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Project: Replacement Cards of Underpowered/Underused FFG Cards

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A while a go, DarthBS made some interesting adjustments to underpowered cards from the Hoth Cycle in an attempt to make them more viable in the latest meta. I playtested some of them and they succeeded in making some pods more fun to play, while not becoming overly oppressive. Even the change to 'serving the emperor' which allows it to ressurrect chuds upon winning the force, did not result in me winning every single game (at least against jedi). 


Even before I decided to make the Mandalorian Cycle, I was working on a document with suggested changes to cards from other cycles and even the core set, which don't see any play (at least in my local meta). But I have heard that the council isn't keen on changes made to existing FFG cards. So before I go in and put in the actual work of making the replacements, I wanted to show you my propositions for some replacement cards and check how the community and council feels about this. I have included my line of reasoning for each of the changes. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


As always, all love and hatred is welcome to my ideas!  :P


Listed are only pods or individual cards that hardly/never see play per faction (as far as I can see). Replacement ideas are only options i’m considering. Chosing one idea might exclude another within the same pod in order to keep balance. Definitive decision making is pending.


Balance of the Force: 2

Imperial Entanglements: 2

Fighter Cycle: 1

Edge of Darkness: 10

Echoes of the Force: 7

Core: 9

Alliances: 1

Endor: 1

Hoth: 1




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Dark side objectives


Balance of the Force: 2

Fighter Cycle: 1

Edge of Darkness: 6

Echoes of the Force: 4

Core:  4

Alliances: 1

Endor: 1 




#94 The emperor’s Hand (Balance of the force)

  • Replacement 1x Agent of the hand to a title enhancement (1 cost emperor’s favor +1 unit dmg, +1 hp for sith units playable from discard pile)

  • Replacement 1x Agent of the hand with a condition enhancement (1 cost ‘the emperor’s voice/final command, enhance a force user, enhanced unit gains edge (1), if enhanced unit is participating in an engagement with Luke Skywalker it also gains 1 black, 1 edge enabled unit damage. (reference card: naraan’s lightsaber).

  • Replacement 1x Agent of the hand with changed reaction: After this unit enters play, search the top 5 cards for a sith event. Reveal it and add it to your hand. Return the other cards and shuffle your deck. 


This pod never sees the light of day in standard 1 v 1 play in my local meta. In stark comparison with Obi-wan’s pod who has the shistaven wolfmen and obi-wan himself to offset the useless objective ability. And while the agent’s ability combo’s with the event, they are too expensive for this pod to see a lot of play. Either one agent needs to go or they both need their costs reduced to make this pod more viable. Another option is improving the agent’s reaction by allowing a search for a sith event. A copy of the emperor’s favor enhancement from #258 objective fits thematically with the hand’s close relationship with the emperor. Alternatively, it could be an enhancement that plays into palpatine’s telepathic connection to Mara, giving her an edge under normal circumstances and urging her to take vengeance on Luke specifically (as portrayed in the novell). 


#87 The ghosts of the dark side (Edge of Darkness)

- Replacement 2x Force Wraith with cost 2

- Replacement 1x Force Wraith/Dark memories with Sith Relic enhancement (enhance play area; Forced reaction: If a force user you control is participating in an engagement, damage enhancement to have an enemy participating unit lose 1 combat icon and have a target participating friendly force-user gain that icon until the end of the engagement. After enhancement has 3 damage, resolve the strike and sacrifice that targeted unit).  


The Force wraiths are too expensive for what they do. And with the less interesting combat icons (for control) and only 2 force icons, they won’t likely even be committed to use their ability.  With a lot of newer units doing more for less, they make this pod less viable. Also with this pod not having a resource to offset that high cost… Reducing their cost or changing one card entirely might make it more interesting and viable. With Malachor V having a heavy dark side theme, a sith relic empowering dark side characters for a cost might be interesting. Like a dark side version of echo caverns, but only for force users who can handle the dark side. Also, the forced reaction plays well into the theme of being careful once you decide to use (play) the dark side; perhaps the mask of Darth Nihilus could be the artwork. 


#114 The second Phase (Echoes of the Force)

  • Replacement Objective with 6 HP

  • Replacement 2x Dark trooper legion with added elite keyword (like black squadron)

  • Replacement 2x Dark trooper legion with added shielding keyword.


While I understand that the deployment of the Dark trooper legion has to hurt, it doesn’t compare to other cards in the game (like the black squadron unit card with the same amount of combat icons and the elite keyword). Adding elite for the legion is necessary and possibly coupled with some of my other suggestions.  Because the pod hasn’t seen a lot of play in my meta because of the high cost with not enough reward. 


#24 Cruel interrogations (Core)

  • Interrogation Droid: Replacement with 2 cost, 2 hp, edge tactic (instead of black)


The cost for this droid does not seem fair with regards to a ‘one-off’ and ‘random’ discard effect and just the one black tactic. Especially with newer cards doing a lot more for less. Possibly because in the days of the core box games tended to go a lot slower. Reducing the cost but increasing the need for edge, might allow it to see more play. 


