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Shub-Niggurush -----

Submitted by: BossCrab
Submitted: Jan 01 2011 07:09 AM
Last updated: Jan 03 2011 09:18 PM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Shub-Niggurush
Deck Strategy: Shub Rush.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (50)

Story (0)

Character (30)
Albino Goat-spawn (SoA) x2
Dhole Ant-Lion (JtUK) x2
Ferocious Dark Young (WitD) x3
Ghoulish Predator (ItDoN) x3
Ghoulish Worshipper (AH) x3
Gibbering Soul (TAD) x3
Grim Wraith (TSotS) x1
Hungry Dark Young (Core) x3
Nyogtha (AH) x1
Priestess of Bubastis (Core) x3
Shub-Niggurath (TC) x1
Slavering Gug (Core) x1
Twilight Cannibal (TH) x3
Y'Golonac (Core) x1

Support (11)
Altar of the Blessed (Core) x3
Dark Contagion (JtUK) x3
Ghoul Taint (Core) x3
Shadowed Woods (Core) x1
Gentleman's Club (Core) x1

Event (9)
Burrowing Beneath (Core) x3
Shocking Transformation (Core) x3
The Black Goat's Rage (TSotS) x3

Conspiracy (0)

Shub Rush.
Sample Hand Reload


  • You cannot edit this deck