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B. Ramsdale Brown

B. Ramsdale Brown

B. Ramsdale Brown

Well Connected
Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (A)(I)(I)
Game Text:
Lodge. Sorcerer.
Fated 3.
Response: After you play a character or support card, choose a card in your discard pile of equal or lower cost and put it into your hand. Then, place a success token on B. Ramsdale Brown.
Set: TKatG
Number: 52
Illustrator: Samuel R. Shimota


Jan 09 2015 11:13 AM

This guy is great, pretty much an auto 3-of in any ST deck. 

I'm assuming his initals 'BRB' are a joke relating to his ability? :)

First pick for any deck I use that has ST, and I've seen some decks that use him without any other ST cards, as with 3, you resource one and can play the other 2 copies.

So annoying

The other day, I was mulling over how to retrieve Twilight Gate repeatedly, as it's an event without a subtype. BRB, of course!


I dig the Yog-Sothoth/Silver Twilight sorcerer decks making the rounds lately. Fishing all those one-off cards back for more fun sounds awesome.

May 25 2015 05:37 PM

The recursion he allows is awesome.  I've gotten great mileage out of him every time I play him (including using Many-Angled Thing 7 times in a game).  He's also great with Agency, because recurring Bending the Rules allows for a pretty large tempo swing once you get a 3 domain, and you can knock all the success tokens off of him by driving him insane with Small Price to Pay (which incidentally is busted with August Linguist, who should also be in a ST/Agency build and can be out turn 3 thanks to B. Ramsdale+Bending the Rules).  

May 25 2015 05:49 PM
So this card is the best way to do mass recursion in my opinion. But I'm always looking for alternitives to cards like good ole brb. So any cards that i possibably overlooked

BRB is imho _the_ best Silver Twilight character (followed by Mr. Meiger). I cannot imagine a deck utilizing that faction without also including BRB. He has the most powerful and universal recurring ability in the game.

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Does he get to trigger on himself entering play? I am assuming not, since he is not really self-refering (to the card title). So I am assuming it's the same deal, as Mi-go observer not triggering on it's own death? Am I correct?

I'm pretty sure he does trigger his own ability. I think the self-referential thing is typically just with things that leave play (Wraith, Serpent of Yoth, etc.).
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Jan 23 2018 09:47 AM

He absolutely triggers. You playing him counts as an 'action', and before we move on from those we review all responses in play and give them a chance to trigger if their conditions have been met.

Being met means that the condition happened some time earlier in this action window. There is no requirement for the text to be in play when the condition was met, only when the response would occur. Here, by the response window of the action when you play him, that trigger condition has been met by the fact you played him.

Things triggering off themselves leaving play can be a little trickier. I try to resolve those on a more case by case basis.

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