#25 Shadows of Dathomir (Core)

  • Replacement objective: added trait night

  • Nightsister: Replacement with 2 cost, 1 hp, edge blast (instead of black). Added trait 'night'

  • Nightsister: Replacement with 3 cost, 2 hp and added trait 'night'


These nightsters have too high a cost for their hp.The 1 health makes them easy targets for heats and other 1 damage abilities that have since been added to the game. The high cost is most likely meant to protect them from the Rancor’s interrupt. With newer units doing more for less, this pod hardly gets picked. Reducing the cost with a reduction in power OR buffing hp with the same cost might make the pod more viable. Thematically it fits when compared to the nightsister warrior cards who are force users and these are just force sensitive. The night trait fits thematically and links them with the newer nightsisters.


#124 The call of the Cult (Echoes of the Force)

  • Double focus this objective to set the balance to the darkside and skip the force phase.

  • Cularin Cultist: Replacement with action: Focus this unit to….

  • Cularin Cultist: Replacement with Elite keyword and a edge tactic (instead of black).


I used to love this pod back when the LS game was more about control (tactics Yoda and Quran protect). The hate card really slowed things down, without stopping it all together. With the speed certain decks have nowadays I find it’s no longer really viable. Changing the Cularin cultist might change that, but I’m not sure how. His ability only works after a successful strike right now. Allowing him to do it at will, at the cost of him striking is an idea. Otherwise making him elite, would allow him to be easier committed to the force (and fit the cultist theme better).




#80 Hive of scum and Villainy (Edge of Darkness)

  • Replacement 1x paid informant to his prize posession resource card.

  • Replacement objective with new text: scum affiliation only -  While a card is captured here, Each unique bounty hunter gains edge 1 while defending. 

This objective is tricky, because of the strong capture event but less than favourable units and slightly underpowered edge. Especially with Greedo slowly dying if you do lose the edge on his watch. Seeing as Greedo was out to get Solo and to make the pod slightly more interesting, I wonder if a prized posession resource card could help it see more play. The objective’s original ability is easily ignored by LS. Giving DS an abilty like the flight of the crow, but only when a card is captured there gives LS an incentive to attack it and fits thematically with bounty hunters having an edge while on their own turf. The edge count also helps Greedo survive longer if you manage to both get them in play. 


#106 The Findsman’s Intuition (Echoes of the Force)

  • Replacement Zuckuss: change to 3 hp. 

  • Replacement Zuckuss: added elite Keyword


Findman’s Zuckuss his ability is a strong blind capture option for scum, that back in the day was balanced by his meager 2 hp. In the current meta, this pod doesn’t see play anymore as far as I know. I think it is mainly because of that 2 hp, seeing that mist Zuckuss’ pod has better hp, better icons, better edge, better 4-lom and a fixed resource. To make Findman Zuckuss more viable, his hp could be buffed or he could gain elite. Buffing HP allows him to stay alive longer in order to use his ability, but keeps him vulnerable for tactics. Giving him elite allows him to refresh in order to use his ability, but retains his vulnerability to unit damage. 


#126 The Slimiest Scheme (Echoes of the Force)

  • 2x Replacement Palace security with 2 cost and altered reaction: When this unit enters play, move one damage from a target scum objective to another scum objective. 


This pod does have potential with the ability to have salacious B jump around unfocussing characters or even recall/redeploy snoova. But even with that ability, the resource card, a good event, perfectly average edge value, and the option the heal objectives, the pod doesn’t see much play; if any. I can only think people, me included, don’t feel inclined paying the 3 cost to deploy the security pigs. Reducing their cost in exchange for nerfing their ability might change that. 


#85 Trandoshan Terror (Edge of Darkness)

  • Replacement Bossk with added elite keyword and altered reaction: After you play this unit from your hand, focus it with 3 focus tokens to capture a target exhausted enemy non-vehicle unit. Then, if that unit was a wookiee, draw 2 cards.

  • Replacement 2x Trandoshan hunter with added night keyword. 

  • Replacement 1x Bounty enhancement to Regeneration event, remove 1 damage from a target night unit, or non-sith character unit.

In comparison to other bounty hunters, Bossk got almost as much love as the original Dengar (not a lot). While he did get an instant capture ability, it was limited to exhausted characters only and required to double focus him. Without an elite keyword that remains quite an investment. And because the bounty enhancement was too easily discarded by LS, this pod didn’t see a lot of play if any. By giving him elite and the ability to capture any non-vehicle unit, but in return having to triple focus, he gets some boost in power, while retaining the initial down-time. Giving the trandoshan’s the night trait, and adding the regeneration event from #277 fits thematically with the trandoshan’s infra-red vision, regenerative abilities and the shadowed artwork.


#274 Automated Assassin (Alliances)

  • Replacement  IG-88D with added keyword elite


With this IG costing 5 resources for an ability that is strong, but requires another card to actually do the capturing and preventing it from being rescued, I wonder why he didn’t get it from the get go. It’s not easy fitting this version of IG-88 into a deck that utilizes his ability. The first IG-88 card also has elite and a similar combat icon spread. And with the other two IG units not having the elite keyword but stronger/easily used abilities, I’d say it’s fair if IG-88D gains it.


#81 Jabba’s reach (Edge of Darkness)

  • Replacement Jabba with added elite keyword and remove elite from the barge (like the jedi mystic). 

  • Replacement Jabba with added reaction: after you refresh, remove 1 focus token from a target mercenary unit. Barge with changed reaction: move 1 focus token from target unique scum unit to barge. 


