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Revenge of the Nerds -----

Submitted by: Hellfury
Submitted: Oct 10 2010 04:27 PM
Last updated: Oct 10 2010 04:58 PM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Revenge of the Nerds
Deck Strategy: Mono-Miskatonic Investigator subtype abuse rush deck. Uses cards up to the release of The Spoken Covenant Asylum Pack
Deck Contents: Total Cards (50)

Story (10)
Change of Plans (SoA) x1
Obsessive Research (SoA) x1
The Dreams of Kingsport (SoA) x1
The Innsmouth Threat (SoA) x1
The Secret of the North Woods (SoA) x1
The Secrets of Arkham (SoA) x1
The Terror out of Dunwich (SoA) x1
The Thing at the Gate (SoA) x1
The Well (SoA) x1
They Come at Night (SoA) x1

Character (26)
Anthropology Advisor (Core) x3
Chess Prodigy (THBtS) x3
Dr. Ali Kafour (Core) x1
Dr. Carson (TSotS) x2
Laboratory Assistant (Core) x3
Mad Genius (Core) x3
Professor Albert Wilmarth (Core) x1
Professor Nathaniel Peaslee (Core) x2
Student Archaeologist (Core) x3
Visiting Author (Core) x3
Freelance Agent (Core) x2

Support (11)
Atwood Science Hall (Core) x3
Open for Inspection (Core) x2
Rabbit's Foot (TSotS) x2
Scientific Text (SoA) x2
Parallel Universe (TTftS) x2

Event (13)
Binding (Core) x3
Dr. Carson's Treatment (Core) x2
Misinformation (SoA) x2
Under the Microscope (TSC) x3
Beneath the Surface (THBtS) x3

Conspiracy (0)

Mono-Miskatonic Investigator subtype abuse rush deck. Uses cards up to the release of The Spoken Covenant Asylum Pack .

General Overview:
Anthropology Advisor and Atwood Science Hall are both the deck's main strengths and weaknesses. Used to get investigators out quickly and cheaply while the science hall pumps up their skill. The printed skill is largely irrelevant if the deck functions efficiently due to the two cards listed above.

Rush effects:
Parallel Universe takes advantage of the high skill to win stories.
Beneath the Surface takes advantage of the high amount of Investigation icons to win stories.
Open for Inspection to make sure multiple Investigation and Arcane struggles take place.
Under the Microscope to ensure that the Nerds are able to defend as the passive player after committing their entire character count to stories as the active player.
Mad Genius to get the extra success tokens. This card would be first choice to go insane due to the interaction Dr. Carson's Treatment and Dr. Carson himself.
Visiting Author mainly for the Transient resourcing to get Anthropology Advisor (or other fairly high cost Nerds) out as quickly as possible. The deck's tempo runs high on low cost cards so losing this resource wont be too much of a worry. It has the added bonus of being recurred from the discard pile, but that action is of limited use so use it wisely.

Control effects:
Misinformation to stall out the opponent in case they happen to achieves successes at stories quicker than you.
Binding to remove potentially harmful icons on an opponent's character.
Scientific Text to gain card advantage as well as Arcane icon advantage. Its only disadvantage is that it cannot be placed on the Freelance Agent.
Rabbit's Foot for card advantage and to control how Combat struggles occur.
Dr. Carson's Treatment and Dr. Carson to remove the drawback of Insanity and tun it into an advantage (see Mad Genius above).
Freelance Agent to control a combat struggle through superior skill and Combat icons. Combined with Anthropology Advisor and Atwood Science hall, he is a veritable machine gun that can punish nearly anything that opposes him at a story.
Student Archaeologist to gain card advantage through controlling the opponent's hand.
Chess Prodigy to control how a specific struggle takes place at a story by replacing its normal struggle icon with Investigation icons. More of a defensive control measure but can potentially punish an inattentive opponent.
Professor Albert Wilmarth is similar to Chess Prodigy, except he just outright denies a specific struggle to take place at a story he is committed to. Useful, but very expensive so he is limited to a single card in the deck.
Professor Nathaniel Peaslee as a contingency against mass character removal.
Dr. Ali Kafour doesn't really fit into the Control element, other than giving card advantage when committed to a story. He is just a good, if expensive, Nerd. Thus, limited to a single card in the deck.
Cards that didn't make the cut but could potentially be included:
Descendant of Eibon could easily replace Visiting Author as a Transient when the lack of Steadfast cards are taken into consideration. (Misinformation being the only card one would worry about since it is the only card in this deck with a Steadfast rating beyond 1) It would, however, reduce the amount of Miskatonic cards available for resourcing though. Replacing the Visiting Author with Descendant of Eibon is worth investigating.
Strange Librarian for its control of the opponent's deck to remove the one of three cards which could have the most potential adverse effects to your immediate plan. Since he is also has the Investigator subtype, he has obvious use in the deck and with an Arcane icon, has great use before an opponent is able to draw (to both know and control what he is about to draw). His potential is great, but would require further tweaking in order for him to find a place in the deck.
Scholarly Plagiarist could have great potential use in the deck as well. When considering how Investigation struggles can be manipulated by this deck, he is a strong contender for inclusion since he can somewhat replicate the effects of Misinformation while giving you the advantage. But since he has the Criminal subtype and not Investigator, its his main drawback from inclusion. Lots of cards precluding him are required to make him feasible, but an interesting option all the same.
Focused Art Student is a great Nerd, even though she lacks the Investigator subtype. I simply find the functionality of Scientific Text to be of more use since it gives perpetual card advantage and can be placed on any Nerd that I choose.
Notebook Sketches I really want to include in the deck. Controlling what a person can play by making any card with that name cost 4 more resources is a rather good effect. Plus, the character that it is attached to gets +1 skill to boot as icing on that already delicious cake. After a fair amount of use though, I am not able to get it to function consistently. This card does have great potential though, so it remains on the list of cards I would potentially put in the deck if for no other reason than for fun casual play to annoy the bejezus out of my opponent. :D
Summer Classes also has great potential is you're crafty. It would take far too long to explain its uses but its a serious contender for making sure you get to commit to an many stories as possible as a the passive player.
Thats all I can think of right now for my favorite faction that remains less than top tier. Feel free to critique and comment.
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