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Winter Reserves

Winter Reserves

Winter Reserves

Type: Event House: Neutral
Game Text:
Play only if it is Winter. Any phase: Play if you have lost a challenge this phase. Pay 1 gold to put Winter Reserves into play from your hand as an Army character with 4 STR, a Military, an Intrigue, a Power icon, and deadly.
Number: 118 Set: SA
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: German Nobile
Recent Decks: Income denial
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Kingsguard Song of Winter and Shadows


So if these guys come into play, and then die, do they go to discard or dead?
As per FAQ, section 3.23

If for any reason, a non-character card that is functioning as a character is killed, said card is placed in the discard pile instead. Effects that trigger from said card being killed may still apply.

So is this card discarded after a single use? (once played, does it stay out with listed effects for the following round, etc.)
It becomes a character when you play it, and is then treated as a character until it leaves play again (and then reverts back to an event). So yes it does stay out until some action is taken to remove it.
@Prophit618, thanks for the quick response! I'm new to this game and loving it, but the nuances can get confusing. This community is great.
So if this card got its text blanked how can i manage it? Does it got discarded or nothing happens?

Thank you :)
My guess is that nothing happens (except it loses deadly), the effect has been triggered and this card is now considered to be a character.
Yea, that was my idea too. But talking with my friends about that wont go anywhere.. :(

Did someone played that card with blanked text? I'm glad to hear many answers :D

Thank you
Feb 18 2013 02:05 PM
If you want a definite answer asking in the "new players questions" would be the best way to do it.
Feb 18 2013 02:28 PM
The answer actually is that nothing happens if this card is blanked. The reason being is the effect within the printed text box already took effect and you now have a tri-con character in play with the Deadly keyword. Blanking that text box (remember, blanking effects only effect printed text boxes) does nothing since the effect has already taken place.
Another question:
They'll stay on the field even if Winter is removed, right? I mean, there is nothing in the text like
"the WInter reserves are discared from play when there is no winter". I only has to be winter when you want
to play them. After that they are normal Characters.
Correct. Winter is a play condition for the card, and has no further bearing on them once they are in play as a character.
[Double Post]

What happens if the person cancels this action? 

Jan 30 2015 12:54 PM

You pay 1 gold and the card enters your discard pile.

And you get sad and maybe angry.

or argue for 10 min until your opponent gives up ;)