Since the release of the 2nd Jabba, this pod doesn’t get played anymore. And even when it was released it wasn’t an instant seller. Reversal of fate remains the only pull to this pod and is not enough to win games. The main difference between (reach) Jabba and (exalted) Jabba is that one has elite on its own and the other requires the pleasure barge for the unfocus. That’s an 8 resource investment for two units from which one will become unusable once you use it’s reaction. Moreover, (exalted) Jabba has a constant strong effect, while (reach) Jabba needs to focus himself for a weaker 1-off effect. The proposed changes can either make Jabba more flexible on his own and making the barge a nice extra OR giving jabba a more interesting combo mechanic with other lesser used pods (no bounty hunters) and still needing the barge; Both still themed towards unfocusing but now more independed of each other. One possible balance issue might become the outer rim space pirates who become elite resources, when both their objective and this jabba would be in play. Same goes for unsavory contacts.


#96 Mercenary Support (Balance of the Force)

  • Replacement Punishing One: 3 / 4 cost, 2hp, shielding, +1 edge enabled unit damage

  • Replacement 2x Trandoshan Security Team: Scum faction, 2 cost, 2 hp, 2 edge enabled unit damage. 


This pod has never seen play in my meta. The 1 cost bounty hunter play can definitely be strong, but is very situational. Usually you don’t want to throw away your bounty hunters like that. Moreover, the punishing one is just average, while the trandoshans and the event are very expensive. Because of their cost and hp, you’ll probably be using them in the engagement to block, meaning their ability will never get used. Changing the faction allows for more combo’s, reducing the cost in exchange for less hp, and making the damage fully edge enabled makes sure you want to invest edge in order to use their ability and also fits thematically with them putting effort into their ‘hunt’. Considering the punishing one, giving it a shielding ability makes its hp more variable fits the theme of protecting assets while moving prisoners around and sets it apart from other scum vehicles. One more (edge) unit damage staves off daring rescuers. And all of it by increasing the cost by either 1 or 2. The variability with the shield also fits Dengar’s jack of all trade theme, but this time more defensively.


#145 The Grand Heist (Fighter Cycle)

  • Replacement Niles Ferrier: enhanced vehicle gains edge (1)

  • Replacement Pire Hideout: 2 cost, 1 resource


With so much stronger DS fighter pods out there, I don’t think I have ever seen this one played. One main reason being the affiliation requirement, which severely limits sith and navy fighter decks. The objective ability only works after you successfully play one of two other cards. Niles his pilot cost is actually higher than his unit cost and only does something when played on enemy vehicles. By giving niles edge (1) he could also be played on friendly vehicles, and it allows him to hang onto LS vehicles a little longer. Thematically, the edge would fit his unconventional nature as a pirate. Plus, Niles was employed by the empire under Thrawn, making it less strange for him to pilot imperial vehicles. Giving the enhancement a resource in exchange for a higher cost, also increased the value for this pod. The total edge remains below average.


#The shadow of Nar Shaddaa (Edge of Darkness)

  • Replacement Assassin Droid: 3 cost, change 2 unit damage to edge enabled.

  • Replacement 2x Aqualish Thug: 2 cost 1 hp, reaction: after this unit enters play, each opponent must deal 1 damage to a friendly unit of his choice.

  • Replacement  Protection Fatecard: changed into heat of battle/target of opportunity/seeds of decay?


The main reason this pod doesn’t see play is that all of the included units are super expensive. Seeing HK-47 (while unnamed) was hella cool, but his cost makes sure he never sees play. Especially since he costs the same as unique droids with better icons/text. Reducing the cost while nerfing his damage might change that. That way it retains its ability and threat, but you need to invest more into the edge. Compare it with the FEX droid from the IG-88C pod who has 3 costs, all black icons. The Aqualish thugs their 2 objective damage is heavy, but not interesting enough to play a 3 cost unit with 1 hp. LS will simply choose his least valuable objective to damage. Reducing the cost in exchange for reducing the reaction might make them more viable. Lastly, the protection fate card doesn’t seem to fit the theme of this pod. Either the objective damage from the original thugs can be retained with a target of opportunity, the new ability can be combod with a heat of battle, or the objective itself could be echoed with a seeds of decay.


# 188 The Droid Revolution (Endor)

  • Replacement Assassin Droid: 3 cost, change 2 unit damage to edge enabled.


Seeing HK-47 (while unnamed) was hella cool, but his cost makes sure he never sees play. Especially since he costs the same as IG-88B. Reducing the cost while nerfing his damage might change that. That way it retains its ability and threat, but you need to invest more into the edge. Compare it with the FEX droid from the IG-88C pod who has 3 costs, all black icons.


Imperial Navy


#32 Take them Prisoner (Core)



Even though this pod has a 6 hp, gave the empire it’s first capture abilities and the first enhancement killer in the entire game, it doesn’t see any play anymore. Even in trooper decks, it seems. I’m can’t put my finger on what would be lacking, since even the troopers themselves aren’t all bad with their black unit dmg. Strangely all other imperial pods seem to have a place in one deck or another too. 




#90 Asteroid Pursuit (Edge of Darkness)

  • Replacement Objective with added elite keyword and 2 resources. Keep the forced reaction.

  • Replacement Lictor-class Dungeon Ship with added edge tactics icon and text: This unit gains black unit damage while at least 1 friendly objective has 2 or more damage on it. 


