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Make Admiral Piett Great Again (for the first time)

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Hello all,

Awhile ago, I set out to make Mission Luke great again. I've always loved that pod, and decided I wanted to fit him into a competitive deck. I feel like I succeeded, taking him to a 3rd place finish at the Muncie Regional. Now, my eyes move towards a different pod I've always loved the idea of, but never played with, Admiral Piett.

So, a challenge! Post me your thoughts on an Admiral Piett deck. Only rule is it must be a 2x of Piett. My first try is below. (It usually takes me a number of tries, plus I'm not great at theory crafting, I need to play with the deck to get a feel for it.)

Galactic Enforcers Affiliation

2x Admirals Assault
2x Enforced Loyalty
2x Might of the Empire
2x Out of the Mists
2x Unsavory Contracts
1x Spice Trade
1x I Don't Like You Either

Now, this deck does nothing to answer some of Pietts weaknesses, mainly high cost, and not elite. It's possible going with a refresh affiliation is the way to go. What this deck does do, is provide a number of great fate cards to attach to Piett, including Hallucination, A Quick Hunt, Imperial Fist, and Allies of Necessity. (I really wanted to throw in Pilot Vader, I Have You Now on Piett seems mean, but it just doesn't fit, and the deck needs resources).

To me, this is where I would start, play this for a few games, and make adjustments based on what I see working and not working. What do you think of the deck? Do you have a better idea?

Let me know!
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I’m convinced any serious exploration of Piett decks have to involve well equipped and missions so you can strike with him multiple times. Obviously you also want Yularen because if you ever manage to link him with Fist it’s just too disgusting. I think you also want to go 7 reserve not only because it makes a smaller percentage of the deck Piett jank, but it lets you draw more cards to get the fate card train rolling.

I’d probably start with
X2 Piett
X2 Yularen
X2 Kallus
X2 Core Palp
X2 Shuttle
X2 Mara

.... Doh! I forgot the missions!
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I think cycling pilot Fett with Stay on Target attached to piett would be really fun.
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If you manage to actually make Piett great, maybe I'll bring my Piett playmat out of retirement...

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I won a Regional with Piett x2 a couple years back.  I have a Hoth-focused deck now (Imp/Sith) that removes objective damage like crazy and whittles the opponent down.  This current deck is different than the one that won the Regional.  Bouncing Hoth Reinforcements with The Killing Cold and bringing them back with Battle of Hoth can be fun...


Imp Faction

Blizzard Assault x2

Unstoppable Advance x2

The Admiral's Assault x2

The Killing Cold x2

Sabotage In The Snow

Shadows On The Ice


It's only the 2 Sith objectives, but the only card I need to play with a sith resource is The Desolation of Hoth and if I don't pull one of the Killing Colds to start it's still a 3 pip card to go with Fear a 2 pip.  All the other cards in there are neutral.

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