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Fun decks with full collection

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Does anyone have a list of decks to make with a full collection?


Looking to make 4-5 decks from each side to have pre-built in order to have some fun games.





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We had a number of decks sleeved up pre worlds 2018 that were pretty fun. Here’s a list to get you started:


Light Side


Affiliation: Mercenary Contacts

Trust Me x2

Fortune and Fate x2

Renegade Squadron Mobilization x2

Rebel Fleet x2

Commando Operations x2

Commando Raid

Hit and Run


Affiliation: Guardians of Justice

Hero’s Journey x2

Secret of Yavin IV x2

Twilight of the Apprentice


Pushing Back the Empire x2

Lost Commander

Haunting the Empire

Mission to Talay

Planning the Attack


Affiliation: No Questions Asked

May the Force Be With You x2

Desert Recruitment x2


Wookie Life Debt x2

Badge of Honor x2

Along the Gamor Run


Affiliation: Fighters for Freedom

Rogue Squadron Assault x2

Explosives Artist x2

Defense of Yavin IV

Secret at Shantipole x2

Hero’s Duty x2

In You Must Go



Dark Side


Affiliation: Promise of Power

Emperor’s Web x2

Dark Lord of the Sith

Plan of the Prophetess

Vader’s Army

Hunter for Hire

Unsavory Contracts

All Out Brawl

Tatooine Crash

Behind the Black Sun


Affiliation: Any Methods Necessary

Technological Terror x2

Might of the Empire x2

Imperial Command

Flight of the Hunter x2

Slave Trade x2

Spice Trade


Affiliation: Galactic Enforcers

Emperor’s Promise x2

Rogue Archaeology x2

From the Abyss x2

Enforced Loyalty x2

Immeasurable Power x2

Last Grand Admiral

Dark Trooper Project


Affiliation: Dark Masters

Unstoppable Advance x2

Blizzard Assault x2

Entrenched Defenses

Killing Cold x2

Fearsome and Foul

Threat From the Depths

Sabotage in the Snow



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Theme decks seem like a great way to introduce the game. I came up with a pair of Hoth decks:

"The First Transport is Away!"
Affiliation - Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance
038 - Hoth Operations x2
043 - Sensors Are Placed x2
059 - Attack Pattern Delta x2
108 - The Hoth Gambit x1
281 - Inhospitable Deployments x2
039 - Echo Base Defense x1

"The Shield Will be Down in Moments."
Affiliation - Imperial Navy
Imperial Navy
056 - The General's Imperative x2
063 - Unstoppable Advance x2
120 - The Admiral’s Assault x2
283 - Blizzard Assault x2
042 - Shadows on the Ice x1
058 - Sabotage in the Snow x1

I've been wanting to do something similar for Yavin- unfortunately, a Black Squadron deck is much more sygergistic than a Red Squadron one, so I think that would fare poorly. I was thinking of maybe Red Squadron vs a Death Star deck- not sure how balanced it'll be, I'm afraid that Enforced Loyalty may be a bit much, but here's what I have. Be warned these have yet to be playtested for balance:

"Let's Blow This Thing and Go Home!"
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance
008 - The Defense of Yavin 4 x2
013 - Mobilize the Squadrons x2
157 - Running the Trench x2
242 - A Legend Begins x2
247 - Sacrifice of Heroes x2
276 - They’ll Never Stop Us x2

"You May Fire When Ready."
Faction: Imperial Navy
Imperial Navy
026 - Imperial Command x2
028 - The Ultimate Power x2
029 - Death and Despayre x2
180 - Enforced Loyalty x2
259 - Technological Terror x2

I know, I know, it's a 12 objective deck that doesn't have 7 reserve... I just don't know what to cut. Everything belongs in that deck for one reason or another.
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So I tried a couple games with the Yavin decks and... Well, I don't want to say anything for certain about balance with only two games, but I'm actually feeling my fears may have been backwards. While Enforced Loyalty is amazing- and Mithel is an excellent hindrance to a fighter-heavy deck- there's not much the Death Star Player has to defend with until the get the DS1 up and running. The deck is so economy heavy that you'll easily play out Devastator if it hits your hand before the Death Star, but a full 2/5 of your deck is resource generators- most of which aren't very useful in an actual fight. While the Technological Terror is nigh unstoppable once it hits the field, surviving long enough to actually play it might be very hit and miss- Enforced Loyalty no longer seems like an overpowering set as much as it seems like a necessity.

Though again, this is after only two games of balance testing, one as each side.