This objective is so weirdly designed I have never seen it in actual play. The 3 resource value doesn’t seem to offset the free damage LS is getting when the objective is in play. And even if you don’t see the objective, the accompanying cards aren’t strong enough to make this pod interesting. Giving the objective elite, might make it a more priority target for LS (like spice trade, but this objective does count for the victory pile). Also changing the Lictor class to trigger on damage instead of captured cards, plays more into the objective theme. It also stimulates LS to focus fire objectives. 


#34 Looking for Droids (Core)

  • Replacement 1x Dark Alliance with play area enhancement, 1 resource, reduce the cost of the first droid you play each turn by 1 (Junkyard Dealer; Toydarian artwork?)


This core pod is also from a time where games tended to be slower and influence wasn’t yet a thing. That is the only reason I can think of why the droids have a 2 cost to offset the ability to play them from the discard pile. The single edge blast icon doesn’t make it interesting enough to include it into a deck, as there are far better units nowaday. Having a resource card that allows for droids to be reduced in cost could help in this regard.  Moreover, troopers and fighters already have this kind of mechanic, but not droids. It plays well in to the theme of ‘looking for droids’. 




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Light side objectives

Listed are only pods or individual cards that hardly/never see play per faction. Replacement ideas are only options i’m considering. Definitive decision making is pending. 


Balance of the Force: 

Imperial Entanglements: 2

Fighter Cycle: 0

Edge of Darkness: 4

Echoes of the Force: 3

Core: 5



Hoth: 1 




#122 A deep commitments (echoes of the force)

  • Replacement Ferus Olin, with removed shielding and added action: Focus this unit to place a shield on a target character unit or objective, even if that that unit or objective is already shielded. 

  • Replacement Ferus Olin, with added elite keyword and reaction: after you refresh, do not remove a shield from this unit. 

  • Replacement Communications droid to weapon enhancement (Ferus’ lightsaber, Enhance force user unit. Enhanced unit gains (edge tactics) and action: Focus enhanced unit to place a shield on a target character unit or objective. If enhanced unit is Ferus Olin, you may keep 1 shield token during the refresh phase, if able. 

  • Replacement Communication droid: 1 cost, 0 resource, 5 hp mission (Sheltering the future?) with text: each shielded unit gains (edge blast) while this mission is in your victory pile. 


While the ability to cancel events or boost a units attack by removing shields seems like something that would see play, I don’t believe this pod reached the meta after asteroid base got nerfed by FFG. I once tried to include Ferus into a good deck, but didn’t manage. The replacement options try to boost his shielding potential at the cost of him not striking himself. One options seeks to boost Ferus himself, while the other requires him to gain his own lightsaber first. This also ties into the shielding theme of some of the older Obi-Wan pods, since Ferus was closely associated with Ob-Wan.  This needs to be playtested in order to see if the investment of 4-5 resources into a constant event canceling option is still balanced. Alternatively, if we go for the mission as replacement it would help boost shield decks win condition, without falling right into the original asteroid base problem (black damage for all units). 


#76 Embers of Hope (Edge of Darkness)

  • Replacement objective: While this objective has 2 or fewer damage…..

  • Replacement Moisture Farmer, with 0 cost, 2 hp unit

  • Replacement Moisture farmer, with 0 cost, 1 hp, and action: Focus this unit to remove a focus token from a target tatooine card. 

  • Replacement Moisture farmer, with 1 cost, 1 hp, 1 resource

  • Replacement Moisture farmer, with 2 cost, 1 hp, x resource (x is number of tatooine cards in play). 

  • Replacement Moisture farmer, with 2 cost, x hp (x is number of tatooine cards in play)


Despite the presence of makashi training and secret guardian in this pod, it doesn’t see a lot of play. That only leaves  the moisture farmers who, while despite of their free cost, don’t do a lot unless the ember objective is out. The only other objectives they could combo well with are questionable contacts, on the run and desert recruitment. The changes suggested above are all ways of thematically representing ways farmers can support tatooine cards while not increasing their combat power. 


#2 In You must Go (Core)

  • Replacement Yoda: Change to 3 HP


This change is needed to make this yoda more viable again next to the other versions. Especially with MTFBWY being so heavy in the meta, since release. It’s just too easy to pick the other Yoda’s just because they live longer. 


#53 Knowledge and Defense (Hoth)

  • Replacement objective: While this objective has 2 or fewer damage on it….

  • Replacement daughter of alya with added edge enabled objective damage

  • Replacement Yoda’s protection with cost 1 and added resource 1. 


It’s hard to put a finger on the reason why this pod doesn’t see much play. Tactics, cheap units, healing abilities, high edge value (10) are all nice things to have. I suppose it might be because of the speed LS needs to make nowadays that this pod is a little too defense in its current form? All of the latest jedi pods have units with at least edge enabled objective damage. Either that or because the objective effect is too easily disabled. Objectives can easily be damaged before costly units start leaving play. Another option might be to give Yoda’s protection a resource, that would fit with more with the defensive theme and create room for other cards to be offensively deployed. 


#6 Last minute rescue (Core)

  • Replacement Redemption with added elite keyword.


This pod has a LOT of things going for it, but somehow still doesn’t get picked in my experience. It has unit healing, objective healing, shielding, resurrection, unit saves and high edge value. Everytime I considered picking it, I believe I ran into the 5 cost investment for a unit that isn’t elite and could too easily be buried under sith tactic units. There are just better ways of getting jedi back into the action these days with cards like unfinished business. Giving the redemption elite might allow it to be more versatile itself. 


