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Making characters insane, Dikes of Ys

Insane Dikes of Ys

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Hello all,


I know in the game a character that has the Terror icon or the Willpower trait cannot be made to go insane or be targetted to go insane.


However, with a card like The Dikes of Ys (Mark of Madness expansion)...

"The first character that enters play each turn enters play insane."


1) Does this mean that if I play my first character that has the Terror icon or Willpower trait, it is exempt from The Dikes of Ys?


2) If the second character I play does NOT have the Terror icon or Willpower, is it fine? Meaning it will not go insane because this is NOT the first character I played during my operations phase?


3) A variation on question #2: If I sequence it right, I could play my character which has no Terror icons or Willpower first (i.e. I really need this character to hit the board and can't afford to have him enter play insane) and THEN play Dikes of Ys afterwards so that my character is protected. Is this legit?



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Character with Terror icon or Willpower can still enter play insane, they just can't normally be be driven insane once in play, I will refer you to the card specific page for this: http://www.cardgamed...kes-of-ys-r1539. (often the card pages are the best place to look for or ask card specfic questions)


Regarding question 3.
If you play Dike of Ys after you have already played a character this round, then obviously that character will be fine since the Dikes effect wasn't in play. Also, any subsequent character you play that round won't be affected either, since they won't be the 'first' character you played that round (it doesn't really matter that its the first the dikes saw played).

So whenever playing the Dikes and any characters in the same round, one would normally not play the Dikes first, to avoid needlessly slowing yourself down.

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