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Conquest is on Table Top Simulator: Import Decks from Traxis

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Greetings Conquest Players!

I'm here to announce that the Conquest addon for Tabletop Simulator(TTS) is complete. Not only are all the FFG cards in here, but ALL the team Apoka cards as well. For those of you not keeping close attention to Conquest, there should be a new set of cards coming out later this year from team Apoka, don’t worry, when they’re ready they will be in TTS too. Find more players at: Conquest Discord 


How Do I get this?

TTS is the game, Conquest is an addon for TTS. Once you have purchased Tabletop Simulator, you must go to the TTS workshop in Steam to subscribe to it in order to play. The full title of this addon is “Warhammer 40k Conquest Official Cards, Apoka, and Deckbuilding”.


Apoka Addtional Rules

Team Apoka. Psssst. . . their 2v2 rules(bottom of page) work on TTS!!


Setting Up Your Table

Once you and your opponent are in a game you must choose a color. Click your name in the top right, select “Choose Color”, one player must choose blue, the other player must choose white. If you don’t choose these colors any cards in your hand will be visible to all.


Getting Around

The interface for TTS has a tutorial, I strongly encourage folks to use it. I’ll list some tips here that I think will aid in playing a card game.


  • Mousing over anything and holding the “ALT” key will give a nice big zoom of the object. While holding “ALT” if you want to alter the zoom level, then use your mouse wheel to do so.
  • Exhausting and readying cards can be done with the “E” and “Q” keys.
  • There are 2 other zoom keys, the “Z” and “M” keys. Try them all see which you prefer.
  • W, A, S, D keys will pan the camera around the table. The mouse wheel will zoom in or out. The “SPACE” key will reset the camera to default.
  • While moving the camera around you will no longer have your hand of cards in sight. Hit the “H” key to bring a floating hand up at the bottom of your screen. Hit it again to hide it.
  • The “F” key flips cards face up or face down. You can flip a card in your hand, if you want to bring it out to the table face down.
  • Double clicking your deck will draw a card. Alternatively, you can hit a number key and quickly draw that number into your hand.
  • Last tip is for quickly getting the camera where you want it. You can navigate the camera to a position you like, then hold the “CTRL” key and tap a number key. This will save this camera position for future use. You can return the camera to this position by holding “SHIFT” and tapping the previously set number key. This can be good for looking at the opponents HQ or see what’s happening on Planet 5.
  • Interface tips can be brought up by hitting the “?” key, hit again to hide it.


Deck Building

There are 2 ways to enjoy deck building for this version of Conquest. The fast and easy way I believe most of us will enjoy is using www.traxissector.com to create your deck and export the file to be opened in TTS.


Deck Building with Traxis

Once your deck is saved with traxissector, choose the Export option. On the next screen under the Choose Export Format drop down, select Tabletop Simulator export. Save this to a location you can easily find. Once done, move the .json file to the default TTS save folder.


  • Documents > My Games > Tabletop Simulator > Saves > Saved Objects


Now start up Tabletop Simulator. Once in the game, you will see a menu at the top of the screen, go to Objects > Saved objects, and then either double-click or drag-and-drop your deck into the game. Voila!


Deck Building in TTS

The other way is for folks who enjoy looking at all the available cards and building a deck like they were sitting at home at their favorite table. So, for those who build decks this way there is some extra info to know.


Since there are many cards in this game, the first time you open this addon it can take a while for it to load. So, all the factions and card types are in separate bags. If you want to see the cards and build a deck in TTS you’ll have to pull the cards out of their bags. This helps minimize load times.


For memory issues there is only 1 copy of a card that's not part of a Warlord's signature squad. You can copy a card by mousing over it and hitting CTRL+C, and paste a copy with CTRL+V.

You can right click on any card stack and Search. You'll see all cards and their titles in this window. You and mouse over a card to zoom in on it, then left click and drag it out of the window on to the table. There is also text field at the top of the search window where you can type in the card title for faster locating.


If you build your deck this way, you'll want to save it for future use. Once it is assembled, you can right click on the deck and choose the Save Object option, label it and you're good to go.



This addon doesn’t have any scripting in it. There are no rules enforcement or automation. Everyone will have to move resources around the table.


Command Dials: You will have noticed the colored boxes on the bottom right of each players table side. This is the hidden area. When setting command dials, place them in here, then hit “Q” or “E” to choose your planet. When set just drag the dial out of the hidden box.



Hope everyone has fun. If you see any issues or have questions email me at: warder808@hotmail.com

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There has been a visual facelift for the addon!


Better Tokens
Damage, Faith, Resources
The old tokens have been replaced with tokens with states. So you just need to mouse over a token and hit the number on your keyboard, and that number will appear on the token. No more need to fiddle with many smaller tokens.
Better Command Dial Implementation
The original dials are great in real life play. But not so hot in TTS. So we have replaced them with Tokens with states. Mouse over, hit a number, and that’s what you see. The Hammer token is for Command, the Tyranid worm token is for Synapse unit deployment. 
But I play Necrons! Ok, the Necron Enslavement token is for you. It is a state token too(see above)!
Changing ATK and HP
This is a more tricky solution that we are still iterating on. If you have units that have fluctuating ATK and HP values DECALS are your new friend. Instead of tokens we’re using decals to show attack and HP changes. 
How do I DECAL?
Choose the decal tool (F9 key) a window pops out with many values, click on one, then click where you want this modifier to appear on the card. BOOM, done. Once done, you want the regular Pointer cursor back hit (F1). 
Silence of Space and Sound. . .NO MORE
There is future combat music in the game now. Hit the Music button up top!