#5 The secret of Yavin 4 (Core)

  • Replacement C-3PO 2 cost with added edge enabled tactics and 3 force icons (reference #123 3PO)

  • Replacement Guardian of peace 2x with added edge enabled tactics icon

As noted earlier, the game’s meta has gotten a lot faster since the core days. And with protection units turning damage taken in to damage returned (chewbaca/Qu-ran), this pod is simply too slow. All C-3PO’s are stronger than the core one, despite core 3PO being the one who leaves play the fastest. Giving this 3PO more force icons than the others gives him a distinct identity, reflects him resting in the oil bath after helping delivering Leia’s message. It makes him interesting to commit, but would also makes LS decide whether to then keep the balance or cancel a possibly deadly event card. Another way to provide this protection pod with a stronger identity, is to give the edge enabled tactics to the guardians. Both the pods of Chewy and Qu-ran lack tactics, but have powerful abilities of their own. Making them edge-enable makes sure LS needs to invest.


Smugglers & Spies


#73 The defense of cloud city (Edge of darkness)

  • Replacement Lobot: 3 cost, with changed text: While this unit is participating in an engagement, treat all combat icons on participating enemy units as if they are edge enabled. 

  • Replacement Lobot: 3 cost, with changed text: While this unit is participating in an engagement, you may target one enemy participating unit. That units combat icons are considered edge enabled until the end of the engagement. 

  • Replacement Cloud City Wing Guards 2x: 3 cost, 2 hp, 1 black unit damage, 1 edge blast damage. 

  • Replacement Cloud City Wing Guards 2x: 2 cost, 1 hp, 1 black unit damage, 1 edge blast damage and changed text: Action: during an engagement, this unit may strike even if it is not participating. After that strike is resolved, sacrifice this unit.


This pod was very strangely designed. Lobot is fairly cheap, but also nerfs friendly units. And while the 7 edge value isn’t superbad, it doesn’t help to offset that nerf effect on friendly units. The cloud city wing guards have an interesting icon spread for their ability, but are ultimately too expensive for a unit that won’t be able to effectively block attackers. And they aren’t much for the edge either, in order to use the ability well. Both these conditions contribute to make this pod extremely niche and therefore hardly played at all. Either lobot needs to change or the guards or both. Upping lobot’s cost but keeping his low hp, in exchange for nerfing enemies, forces LS to invest more resources and allows DS to still take him out fairly easy. The rest of the pod could then stay the same. Alternatively the guards could have their hp buffed, in order to own up to the 3 cost investment. Another option might be to lower their cost (and make them sparkable), but require them to die in order to use their ability. That would theoretically fit with them giving their lives for the defense of cloud city., 


#75 Escape from Ord Mantell (edge of darkness)

  • Replacement objecive with reaction: After you play an event card, remove 1 damage from a target unit. 

  • Replacement Short Range Hauler: 2 cost with added 1 resource and text; Resources generated by this unit can only be used to play enhancements or event cards (reference card #47 Jawa trading crawler).


While this pod has some interesting abilities and events, it doesn’t see any play in my meta. It also doesn’t seem to have ‘one specific design’, but does a lot of different things. Every time I considered including it, it always ended up not fitting at all. In the right deck, the objective can keep valuable objectives alive for longer, but would possibly make more sense keeping the commander alive. That would thematically also be more in line with the objective name since it allows to units to ‘escape’. The events are strong, but very situational and might end up being dead weight in your hand if you can’t win edge anyway or if there are no enemy abilities being triggered. 2 of the 3 units have unique abilities, only 1 of which is always useful (sniper). Giving the transport a limitated resource, fits thematically and would allow for this objective to be better included as a 1x flavor to finish up a deck slot.  


#171 House Edge (Imperial Entanglements)

  • Replacement objective: While this objective has 1 or fewer damage on it it gains…

  • Replacement objective with changes to 2 resources.

  • Replacement Lando with added elite keyword


This pod I have only seen once and it was used against me. It was fun to see it in action, but very easily disabled. Especially since its a once per turn ability. Lando’s ability is also very interesting and brings a gambling element into the game, other than the edge battle itself. Still, the gamble might be too much for people to consider putting it into their deck. Changing the amount of damage needed to beat the house, or letting the objective provide more house advantage (more resources) could make it more interesting. Alternatively, giving Lando the elite keyword might make him more flexible, other than his action (which will not often be used). 




#77 Alderaan’s Promise (Edge of Darkness)

  • Replacement Alderaanian Artist  with added text: You are considered to have 1 additional Alderaan objective in play. 

  • Replacement Bail Organa with added reaction: After you refresh, remove 1 focus token from target (rebel) character unit.


This pod never really reached its potential. One reason, being the absence of other alderaan objectives, leaving Bail a little expensive for his intended effect. The main drive to still include it in a deck was the artist (giving rebels an easier way of taking the force),  the diplomatic presence (keeping high value objectives alive) and in a lesser way the Tantive’s blast icons for capital ship decks. But the high cost and detrimental objective reaction, made sure it didn’t see a lot of play. By changing the artist a bit, Bail has an easier way of gaining his extra tactic, without the artist itself gaining power. Allowing Bail to unfocus specifically rebel characters, gives him more viability without being able to make rebel capitals even more dangerous. 


