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Bear Island

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Bear Island

Unique Bear Island

Type: Location House: Stark
Game Text:
The North. House Mormont.
House Stark only.
Dominance: Kneel Bear Island to choose and kill a non-House Stark character without attachments. Use this ability only if every card you control has the House Stark affiliation.
Number: 31 Set: AE
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Franz Miklis
Recent Decks: Deadly Alliance
All Dogs Go to Heaven
stark - bear island
Stark Bolton HOD Skopje Edition
Tully v.1 Skopje Edition


"House Stark only" in the text is not the same thing as the Stark House affiliation required by Bear Island. If it were, why would any Stark card (such as Meera) need to also say "House Stark only"?


All event cards are neutral. When "They Shall Not Cross" is put into play as an attachment, it will also be neutral. Neutral cards do not have the Stark affiliation, so any you control "turn off" Bear Island. So yes, using "They Shall Not Cross" to save Bear Island is counter-productive -- unless you attach it to a character that you're going to kill in a minute, anyway.

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Can you use Bear Island having in your deck double-affiliation cards (such as Jorah Mormont or Brienne of Tarth from Pots)?

Yes. The card only says that all of your cards have to have the Stark affiliation. It doesn't say they cannot have any other. As long as it has Stark, that's all Bear Island cares about, no matter how many other affiliations a card may also have.

Thank you.