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At Night they Roam

At Night they Roam

At Night they Roam

Type: Event Faction: Hastur
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Play during the story phase.
Action: Choose and take control of an insane character (if it is Night, instead take control of each insane character). Then, restore and commit that character to a single story. At the end of the phase drive that character insane and return it to its owner's control.
Set: TiV
Number: 17
Illustrator: Rafal Hrynkiewicz


Can I only use this to commit a character during my normal commit window? As a counter example, if I am the active player and I have committed my characters, can I play this in the action window after the defender commits, allowing me to commit a character outside of my normal commit window?

Oct 31 2015 03:10 AM

You can use this card to commit a character outside of the normal commit framework action. This card has a pretty clear commit effect built in, that effect enables/performs the commit (a good thing too, since the character was restored, but not readied).


Similar commit effects exist on a number of cards, eg. Polar Mirage, Puzzled Exchange Student, Expert Tesimony.


That can make it a handy little card for grabbing 2-3 success tokens on a story, essentially uncontested (although beware of Black Dogs which may foil your plan). Also, unless the active player commits something to at least one story, by the end of the regular commit window, the subsequent action windows (in which this might get used) will all be skipped.

I assume you can use this on your own guys too?
Jul 04 2016 09:26 AM

That's a surprisingly tough question. I just don't know.

"Choose and take control of an insane character. Then, ..."

The "Then" means the first part must succeed for the rest to happen. But can you take control of a character you already have control of?

My first leaning was in favor, but note that you can't drive insane a character that is already insane, nor can you ready a character that has already been readied. So maybe you can't take control of a character you already control? But there are explicit rules for those two, and not for control, so maybe you can.

This may require some thought or debate.

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My only comment is that it says "choose and..." My understanding is the choosing works independently from the rest, but I might have that wrong. I'm thinking of that Y'Golonac fellow, for instance, where the choosing gives his controller some flexibility on who he targets. That's just my guess though.

RichardPlunkett, as you mentioned above, the text of this card only mentions restoring.  It doesn't say anything about readying.  I think this makes our current question even more critical.  If you can use At Night They Roam to restore your own Benjamin Herriot, and thereby ready him to collect 3 cards, that's a pretty significant detail.  


So, in order to see if we can come to an answer, can anyone chime in on this question that RichardPlunkett and I have?  That is, can you use At Night they Roam on your own characters?

IIRC previous rulings at tournaments have been that you can target your own character to "take control" of.

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Awesome. Thanks, Danigral.

I don't think the Herriot stunt works, though. "Restore and commit" is all of a piece in this case, and I don't think it can be interrupted by Herriot's (non-disrupt, non-passive, non-forced) ability. After he's committed, it's too late, because the window has closed.

No, I don't think that's right. True, Herriot wouldn't interrupt the "restore and commit" sequence, but he should still be able to ready at that story before icon struggles begin.
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Jul 08 2016 10:33 PM

Ignoring the question of targeting your own guys, Herriot should work.


Response: After Benjamin Herriot is restored, ready him to draw 3 cards


The At-Night-they-Roam Action would be declared and then resolved, leaving the formerly insane Herriot exhausted and committed at a story. Responses can trigger during their spot in the Action window if their trigger condition has been met at some point in the Action window. It doesn't matter how much other stuff may have happened.

During that Action's response window, the condition for Herriot's trigger has clearly been met (he was restored) so his response can trigger. And since he is exhausted the response actually gets to do something.

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