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Lord of Time and Space
Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 6 Skill: 7 Icons: (T)(C)(C)(A)(A)
Game Text:
Ancient One.
Villainous. Invulnerability.
Action: Pay 2 to choose and play a Spell event card from your discard pile without paying its cost. Then, place that card on the bottom of your deck.
Set: SfW
Number: 99
Illustrator: Hector Ortiz


If I pay 2 to trigger Yog Sothoth’s (The
Yuggoth Contrat F99) ability and target a spell
event card in my discard pile that then says:
“attach to a character,” does it still return to the
bottom of my deck (as stated on Yog Sothoth)
or does it stay in play?
The card is returned to the bottom of
the deck, per Yog Sothoth’s ability which
reads, “Action: Pay 2 to choose and play
a Spell event card from your discard
pile without paying its cost. Then, place
that card on the bottom of your deck.”
The subtype or card type do not prevent
the rest of Yog Sothoth’s effect from

How does Yog-Sothoth Lord of Time and
Space’s (The Yuggoth Contrat F99) triggered
ability which reads, “Action: Pay 2 to choose
and play a Spell event card from your discard
pile without paying its cost. Then, place that
card on the bottom of your deck” interact with
X cost Spell event cards in the owner’s discard
pile ? Would Yog-Sothoth be able to pay 2 to
choose a copy of Unspeakable Ressurection in
the discard pile to bring a character of any cost
into play from the discard pile?
Yog-Sothoth interacts with X cost spell
event cards in the discard pile by
circumventing the cost of X being paid
entirely. However, because the cost of
X is not paid, X is defined as 0 for the
purposes of card effects that reference it.
For example, if I use Yog-Sothoth’s
triggered ability and pay 2 in order to
play from my discard pile Unspeakable
Ressurection (which costs X), which
reads “Action: Choose a character in
your discard pile with cost X or lower.
Put that character into play.” I can only
put into play a character that costs 0
because I circumvented paying the cost
of the card.

If you have the Screams from Within Yog-Sothoth, would you ever bother to use the Core Yog-Sothoth instead? I guess the Core card could get pretty cheap if you cast a lot of spells, but the Screams version starts out cheaper, and it gets you your spells back.

Given that you could only have one in play at any given time, could you theoretically build both versions into a deck for a total of six Yog-Sothoth cards?
I think the Core version is still usable, but only if you really pack the deck with Spells to get his price low. Same icons, but the Core version has +1 skill, and I usually end up paying 4 for him. Not having to raise a domain up to 6 let you keep a couple extra cards which is nice and you can turn your attention to the other domains faster.

Yes, you can put 3x copies of both into a deck (it's legal) but you can still only have one total copy in play (either one, but not both). So, it's probably not in your best interest as you'd end up with a lot of dead cards and too many unplayable cards early in the game.
You cannot put more than 3 of a card with a given title. It is stated in the rulebook that other subtitle is still the same card. You can have 2 of one kind and 1 of another, but max 3 total.

In general Yugoth AO's are better, but often there are some cases when Core guy might see some use. Yog is one of them IMO - if you have deck full of spells and make
Yog-Sothoth (Core)
cheap enough he might be quite nice, he also works great with
The Mage Known as Magnus (TWC)
[edit i guess this Yog is still enough to kill pretty much anything, but still :) ]

This guys cost of 6 is actually higher than Cores cost of 8 when there are enough spells.

The problem is Core guy doesn't do that much, and this guy gives you really nice cheap spell recycling. And Yog has some tricks to bypass his cost, like
Opening the Limbo Gate (Core) or
Things in the Ground (SoA).
Ah, you're right. I forgot that the 3x thing was limited by name rather than card - my mistake.
Nov 17 2018 12:35 AM

Does Yog's special ability work with Tesla?  I could see it counting only as a triggered effect by Yog and not by the card in the discard pile, but you are playing the spell from the discard pile without paying its cost.  Does this mean you are triggering the spell's effect from the discard pile?

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