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MN Collective Draft 12/16

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Minnesota Meta gathered for an afternoon of Collective Drafting.  Just like Jazz Music: there are no wrong notes.  Just notes with more color than others.  We laughed ourselves silly with the various inclusions.  Danny made the mistake of sitting after me again, but he didn’t complain as much as he did the previous time.  With our group of knuckleheads there are no “safe places” to sit.  We wound up with a couple tri-color decks this time.  We blamed Shad for that but he swears it wasn’t him.  Midway through the draft I was passed a Jedi-Smuggler deck that had 5 crazy pods in it already.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, it was so good already so I threw in a May the Force to see how badly the rest of the table could tank it with the last 4 pods.  Unfortunately Danny had the Alliances cycle binder which is just full of gas.  He threw in the Biggs pod to force it into tri-color, but that also gave it a 2nd seeds.  The last 3 inclusions were Rumors at the Cantina, Gamblo and Undercover Dealings.  Unfortunately, Tyler had to leave after only 2 games, so the finished a round robin amongst the remaining 4 players.



1st (Mick)

Affiliation: Jedi  (9th pick, 3-0)

Deep Commitment

Danger in the Wastes

Resistance and Rebellion

Spirit of Rebellion

Escape from Ord Mantell

Planning the Rescue

Fleeing the Empire

Haunting the Empire

Behind Enemy Lines

Commando Raid


Affiliation: Sith (2nd pick, 1-2)

There is No Conflict

Emperor’s Hand

Emperor’s Shadow

Imperial Bureaucracy

Immeasurable Power

Imperial Command

Dark Trooper Project

Emperor’s Legion

Endor Entrapment

Endor Gambit



2nd/3rd (Ethan)

Affiliation: Smuggler  (1st pick, 1.5-2)

Last Warrior

Gardner’s Secret

House Edge

Undercover Dealings

May the Force Be With You

In You Must Go


Mysteries of the Rim

They’ll Never Stop Us

Rumors at the Cantina


Affiliation: Navy  (10th pick, 2-1)

Moon Blockade

Protect the Generator

Dark Time for the Rebellion

Unsavory Contracts

Hunter in the Night

Tatooine Crash

“No Disintegrations”

Lure of the Lost

Plan of the Prophetess

Counsel of the Sith



2nd/3rd (Shad)

Affiliation: Rebel  (3rd pick, 1-2)

Running the Trench

Alderaan’s Promise

Lost Commander

Mission to Talay

Last Warrior

Questionable Contacts

Fortune and Fate

Resistance and Rebellion

Defense of Cloud City

Renegade Squadron Mobilization


Affiliation: Sith  (8th pick, 2.5-1)

Second Phase

Scouring the Empire

Rogue Archaeology

Vader’s Army

Emperor’s Cabal

The Investigation

Cruel Interrogations

Heartless Tactics

Droid’s Task

Droid Droid Revolution



4th (Kiramode)

Affiliation: Jedi  (5/6th pick, 1-2)

Hidden from the Empire

Spark of Rebellion

Inhospitable Deployments x2

Sensors are Placed

Attack Pattern Delta

Planning the Attack

Rogue Squadron Assault

Hope of Rebellion

Echo Base Defense


Affiliation: Sith  (5/6th pick, 1-2)

The Questioning

Vader’s Army

Jabba’s Orders x2

Heartless Tactics

Schemes and Intrigue

“No Disintegrations”

Jabba’s Reach

Shadowed Surveillance

Hutt’s Menagerie



Porkins Drop (Tyler)

Affiliation: Rebel (7th pick, 0-0.5)

Mobilize the Squadrons

Draw Their Fire

Turning the Tide

Spirit of Rebellion

No Match for a Good Blaster

Impersonating a Diety

Bait and Switch

Honor Among Thieves

Hero’s Resolve

Sacrifice at Endor


Affiliation: Scum (4th pick, 0-0.5)

Double Crossing Droid

Out of the Mists

Grand Heist

Emperor’s Web

Knives in the Night

Emperor’s Shadow

Counsel of the Sith

Ghosts of the Dark Side

Maw of Madness

Call of the Cult



What we liked building with (x2)


Rebel: Hoth Derlin

Smuggler: Nien Nunb, Zeb, Jyn


Sith: 0-0-0, Shuttle, Counsel


Scum:  Weequays, Good Dengar, Double-Tap Boba



Plays of the Day

Mick: the blow out card in my deck proved to be Bring Em On from the terrible and secretly awesome Ord Mantell pod.  In 2 games it let an unassuming chud bring down a main!  Crafty smuggler smacks 0-0-0 for 3, shabaam!!


Ethan:  Momaw with bo-rifle and holdout blaster doing work!  Zeb also got linked up with these toys in another game…


Shad:  Flopping into the Investigation and calling “Hold Out Blaster”.  Ethan immediately discards it next turn…


Kiramode:  1st turn droid factory into various droids getting his reserve up to 8/9 cards with Jabba’s Reach.  Also he was 3-for-3 with Get Me Solo capturing Cracken, Bail and Yoda.


Tyler:  Played Hate on Super Yoda making him very sad.

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This meta is pretty stacked now that you've drafted Tyler and Kiramode over the past few years. I think there needs to be a crew battle between you guys and the NYC meta. 

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If you guys come out for one of the worlds we should totally arrange something!  But be warned: all we want to do anymore are SW drafts!  



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Heard yall were talking big about crew battling NY.

Draft or not we will put you on the bottoms of our deck and shuffle you.
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