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Leyton Hightower

Leyton Hightower

Unique Leyton Hightower

Type: Character House: Neutral
Cost: 4 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
House Hightower.
No Attachments. Renown.
Leyton Hightower cannot be saved.

Maester characters you control gain: "immune to opponents' events and attachments."
Crest: Learned
Number: 14 Set: GotC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Anna Christenson
Recent Decks: A Viper in Oldtown (Melee)
Maesters of Defiance
Maesters Behind the Throne
Martell Maester Rush


Very strong support for maester Theme. 4for3 bicons renown and no attachments makes him better against Targeryan burn stuff. Additionally learned character which gives ale maesters immunity to events and attachments. The only drawback is inability to save him. If we will keep him far from challanges he could survive quite some time. Without attachments our opponent must have direct kill to get rid of him which is not so popular. Of course after showing up he will become the main target for our opponent.
Since he 'cannot be saved' that means no dupes, or bodyguard or anything like that?

Since he 'cannot be saved' that means no dupes, or bodyguard or anything like that?

Yes, I suppose, since these would save him^^
Best way is to put him back in hand during action window. Expensive, but he is worth bringing back. Against Rob Stark, Aero Hotah and the like he will need an escape hatch lol.