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The Archmage’s Attaché

The Archmage’s Attaché

The Archmage’s Attaché

Ensorcelled Valise
Type: Support Faction: Neutral
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Attachment. Artifact.
Attach to a player’s deck.
Action: Exhaust The Archmage’s Attaché to reveal the top card of attached deck until the end of the phase. While that card is revealed, you may play the revealed card as your next action, ignoring resource matching, as though it was in your hand.
Card designed by 2013 North American Champion Tom Capor.
Set: The Thousand Young
Number: 37


From http://www.cardgamed...ew-part-3-r1375

BanalityBob - 4/5 - Why yes, I would like a new Meiger target that essentially draws me cards. This is a cheap, good source of card advantage, and the fact that you can attach it to your opponent’s deck to play cards from your opponent’s deck is pretty cool. I can see trying to slot this into most of my decks in the coming months, and it’s probably going to be a common sight for the near future.
Danigral - 4/5 - Even in most simplistic terms, this is essentially a 1-cost card draw, en par with something like Syndicate’s Gun Runner’s Club, but cheaper. It can also protect you in a pinch from Peter Clover and his ilk.
dboeren - 4/5 - This is a really cool card and sure to be annoying to your opponent if you play it on their deck. It acts like pseudo-card draw and some filtering combined.
Kamacausey - 5/5 - Tom hit another home run with this little gem. The only drawback is that it's neutral but that's also a positive so I can't knock it for that. What deck wouldn't want to make use of cheap card draw essentially? Also, being able to mess with your opponents plans makes it that much better.
mnBroncos - 4/5 - If you had all turn to play it this would be one of the best cards in the game period. But since a fair amount of events won’t be able to play during operation phase for ideal success won’t be as bonkers at it could be. With that said this will be played a lot. Its neutral card that basically gives an extra card a turn.
Reckoner - 5/5 - This is a card that can truly drop into any deck. It is inexpensive card advantage and creates some interesting choices. Do you play this on your own deck or do you gamble and attach it to your opponent’s deck? Also, this provides a reveal effect for the top card of your deck, which has a lot of synergy with the cards in this box.

Playing an opponents card as if it were in my hand means their characters can come into play under my control, right?

Does this get around Loyal?

Oct 26 2015 09:08 PM

mjgoins, yes if on an opponents deck, then opponents cards you played would come out under your control, including their characters.


GrahamM, no it doesn't get around Loyal. There is an explicit ruling on the in the 4.2 FAQ


Btw, my group found the ruling unexpected.

The core rules presents them as essentially unrelated, much like steadfast, but the FAQ tells us that anything that grants a resource match, by default grants a loyal match, which I think is the bit my group looked at when ruling locally. But this card doesn't actually grant a resource match, so in hindsight that paragraph lacks relevance.

Can I play a charater except in my operations phase through this triggered effect?

You can only play characters during your operations phase unless you have a character card that specifically says otherwise.
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I applaud Tom Capor on the design here. This might be the most versatile card in the game. It can improve any deck, and there's really no wrong way to use it.

I like it best to replace cards like Prism of Many View and Pocket Telescope.  Those cards were always good for previewing and replacing the top card of the deck, but I always hated losing a card to the bottom of the deck or discard pile to do so.  With Attache, I get to PLAY the card off the top of my deck, and that's an infinitely preferable option most of the time.  And if I peek the top card of my deck and decide I'm fine discarding it to a De Vermis Mysteriis or Rite of the Silver Key, that's always an option too.  


This is the ultimate companion for decks that want to control the top card of the deck.

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