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Triggering Actions just because

Action Effect No Target

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Hi all,


Can you trigger an Action even though you know it will result in nothing? (I want to execute this Action just to change the state of the board and not per the card's intended purpose).




Patron of the Arts (Mark of Madness expansion):


"Action: Drive a character insane to choose a Madness card in your discard pile and put it into your hand. Limit once per phase."


I just want more insane characters on my side. Can I just trigger this even though I don't have any Madness cards in my discard pile? Even if I did, can I just leave the Madness cards in my pile?



Example 2:

The Dikes of Ys (Mark of Madness expansion):


"Action: Pay 2 and sacrifice The Dikes of Ys to choose and destroy a support card."

I simply need to get rid of Dikes of Ys. Can I just pay 2 and sac this card even though I have no legal support card to target?





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I do not recall and I cannot easily find any obligation that triggering an effect must do something. But I would not be too surprise if it exists, since I know it is forbidden in several more recent FFG LCG rules. Still, I suggest you keep searching/asking and allow them until you learn better.

That said, it turns out neither of your examples are legal.

From section 1.9 of the FAQ:: "A player cannot trigger a card effect or activate a story effect that requires him or her to choose a character, support card, or story card if there is no card of that type that he or she is able to choose."

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