#102 Commando Operations (Echoes of the Force)

  • Replacement Rebel Commando 2x: 2 cost, 1 black obj dmg, 1 white unit dmg, 0 force icons

  • Replacement Rebel commando 2x with added force icon (2 total)


This pod’s objective ability is strong, yet easily countered with a single DS attack. Crix has an interesting way of unfocusing which makes him unique in the game, both the fate card and event are also strong. I will admit that I’m not sure if this pod needs the changes or that it’s just a personal issue. In my local meta I have been the only one to attempt rebel commando decks, and while spark has increased their potential, it usually wasn’t enough to consistently power through sith control or imperial capitals. Units either couldn’t get spammed fast enough or live long enough to have any effect. The rebel commando’s current ability look good on paper, but in my experience hardly get used because the rebels decks low edge count in general usually results in them going into the stack. With the suggested options for change, the rebel commando’s either become sparkable in exchange for a nerf in damage and edge value, or they stay as they are with a little more edge potential. Note: all other single rebel trooper cards are 2 cost as well, with equally strong abilities (Reference cards Rebel saboteur #261 and Page’s commando’s #132, SpecForce pathfinder #185).


#12 Draw their fire (core)

  • Replacement Admiral Ackbar: with 3 hp, 1 black tactic 1 edge enabled tactic and added elite keyword.

  • Replacement Heroic Sacrifice: 3-4 cost event with text: Sacrifice a vehicle unit to destroy a target enemy vehicle unit with printed cost 8 or lower. 


This is a retroactive patch to bring Ackbar a little bit more in line with his newer version (which has more icons, a resource and hp). The heroic sacrifice replacement, might not be necessary. However, the idea was to thematically be able to recreate the scene where an a-wing crashes into the bridge of the super star destroyer in ROTJ. Right now, it is capped at cost 4 even though most star destroyers are cost 5. The question was how to balance the option to remove a big unit with just the removal of a small fighter, without the cost being so high the card won’t see use. 


#98 Forward Reconaissance (Echoes of the Force)

  • Replacement Jan Ors: with 3 HP


The thing with a lot of rebel character pods is that they are able to do a lot of damage if certain combo’s go off and that they do none if those combo’s fail. Having a unit survive long enough to make those combo’s viable will then become important for the win condition. With this pod have a low hp objective and low hp units is one reason I think it is hardly picked. The only reason i can imagine for FFG designing her like this is to make sure she doesn’t  live long enough to abuse the objective ability and card draw from the other units. But since returning units limits board presence and both the objective and unit don’t survive long in the current meta, I wonder if that design idea is still relevant. Because there are better 3 cost units out there that require less combo mechanics and survive longer. Moreover, other 3/2 units that have been released usually have a much better icon spread or straightforward ability (black blats/targeted strike/fatecard retrieval).


#14 Decoy At Dantooine (Core)

  • Replacement Wookiee Navigator with added pilot trait, pilot (2) cost and changed reaction: After enhanced unit survives an engagement as an attacker, you may pay 1 (rebel) resource to attack the same objective an additional time this phase. 

  • Replacement Fall Back! event: into well equipped/stay on target fate card. 

  • Replacement Rebel Trooper with added 1 force icon.

  • Replacement False lead with changed 1 cost and added 1 resource. 

This objective has some very interesting and powerful cards, and yet hardly sees play. It’s basically a taunt that has to be destroyed, unless DS is okay with the dial being stalled. The wookiee navigator allows to circumvent a core game rule which enables more focus firing, across different engagements. The event was one of the first semi-boardwipes in the game, but also harms the LS player. I would assume it’s either  the lack of direct symmetry with other pods, the card type spread (double event) or the very low count of 6 edge that keeps it out of play. The pod seems to have conflicting design themes, with the units being more aggressive and the other cards more defensive (aside from the explosive artwork). Making the wookiee a pilot card makes it easier to get him in play and, on its own, would be too easy to use the ability. Forcing an affiliated resource as cost to initiate the effect makes sure the player can deploy less units, in the same turn this effect is used and requires more build up or risk losing the enhanced unit early. Changing the event into a fate card that combo’s with the pilot/enhancement helps rebels get it into play. LS currently has 4 pods with the stay on target fate card (among which 1 is rebel, 1 is jedi and 2 are smugglers). Depending on which and how many of the options above are chosen, this pod would require serious playtesting to check for balance issues. 



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Sorry for the late response on this. Like you, I've definitely noticed that some of the earlier objective sets just aren't up to snuff. I've decided to focus my efforts on editing the Core Set (and there's a few pods I see that you've made some comments on that are in my project as well). I've just made a new thread on the DB, tell me what you think!

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Hello again!


I have some free time this morning and I wanted to give some more in-depth comments on some of your proposed changes. As I mentioned previously, I've focused my efforts on editing the Core and Edge of Darkness sets and I did look at your comments for inspiration. I'll use this thread to discuss Sith cards and when I have more time I hope to finish writing out some comments for other changes.




-Ghosts of the Dark Side: You're right in the Wraiths are overpowered for what they do. Also I've noticed that within the first two deluxe sets FFG had a weird thing where instead of using the traditional setup of main unit + support unit they'd have a lot of objectives with the same two sub-par support units (take Cruel Interrogations for example). For my Core project, I spent a lot of effort into keeping these pairs of units and buffing them but I went against that for my Edge of Darkness project.


