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Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (T)(C)
Game Text:
Gug. Polar.
Villainous. Fast. Toughness +1.
Forced Response: After Wentshukumishiteu leaves play, discard the top 3 cards from each opponent's deck.
Flavor Text: They spoke of the creatures in hushed whispers when they dared speak of them at all. The had existed before their earliest ancestors and speaking of them was known to bring misfortune to all involved.
Set: TKatG
Number: 10
Illustrator: Chris Wong


Does Wentshukumishiteu trigger when put into hand with Mists of Lethe?



The relevant FAQ entry:


Responses on Cards Leaving Play
Some cards respond to themselves 
leaving play, self-referentially, or to 
effects that may cause that card to leave 
play. Such responses can be triggered 
as if the card were still in play. Note 
that only Response or Forced Response 
effects can be triggered in this manner, 
and they must respond to leaving play or 
the effect that causes them to leave play. 
Cards may not take “one last Action” 
before they leave play.

Thanks a lot!

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