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Glamor of Fire

Glamor of Fire

Glamor of Fire

Type: Event House: Baratheon
Game Text:

House Baratheon only.
Any Phase: Choose and kill a character you control (cannot be saved) to choose and put into play a character in your dead pile that was killed this phase.
Number: 107 Set: ARotD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Lukasz Jaskolski
Recent Decks: Bara KOHH
Flea Bottom Fracas TOP8 (Joust) - Bara KotHH
Furious Bob (Event Recursion)
Asshai Alliance
Baratheon Black Sails


Being able to kill some minor character, like a Refugee, to help get an important character back is a very nice ability. I do like how whilst it is Baratheon only, it doesn't have to be a Baratheon character that was killed this phase, so can bring back Val (RotO), for example.
Oct 25 2012 02:58 AM
I made the point elsewhere that I have a small concern that this could be too abusable with Knight of Summerhall (DB) and the ample supply of holy characters that Baratheon has.
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great way to recur Melisandre in an asshai deck, she is often target by kill effects.

I made the point elsewhere that I have a small concern that this could be too abusable with Knight of Summerhall (DB) and the ample supply of holy characters that Baratheon has.

Abuse is a strong word. efficient seems more like it. Event slots are pretty important, so I would hope there is a decent way to run it well. :D
Pretty useless in my current meta. Too much directed kill to make this useful and WAY too expensive when cancelled. (EVERYBODY runs Paper Shield x3).
Oct 31 2012 08:54 PM
Directed kill is what makes this good. But yes, this is very dangerous.
Knight of Summerhall (DB), as others have pointed out, makes this amazing. Toss in Shireen Baratheon (FtC) or Acolyte of the Flame (TWH) and you aren't impacting gold curve much with a real recursion engine for critical characters.

Works really well with Recursion Bob (Robert Baratheon (KotS)) as it's an Any Phase event.
That kit could also be fitted along with a Brotherhood theme if desired for a really hard-to-get-rid-of character base and to be able to return Beric Dondarion to play if he's blanked->killed :)

How does this event work when valar strikes? Will the returned character still die or remain in the game?

How do you mean? This is an "Any Phase" effect, so it cannot be used between Valar being revealed and Valar being resolved. If one of your characters survives Valar, you can kill it to pay the cost of this event and get one of the characters that was killed back in its place, but that's about it.

Can you use this to return the guy you killed as the cost of the effect? Or is there some moribund/timing thing that interferes with it? Thinking mostly as a double-tap for Dale Seaworth :P

No. You cannot return the character killed for cost with the effect it pays for. Three reasons:

1. The character killed for cost is chosen as a target, as is the character returned to play. A single card cannot be chosen as a target multiple times by the same effect. (This is the same reason you cannot choose the same character to die more than once when you lose a high claim military challenge.)

2. Yes, timing and moribund interfere. When it comes time for you to choose the character in your dead pile, the character you kill for cost is still on the table.

3. Even if 1 and 2 were not true, killing a character to return it to play creates no change in the game state, so you would not be allowed to trigger the effect (under FAQ 3.6) just so you can create a response opportunity.