Malachor V is pretty big in canon because of Rebels - instead of buffing the Wraiths I cut the number of them in half and looked to include Maul! I like the inclusion of some sort of Relic enhancement; it makes sense thematically because of the Malachor Superweapon. A big thing with my project though was I was looking to re-use a bunch of underutilized cards from other objective sets so I included Force Push. I feel like this objective set is big on winning the Force Struggle and since Force Push specifically has a "Balance of the Force is with the Dark Side" kicker it made sense to include it here. Also I feel that Echoes of the Force would be a simple but effective inclusion here although there's already a ton of those in other prominent DS pods.


-Cruel Interrogations: I doubled down on the Capture synergy of this pod; I felt that FFG was making a serious attempt to let players create viable Capture decks without Scum cards but not enough pods were fleshed out to support this. Instead of reducing their cost, I added an edge-enabled bomb to them and I made it to where their cost could be reduced by 1 if you controlled a captured card (I'll link my Core Set project at the end of this post if you'd like to see what I did).


-Shadows of Dathomir: Understandably, this is a prime set to add the Night trait to. Instead of reducing their cost, I make them 3-health with 3 combat icons. They're still not the best units for 3-cost, but they can withstand a hit now. 


The biggest thing I did for this set was turn the objective into a 1-resource objective with the added text: "Reduce the cost of the first Night card you play by 1". Plenty of Night-focused objective sets already have 2-resources and it felt redundant keeping that with this set. Also, it makes it to where you have the opportunity to play the regular Nightsisters for 2 and if you can get them out on a reduced cost then it's great value. 


Finally, I felt that this objective really needed a resource (Night sets are lacking resources) so I added a Night-centric one here.



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I just finished my Edge of Darkness project and I have some time to comment more - feel free to check it out below!:




-Hive of Scum & Villainy: I'm a big fan of your objective change and I incorporated something along those lines in my project. I can see the reasoning for adding a resource, but there's part of me that thinks that there's already plenty of Prized Possessions. Honestly, my preferred Prized Possession pod is Doctor Evazan and I'd still take that over this. I think a lot of it comes down to just upgrading the units; Greedo can't be expected to lead a pod. The only time I remember playing this pod was when His High Exaltedness came out (Jabba could discount all 3 units in the set) but that was niche.


-The Findman's Intuition: Simple changes, although Zuckuss did end up getting an alternate art and I'm not a big fan of changing cards that have alt arts. Part of me wonders that if Out of the Mists was a conscious attempt at trying to patch a mistake of making a weak pod.


-Slimiest Scheme: Honestly I think this pod may as well be scrapped. Crumb is not a unit that can lead a pod and even if buff the Palace Security units they're still mediocre. The most interesting card in this objective set (Chain Reaction) was re-printed in Double Crossing Droid anyways.


-Trandoshan Terror: Bossk getting Elite is a big thing. In my project, I buffed him to capture any unit though. I don't think he needs 3 tokens on him because then he'll never see play, but on the other end of the stick I think if he does get focused for his effect then LS will immediately counter by focusing him more anyways so he doesn't refresh.


I appreciate the idea of adding Night synergy, but at the end of the day I think the biggest thing to do is get rid of a Trandoshan Hunter/buff them. The Wookie-hate is thematic, but the scope is narrow enough to where it won't make much of a different in most play. I made it to where the units can target other non-Humanoid life forms (i.e. Ewoks - they're still a nasty presence in the meta)


-Automated Assassin: Droids have a ton of problems honestly. The units cost too much, too many of the units aren't elite, the only resources are 2/1s which don't mesh well with 4-drops (especially when you don't have 2-resource objectives to pair them with), low edge counts.


Adding Elite is kind of a given on this (I'm convinced the reason they didn't have it originally is because of the Droid Uprising event, but that event itself is a sad acknowledgement that Droids kind of suck), but it doesn't fix a lot of the underlying issues that Droids have. 


-Jabba's Reach: Jabba getting Elite is kind of necessary, and removing Elite is a decent tradeoff. I think that's the base of what needs to be changed with that objective set. 


-Mercenary Support: I think this objective set is hot garbage and I blatantly lifted Punishing One to be a support unit in a different objective set.


-The Grand Heist: I think this objective set is also hot garbage and trying to buff it would require a pretty heavy re-work to broaden its scope. Similar to Draw their Fire.


-Shadow of Nar Shaddaa: Continuing the trend of garbage, this whole objective set needs a massive rework. I think the Aqualish Thugs are mediocre to the point where they shouldn't be buffed in favor of replacing them entirely. I ended up using this set as a semi-blank slate to make a good Droid pod.


-Droid Revolution: I agree that the Assassin Droid is way too overcosted but a general design philosophy I've adhered to is to not edit cards that have multiple appearances. I see the obvious reason why this needs to be changed though. You can argue it should really be a 2-drop. 



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-Take Them Prisoner: I ended up re-working this set somewhat heavily to be a Navy-focused capture set. I think FFG was attempting to add more Sith/Navy capture sets towards the end of the game's lifespan but they never really got around to fleshing it out. This pod is a prime candidate for a rework to accomplish that goal and honestly I think the Lictor-class Dungeon Ship makes a lot of sense here. 


-Asteroid Pursuit: Hot garbage pod, needs a massive re-work. The Elite idea we agree on. I basically turned this into a Navy pod because I wanted to add some Navy cards from Balance of the Force. 


-Looking for Droids: Also needs a heavy re-work. I appreciate having a neutral DS pod that encourages tri-faction decks, but those are a lot harder to pull off than LS ones. I had to re-work the Droids and the event itself entirely to better accommodate that. The resource is a good idea though.



