Lord of the Sith miss this list?

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So as a preface, there's a ton of really brutal while undamaged objectives. Any objective that forces your opponent into an attack and leave themselves open for repercussions is huge. A few examples include Hero's Duty (lol remember that one?), Planning the Attack, Across the Dune Sea and Imperial Blockade. 


Anyways here's my list:




Hero's Beginning (risky since I'd hate to hit a bunch of mains but the card advantage is nuts)

Hero's Duty (seriously this objective is bonkers, if you swap out the event for K2 it becomes a Tier 1-ish pod)

H&L (hard setup for a huge payoff)

In You Must Go (crap pod but a ridiculous discount)

Native Blessings (it's ridiculous how much this objective messes up combat math)

SOY4 (see above)

Survivors (I seriously hate this card)

and MTF/Spark need no explanation




Legend Begins (in my opinion this is one of the strongest LS objectives in the whole game, it just comes in a mediocre pod)

Capital Cover (capital ships aren't my thing but it definitely forces your opponent into an awkward situation)

C&C (lol extra reserve)

Mobilize (already been explained)

Planning the Attack (see comments for Capital Cover and C&C)

Pushing Back the Empire (that discount is great)

DOY4 (decks are built around this pod)




Against All Odds (potential for extreme offense boost)

Dune Sea (it's basically the LS version of DLOTS, too bad the Jawa chuds are lame)

Gamor (is it really surprising they made this limit 1, it did nuke the chance of the Marauder being good though)

Asteroid Sanctuary (not great in comparison to the others but easily abused if you remember to use it)

On the Run (seriously underrated although the pod leaves a bit to be desired)

Anoat (as if Sleuths didn't fill me up with rage already)

Broken Horn (good Lord, the ramp is real...what a parting gift from FFG)




Entrenched Defense (it's like having a third, beefed up Tarkin Doctrine!)

Imperial Blockade (I think people forgot how stupid this objective is; it can decide games on the opening turn)

Inexorable (easily the most underrated DS pod in the entire game, I could go on a huge rant for this one but why people slept on this pod is beyond me)

Might (global Elite is stupid and honestly with 2 resources it didn't need any additional text)

R&R (another case of an underrated pod)

Tarkin (no explanation needed)

Tech Terror (the ramp is real, DS edition)

Honorable Mentions: Pre-errata Enforced and Entrapment




His High Exaltedness (not that bad post errata)

Masterful (ramp)

Spice Trade (one time I had someone cancel the text with a Saboteur and it made me a sad panda)

Hunters (ridiculous when it covers all of your objectives)

Looking back at the list of Scum objectives I'm surprised with how few I actually chose




Counsel (brutal card draw)

DLOTS (with the whole dual-faction meta the full power of this pod has been lessened a bit but let's be real this pod shouldn't exist)

Stygeon Prime (this objective can just neuter the LS board, why it's not a "While undamaged" is beyond me)

Knives (so simple, so effective)

Emperor's Promise (I mean you can technically play around this one but when it's in tandem with the other painful options that Sith has it makes for a pretty rough board state for LS to get past)

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The "while undamaged" objectives can be particularly strong, but their effects tend not to last long.  While they can be clutch, I like having the reliability of objectives that are always "on."  I often see the while undamaged objective cards as a great bonus but not something to really count on (at least mine always seem to get turned off pretty quick, while I can't do even a single damage to my opponents, lol).



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