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Mother of Dragons

  • Type: Attachment
  • Faction: Targaryen
  • Cost: 2
  • Title.
  • Stormborn character you control only.
    Challenges Action: During a challenge in which you control a participating Dragon character, kneel Mother of Dragons to have attached character participate in the challenge on your side.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 94
  • Illustrator: David Auden Nash
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Deceptively powerful. Lets Dany participate in Military challenges without kneeling. Lets her participate after opposition is declared. Lets her participate even if she has been Stealth-ed by. Fun.

In practice this is very similar to having an Ours is the Fury for Dany every turn. It is an incredibly powerful card, and the effect is absolutely worth the cost (it is in a different ballpark to something like Drogo's Arakh, is just better than a Seal of the Hand because it works from knelt and purely in terms of power of the effect would be one of the strongest attachments in the game regardless of cost) however the fact that it can only go on Dany is pretty crippling. At the moment you can't build a deck/combo around this because you can't reliably find Dany and this card, and with 3 of this you basically have 3 dead cards in some games. I feel like this is going to be a one off in a Dany + Dragons deck, but isn't going to see more play than that until they get more ways to reliably get this combo going.

Thanks for explaining the card effect. Why have people rated it only a 3 if it's a powerful card?

Because unlike most signature attachments it can only ever be used on a single character, of which you can only have 3 of in the deck and if you don't see that character then it is a completely dead card (and technically it doesn't do anything if you don't have any Dragons out, but that isn't a situation any Targ player wants to be in).