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Light Side


-A Deep Commitment: Did you know that this set got nerfed because it won a World Championship right?  :P  But I see where you're coming from. The Droids need to be either buffed or replaced; Jedi already has issues with pods that are essentially 1-unit and this doesn't help their case. Protection seems like an obvious candidate to get an extra shield. I like the ideas you've proposed - there's a few avenues you can take for something like this.


-Embers of Hope: Just get rid of the Moisture Farmers for something else. They suck. Add Aunt Beru! (that's what I did) 


-In You Must Go: The issue with this objective set is that it'll always play second-fiddle to May the Force Be With You. I agree that Yoda needs 3 health, but I do think there's a few other changes you could do to make up for that power gap while making it to where it's not overpowered.


In my Core Set project, my original meme idea was for Yoda to gain a bomb for each friendly enhancement in play. That would've made for a set that was equally as dumb as May the Force Be With You!


-Knowledge and Defense: Honestly I think the only real change that needs to be made here is turning Yoda's Protection into a 1/1 resource as you mentioned. It'd be a fantastic support pod for Jedi if that happened and I think the Daughters are fine units as is. I like the change to the objective though.


-Last Minute Rescue: I don't even think Redemption needs Elite as much as the Engineer needs to be made into a playable unit. The pod has great events and a solid objective, but the units aren't up to snuff. That being said, I'd support keeping Redemption as it is in exchange for dropping its cost down. 


-Secret of Yavin 4: This is a very difficult objective set to try to balance and I personally refrained from doing so; messing with objectives that have Twists can have some wide-reaching implications. I get the frustrations here; this is designed to be a support pod though. I can see the value of adding force icons but that would make C-3PO a ridiculously overpowered force holder (an edge-enabled tactics may be easier to swallow though). Adding tactics to the Guardians seems too strong as well. 


I think the best thing to do would probably be swap out one of the Guardians for an event or an enhancement. That gives you the opportunity to add more force icons to the set and allows you to adjust the power factor of the pod. Also if you limit the Guardians to only 1 per objective set then that gives you greater freedom to adjust them. I'm against adding combat icons (they're supposed to weak offensively but if you can stomach paying for them they reward you by keeping your major units alive) but I could see adding another force icon if there's only 1 in the pod.


Now what event/enhancement could you replace it with? My recommendation would be Soresu Training from the Self Preservation objective set, although it doesn't quite fit there since there aren't any Force User units in this objective set. It seems like a ripe opportunity to create your own card though to fit in here! 



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-The Defense of Cloud City: I was on a similar train to you; buff Lobot to be a strong 3-cost unit, reduce the price of the Cloud City Wing Guard. This isn't a particularly cohesive pod so there's some wiggle room to mess with around with the pod. I do think that one of the Cloud City Wing Guard should be replaced (I chose to highlight an event).


-Escape of Ord Mantell: Similar to The Shadow of Nar Shaddaa above, this pod is a mess and it really just needs a re-work, but luckily you can go with a pro-event theme here. Replace all of the units though. This is also a great objective set to throw Preparation and Planning in (which strangely is not represented in any Smuggler pods).


-House Edge: I don't think I've ever played this pod so I can't comment that much. I like the idea of giving Lando elite, but the Sabacc Addict needs another icon honestly.



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-Alderaan's Promise: As you mentioned, there's a real lack of other Alderaan objectives in single-player (this is the only one lol). I kept this objective as a limit-1 as it allowed me to really buff the power of the objective set. I ended up moving Bail Organa to Opening Moves (a neutral pod that's also in serious need of a buff) and made Tantive IV the main unit. I think the Tantive's cost needs to be reduced and as a whole this objective set needs to reduce the reliance on Alderaan objectives. 


-Commando Operations: I think if you give the Commando a second force icon you're good to go. It's difficult holding onto those guys, especially if you need to win an edge battle. But, I also like the idea of adjusting the Commandos to be spark-eligible. 


-Draw Their Fire: I think anti-vehicle pods are honestly too fringe for the current meta and they need to have their scope broadened. I did a lot of things with this objective that really changed how it looks. I like the idea of buffing Heroic Sacrifice, but I think it should be broadened to be a basic kill spell for that cost that you're proposing.


-Forward Recon: Once again, be careful with pods that have a Twist in them. I admittedly haven't played this pod a lot, but I don't think Jan needs a buff given what the rest of the pod can do. The Intel Operatives suck. I would replace their black gun with a white bomb and I think this pod would be really good. 


-Decoy at Dantoonine: I took a lot of liberties re-designing this objective set in my project. I see why you made the Navigator a pilot, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a Pilot in a pod with no vehicle units. At the end of the day, the Navigator has a strong effect but shouldn't be asked to be the main unit of a pod (I put Crix Madine in as a thematic inclusion). I agree with turning False Lead into a resource though - I changed the text to where it could only be a Rebel objective though because combining that card with May the Force Be With You seems too strong. 



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Sorry for the belated response and it's obviously a ton of text, but I can tell you put a lot of work into this and as someone who's also put some work into re-designing pods recently I believed this was enough to merit some quality feedback! It seems like we were on the same thread for a variety of different pods and you have some good ideas that I did reference in my own work. I hope you get a chance to look at my projects and tell me what you think! The Google Drive links are in this thread.