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Prepared Alienist

Prepared Alienist

Prepared Alienist

Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (A)(I)
Game Text:
Scientist. Independent.
Toughness +1.
While Prepared Alienist is ready, characters cannot change control or be put into play through triggered effects.
Flavor Text: "They can only reach us through angles. We must eliminate all angles from this room. I do not believe they can reach me, but I must beware."
Set: TKatG
Number: 38
Illustrator: Kelly Hensing


If Prepared Alienist (TKatG) is ready when the Dormant card From the Depths (tSb) (Action: Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and put all characters revealed into play. Return all other cards to the top of your deck in the same order.) is triggered, do the Charekters from the effect came into play or not?

No, it's part of a triggered effect so Prepared Alienist would prevent this.

If you take control of another character for a set duration (say the end of the phase) while Prepared Alienist is exhausted and the Prepared Alienist is readied before you have to return that character does he stop the charater being returned?

No, from the FAQ:


"Prepared Alienist only prevents characters from changing control, not returning to their owner’s control."

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to use PA?  I'm currently using him in a mono-MU deck that uses Tomes.  I want to keep him ready, so he can shut out Black Dog and Master of the Myths, but I kind of want to make use of his Investigation icon too.  Is it just a case-by-case decision on which way to use him?

Use it to shut down Hastur decks.

Back in the day there were some MU/Hastur pure shutdown decks that would use Museum Curator and then all the shutdown imaginable (70 steps, flux stabilizer, arkham asylum +lunatics, etc). Prepared Alienist was pretty good in that deck

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