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Corpse Lake

Corpse Lake

Unique Corpse Lake

Type: Location House: Greyjoy
Game Text:
Iron Islands.
Response: After a triggered effect discards 1 or more characters from the top of an opponent's deck, claim 1 power for your House. (Limit 3 times per round.)
Number: 87 Set: TBC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Yoann Boissonnet
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In my mind the different between triggered and activated is a bit confusing. When I first starting playing MTG back in the day that was kinda confusing because I figured that triggered and activated would be the same thing. I think that Passive ability (it just happens without you having to choose to do anything like breathing is passive) and triggered ability (you have to think about and actually choose to do it (like choosing to pull a trigger)
True. Makes sense that a triggered effect is triggered by a player - like a gun. I guess I've been into digital games for too long where a "trigger" often is something that triggers on another event.

The inconsistency is still confusing though, whoever of Wizards or Fantasy Flight is more correct in naming their abilities :)
This card is a broken game mechanic especially in melee games. Most of the time I see the Greyjoy player doing hardly anything and the next thing you know they have 10 or 12 power because of this one card. I have simply stopped playing melee with folks who use a Greygoy milling deck. It's so heavily played in my meta that it's not unusual to run into two in a melee game. Everybody seems to be flying the kraken sigil these days.
Well, it is limited to three times per round, and it is per triggered effect, so to get 12 power from this would require a minimum of 4 turns and 3 triggered effects per turn that successfully discarded a character card from a deck.
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I honestly can't see why it would be such a meta defining card either :P

Sure. It's great for collecting a few extra power - but "broken" and "simply stopped playing melee" seems a bit harsh, don't you think? :)

What decks do you usually run? Maybe we can help you with a few counter picks!
Jul 23 2012 06:01 PM
Just start using city plots and blowing up the location turn 2 with A City Besieged (CD). Follow up with Condemned by the Council (AToT) to remove it again if need be. And use Condemned by the Realm (Core) to have another opponent help kill off the Crow's Eye if he is around causing issues.

Also, make sure they are only getting 1 power per triggered effect, make sure it is actually considered a triggered effect (not all discard effects are triggered), and make sure they only get 3 per round.
And to clarify (you might already know this Shanif), but a triggered ability is one that starts with a bold text, like "Response: Cost to effect." or "Any phase: Effect.". Theon Greyjoy (WLL) would for example not allow you to trigger Corps Lake since his ability is passive, not triggered.
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Sep 18 2012 01:20 PM
i use it and get 3 power every turn in my deck in melee, but that still doesnt win alone, throw in some scouting vessels for a few unopposed wins and maybe assertion of might and melee games are much much easier for greyjoy. With Frostfang Peaks, New Euron, Motley Crewman, Seaside Urchin, Harbor Thug and the Looters the discard effects are so numerous it isnt particularly hard to reach the 3 power cap.

@ Shanif But even then its a 1 gold location that can easily be discarded from play with numerous different effects, before you quit melee, why not try to specifically build for that location, Frozen Solid, Shield Island Drommen, Meera Reed, Price of War, Condemed by the Council, Viseron, even Favorable Ground out of a Martell, Baratheon or Stark deck. and thats just off the top of my head